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    Don't kid yourself................. Defunding the police is a politically correct term for disbanding the police. These fucktards don't want less police............ they want NO police. FACT.
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    Taking funds away from police ... Its pretty simple. Less police = More violence
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    It means taking resources And power away from tough, strong, capable, brave people and giving it to academics and theorists who do not know or understand real world situations. God help the first social worker that tries to deescalate a psycho on meth with a machete. Part of me wants to see a social worker show up at Susan Suranden’s house to deescalate a mob threatening to kill her family. Opps I forgot, she probably pays for armed private security. Yeah some cops are bad. Name ANY professions without bad guys. Law? Politics? Media? Athlete? Steel worker? Community organizer? Actor? You get the point... I mean - do you get the point?
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    BLM needs to be recognized as a terrorist hate group... Asap! These losers need to seek refuge in a communist country like China if they hate America so much! Otherwise they won't realize how lucky it is to live in USA. Criminality these thugs are displaying is beyond words.
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    I'm so sick of these pandering cocksuckers. If you hate America so much................. GET THE FUCK OUT. We don't need you or want in OUR great country if you do not want to be a positive contributor to our great society that inspires opportunities for EVERYONE.
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    10 year, $400+ million. Thank goodness McD passed on this bum. After 40 years in the league and no Super Bowls, Andy Reid was able to carry this bum Mahomes on his back to the Super Bowl.
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    go to the BLM website and read their objectives/demands in their own words. they basically want to secede from the country, to be treated like the indians, only further. they want their own government, police force, etc. they want nothing to do with white people and to only be around black people why in holy hell are we accommodating these extremists? weve only taken baby steps, stupid baby steps, regarding changing the police force and we already have violent blacks taking full advantage. this scenario will happen over and over again, everywhere we try to defang the police. more hurt, more dead, more anarchy if liberals dont stop with this bullshit you might even get ME to consider another term for don. well, not really, but i might vote for a republican running against him as a protest vote. this is absolute lunacy the way they are going about it in many places now. yeah, good idea, defund the police over lies and misdirections, instead of banding together and going after the real remnants of racist still in our midst totally fucking retarded. thats how we are addressing this. nice job, libs. why dont you just endorse the orange pig and get it over with?
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    Like I said I loved Mahomes coming out of TT, but he wouldn't have a SB yet if he was in Buffalo. If he was in Buffalo, 2020 might be his year to win it all, but he has already done it. Mahomes is the Godzilla of the QB position. Case closed.
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    Over when BBMB existed, I was BEGGING for new HC McDermott to draft Mahomes and just build around him. I was disappointed when they traded down and Andy Reid was the one that took a chance on Mahomes. But I will tell you this.......... I got RAILED over there on BBMB because they all were telling me what a major project Mahomes was and that "Air Raid" QB's NEVER make it in the NFL. Point is I loved Mahomes but I would be naive to think Mahomes would ever had the same success here. Mahomes was very lucky to have Andy Reid, the weaponry in KC and a year to sit and learn while Allen had NONE of that to start their careers. Big difference. I could go on forever about the debate of McDermott passing on Mahomes, but that is either here nor there. Mahomes was drafted to a Ferrari and Allen was drafted into a horse drawn carriage.
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    Give that two stupid morons Coumo & DiBlasio the credit by making NY the libs wet dream of Utopia. Well done you dumb fuck assholes.
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    Yeah, I don't get this This really had nothing to do with don, this was driven by a pathetically severe liberal overreaction, and bowing to pressure from the left wing extremist separatist group we know as BLM If anything, it's going to get him re-elected
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    This doesn’t surprise me. It’s not a BLM’s thing as much as it is a Millennial thing. I’ve been a member of Zone for a long time. I don’t post a lot there and I post less on their spin zone. Way before this Kaepernick thing happen, probably in Obama’s first term, I posted something patriotic on Independence Day and remember getting killed over it. I don’t remember what exactly it was about. I believe my comments were non political and if they were, I was more Democratic than Republican then. I remember it as a very eye opening experience, a lot of Millennials just hate this country.
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    They don't make em like Eddie Murphy anymore.
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    Well unfortunately for me, I have a strong belief that the federal government owns a large majority of our politicians, and were involved in the killing of JFK. They are the very reason the system sucks, and the only way to defeat the system, is for enough people to escape the system. How? I don't know. What i do know is that it won't be easy.
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    New York Giants? That's offensive to diminutive people. Miami Dolphins? Those poor creatures are exploited in sea world parks. Dallas Cowboys? Just think of what those evil, vicious cowboys did to the poor, poor, helpless, completely peace loving indians. You could probably make a case against every team name if you want to go that route.
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    I’ve never seen that. Classic. “From the chittlin’ district to the diamond district”.
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    fat and well groomed. nothing wrong with that. painting your 3/4 of your face the color of moldy doritos is not ordinary. standing like your about to shit your pants is not ordinary. constantly slurring your words is not ordinary. Being unable to walk down a gentle slope is not ordinary, nor is being unable to drink water with one hand. I recommend you try all those things out in public. Who knows, maybe it will improve the general impression you normally make on people cause I can only imagine what you look like if you think going on tv looking like you did a face plant in the doritos is a good look, especially for the guy that has the nuclear codes.
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    'You enslaved our ancestors' how long ago was that again? and how does it significantly impact your ability to build a career today? you remain silent on the infection in your race killing more people for three plus decades now that ALL THE OTHER RACES COMBINED. but you really expect the rest of us to buy the lie that when a cop shoots just one of them justified or not, that it represents a systematic racism that targets you exclusively just continuing to live in the past, thats all youre doing. opportunities abound for black folks now. and you expect me to feel guilty about brutal oppression i never once was involved in, nor supported, and spoke out against every chance i get YOU are the one keeping the racial divide alive. YOU are the one abusing your privilege as the keeper of how racism is defined (hint: to your advantage and to the detriment of whites). YOU are the one preventing reconciliation. YOU are the one targeting the police to be universally defanged bc you have talked yourself into folk lies and consumed massive amounts of rap imagery that make you despise them so much YOU are the core of our problem now. YOU are the new racists, the neo-racists. drop your hatred of whitey and the cops, drop your one-sided weaponry, embrace the majority white population thats eager to help you. come out of the past and move forward into the future united with your white brothers so we can go after the residual racism together
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    I'm married to a beautiful woman in Los Angeles, I won. Trust me kind sir lolll
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    100%. Name your price.
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    what rational person goes on worldwide tv looking like this?
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    It wouldn’t surprise me to find out the twats that we’re doing that have shat out 8 kids between them, all getting taxpayer/govt. benefits. Too stupid to realize how ignorant they are.
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    Boy, that horse kicked some ass! I musta watched it 10 times, full screen... what a dumb bitch...
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    Don't let the door hit ya where your boyfriend is going to split ya.
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    I will start by telling them to shove their racist bullshit up their ass, then we can have a conversation.
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    Thanks for quoting the media four years ago.
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    No white privilege? God damn you guys are just some ignorant fucking people. Good riddance
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    Please explain. Issues? I have tons of them currently. Mostly with those constantly crying racism and the phony ass virtue signalers. I could go on and on. How much time do you have?
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    Where’s the mainstream media for all the black on black crime in Chicago, or any other big city? Silly question I know, but the media and whoever they work for are a BIG problem in this country (and probably other countries as well). If one didn’t Know any better, you’d think the media, and whoever they work for have an agenda. But that can’t be, just out there doing their jobs. 😂
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    you know, 100% of people that i talk to agree its pure insanity in the country now of course im disabled and dont leave my house much, but im chatty when i do and literally everybody enthusiastically agrees its absolutely insane whats going on in our streets now. most of it is in doctors offices or hospitals, and i talk to lots of black folks who also agree its crazy it seems to me our protests are simply a collection of the brainwashed, like a sea of Jungles all thinking the same crazy things, not looking at facts, not listening to the experts, just parroting what they heard at their last crazy people meeting
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    Welp, you know what happens when you play with fire...
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    Trump thinks meeting with Diamond and Silk is more important than reading the Presidential daily briefings.
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    This will lower Trumps approval ratings even more and Biden's lead on Trump will only increase. Not only is Trump a draft dodger but he has no respect for the people in the Military that put their lives on the line to protect America.
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    Putin must have some serious blackmail like him pissing on an escort for him to ignore Russians paying to have American soldiers killed and lobby for Russia to be put back in the G8.
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    Putin owns Trump and has made Trump his bitch.
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    Do you people see what the FUCK is going on in this country? EVERYTHING is out of control. The US had -5& GDP last month. -5%!! How does that g et a bye? 50 MILLION unemployment claims! You Trump people need to wake the FUCK up. The countries that were hammered are on the downward spiral and the US is literally on fire. And this piece of SHIT President is encouraging people to do the very thing that is killing them; ignore the virus! Ignore the precautions. Trump has destroyed this country. Destroyed America and some of you are stupid enough to be fucking applauding it
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    Trump and Pence denied hearing about this in a briefing and the source is of course anonymous as usual. Honestly though I wouldn't be totally shocked if there were some truth to it especially considering in the past that we've done the same practice against Russia in Afghanistan if anyone remembers history. It seems to me as if Russia does not want us interfering in proxy war against the Ottoman Empire Turkey and I'm fine with us sitting that one out.
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