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    The numbers are definitely a hoax. You don't shutdown the world economy over a virus, and impose other draconian dictates (not laws) on the people you claim to represent, because of a virus. This plandemic is being blamed and used to distract us from the crash of the dollar. Fiat currencies irresponsibly printed into oblivion, do not last forever. Thanks for bringing msnbc into the picture. A news source we can trust.
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    Where’s the mainstream media for all the black on black crime in Chicago, or any other big city? Silly question I know, but the media and whoever they work for are a BIG problem in this country (and probably other countries as well). If one didn’t Know any better, you’d think the media, and whoever they work for have an agenda. But that can’t be, just out there doing their jobs. 😂
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    Yep. Cure worse than the virus itself. 65% election year politics. Make no mistake about that.
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    If you think the virus is a hoax (and many of you seem to), watch Nicole Wallace on MSNBC. Every day she does a profile of someone who has died. MAKES IT REAL for you guys who think it's a hoax. Good people, here yesterday, living their lives like us, gone today FOREVER. If you think it's a hoax, do us a favor and go to a hospital in Texas or Arizona without a mask. Tough guys.
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    I won’t wish death on the looters and agitators, but I hope they get sicker than a fucking dog, puking their guts out.
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    How bout the Chicago Blackhawks, Atlanta Braves, KC Chiefs, Edmonton Eskimos....gonna be a busy name changin summer....
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    Thank you for the laugh, Sack. It's hilarious to see the fake president's head next to the heads of real presidents who actually devoted themselves to achieving great things for the country instead of just their personal enrichment.
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    No white privilege? God damn you guys are just some ignorant fucking people. Good riddance
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    what's your level of denial feel like, on a daily basis?
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    This is literally the last thing we need to spend money on.
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    Agree on Corona. They do not need to distract from devaluing dollar. Nobody understands this. However, printing $$$ is a real issue. Pols like AOC are way too stupid to understand that massively printing $$$ widens the gap big time between rich and poor. Her crumbs to the people are a joke. F it, I know what to own while they print $$$$. Most people don’t have a clue.
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    Correct - racism burnout. Voters will not say “ I know they call me a racist, but I am going to give them more power. Most people love and respect their parents, grand parents, and great grandparents. Having a strategy of calling past generations racist Is A - is incorrect B - not smart. Polls are WAY off because people do not want to deal with the BS, thought police, etc.... I see examples of this every day. I wish we had a way to bet on the election with members of this board. If I had a guaranteed way to collect, I would make sizable bets. Plus I would get great odds.
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    To be fair, it is sort of difficult to find Trump's message, when all we get from the mainstream media is "Trump is bad" In case you haven't noticed, the only thing coming out of the mainstream is ignorance and divisiveness. I'm guessing you haven't. Do you think they have an agenda?
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    Look at this post. It is a total shit show. It has missing punctuation, poorly timed pauses, and fails to make the intended point of the author. In truth, this post only delineates the author's grammatical limitations. For goodness sake, did the author not realize that this post would become part of the public domain? Sorry, Frawk, I'm bound to tell the truth. But I wish you a happy 4th of July. Both to you and the mental defectives who intend to vote for Joe Biden. All of them.
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    Found some.
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    Everyone has racism burnout and are now rebelling. Exactly how long did they think they could tell hard working white Americans that they're the most vile people on earth and expect to get away with it? There is no white privilege.
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    League knew, and the league did nothing. Why? Because it’s sports entertainment, and not sports. And that’s what I can’t stand. The owners, the coaches and players all know how the games will be called. And while they might not like it, they all make an insane amount of money, and they won’t upset the Apple cart. The only ones who get screwed are the fans
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    You think the same way I do. I'm considering Ottawa and Quebec City too. Maybe even Montreal. Just has to be somewhere far from Jungle. LOL
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    McDermott is a good coach. So far I think he's done mostly very well. I like that he seems to be embracing modern football analytics. I like a lot of what he's done plus he's gotten results. I've watched two playoff games with my son...better than what it's been.
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    Washington Indigenous People. Forget the poverty, alcoholism, drugs, etc... In that community. Change those names. If they are trying to win super bowls while calling themselves Redskins, they are in a way, complimenting Indians. Thought police are off the reservation. HA
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    A few times. In case anyone missed it though................. FUCK BLM.
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    The virus isn't a hoax only the response is.
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    You endanger me, and my parents, and you put our way of living at risk. If you would simply follow the guidelines and stop complaining about your "rights" and realize that we have "responsibilities" to each other in a society, we may have football this year. Douche. PS--I run my own business in the private sector. God you're ignorant!
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    side note: interesting that she pronounces her name "gah-LEN" when i knew a woman with the exact same spelling and she pronounced it like it looks, "jiz-LANE", no pun intended
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    you do realize Jethro never does that, right?
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    it was the result of a Bullshit Fake News CNN MSNBC like report which was a known short seller putting out false info to make a profit on shorting the stock. The article was taken down but it did its intended damage. I dont know how that person is not in jail for fraud. Anyway it's back up today but not to where it was.
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