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    no, my point is, leave it alone. new kings always erased old kings history. theres stuff and people we simply dont know existed because each govt erased the last one
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    I wish I had a couple of well trained pitbulls too when this all comes down so I don't have to hold my firearms in my hands.
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    I worked for the State of Florida from 1996-2005. I worked my ass off, putting in nights and weekends. I got paid squat compared to the private sector. And I was insulted by people like you who just assume (without any proof besides anecdotal) that I didn't work very hard and that I didn't care about my job. You all need to do some self-reflection and realize you may not always be right about everything.
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    My wife works for Nassau County. She has perks like you wouldn't believe. Me on the other....... I have to work for a living.
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    Look at this woman school this damaged loser idiot. I am worried about the no gonad Republicans unwilling to stand up for anything. IF Trump wins and takes the loser Republican congress and Senate with them, they will THINK people voted for them. In realty, they are voting against woke, socialism, ineptitude, liberalism, nonsense. They will once again do nothing to counter the current nonsense. We need the next Ronald Reagan. This woman is correct, HER community is fucked if these RETARDS like the mayor of NY or Seattle keep inflicting damage. It will be a bloodbath in these cities. Don’t count on Republican’s to have any balls. They can’t even stand up to the voter suppression farce. Can you imagine that they do not have the balls to counter no ID to vote laws in states like Virginia? I live and vote in Virginia and can tell you that there is no voter suppression. While it feels like this wave of woke is winning, I have serious doubts America is buying any of it. If somebody doesn’t step up to the plate, we will become Europe eventually. If the retard movement is stopped this November, they will ultimately win in the long run unless as you say, people start voting with their pocketbooks. Unfortunately, if they do win, we all lose as this woman explains so well.
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    Fuck her. She should be embarrassed that she raised a murderer
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    wait until we start getting Kawanzaa week off.
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    The funny part is seeing some dude that worships Donald Trump accusing other people of not being objective
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    Fuckin Biden doesn't even know what office he is running for. That's all you need to know.
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    That's been my point all along is to leave it alone.
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    2017 https://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/why-are-so-many-fascist-monuments-still-standing-in-italy Why Are So Many Fascist Monuments Still Standing in Italy?
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    youre being disingenuous using the word celebrate. i would have said lying but i didnt want to be harsh bc i think you knew what you were doing not one person here made any reference to anybody celebrating slaverys past. and books are not sufficient bc most of america are idiots and dont read. you need physical artifacts to get and keep peoples interest enough to stop and pay attention. thats what the civil rights museums would do, and the statues would be some of the most powerful elements in them
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    Those who rewrite history are doomed to repeat it.
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    Nope. I'll take it like a man. But soon thereafter I'll begin my crusade to take down Biden by whatever means necessary.
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    Right, because it’s not like Donald Trump to do or say anything derogatory about anybody else
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    You mean the guy with a 4th grade speaking level, who has a fake orange tan, fake hair, has to wear a girdle and lies constantly?
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    You had to have had a mind at one time in order to have lost it.
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    i was just wondering the same thing or is it just a matter of semantics for example, if the law said "all people must be treated equally" you would think that would cover it. but it already says that and employers discriminate anyway so 'special' in this case might just mean 'i have to specifically state it bc you morons dont follow the law as its already written, and i have to add special punishment because people like you tend to be seriously thick headed'
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    i always think its retarded to point to ratings as some indication of quality when thousands of people were boarding the titanic did that make it a good decision not to have enough lifeboats for every passenger? in fact, high ratings makes me think they are strongly likely to have LOWER quality content bc people are bored with real intellectual content. thats why our media now prioritizes the most salacious content they can find - to get dumb peoples attention and keep it
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    Saw a great movie the other day: "The Gentlemen" (2019). Check it out if you haven't already.
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    No, not really. Most of the folks I know aren't running around accusing every other person of racism either.
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    I get the impression your reptile brain did not understand that the quote above was your reason for secession. Confederacy = White Supremecy
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    I was at opening day in 1980 when the Bills finally beat the Dolphins. To my knowledge, it's the only opening day game in NFL history where the fans stormed the field & tore down the goalposts. That sums up the level of frustration better than anything else. Opening Day & the goalposts came down! I've always hated the Dolphins the most as have most fans my age. NE hate is for kids.
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    I am making note of this post, porky. It just may come back to bite your ass. Wouldn't that be swell???????? LOL
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    I called it years ago. Still, it’s sad to be so evident.
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    Look at that, it's something we can agree on. As more info comes out we're discovering that he was not in fact the "man in the room" and just heard this info from some guys... kinda like the Steele Dossier.
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    Carlson is picking up steam - and a lot of new followers. He's a force to be reckoned with. No wonder the left hates/fears him.
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    Great show. He backs up what he says with facts and video evidence. He gives opposing views opportunity to counter. Obviously works very hard. Most talented political analyst on today.
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    Have you ever looked into this story, like maybe both sides of it? He was mocking the reporter for saying he didn't remember his original story. Which by the way backed Trumps original statement in that people of Middle Eastern decent were celebrating the supposed attacks on the twin towers. Instead of retracting their story, the Washington Post freeze framed some pictures and went with it. Why? Because that's what the mainstream does. And then there's Jungle, and his tired act of racism, racism, racism. Have you ever looked into the deliberate dumbing down of America, or for that matter, the world? Maybe you should look into it, and you just might begin to understand why people like Trump, Trudeau and all the other puppets get elected, and the world is in the shape it's in.
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    Trump is the best at speaking to the Neanderthals at their 4th grade level of words. Mocking people with physical deformities is hilarious if your are a piece of shit Neanderthal like Trump.
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    That’s kind of the opinion I’ve developed about him over the years. But now, he’s a paragon of virtue because he’s got a tell-all book on the Buffoon-In-Chief? smacks of hypocrisy YUUUUUGELY....
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    One party, pretending to be two. That's all you need to know. Has nothing to do with the guys in charge, It's the system that gets these people elected. So, stands to reason, that just like in Canada or any other country, it's the system that needs to be destroyed. So Jungle, are you calling out your prime minister on other forums or not? I'm guessing he doesn't respond.
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    Saw this last night. Excellent.
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    Voter Enthusiasms huh? Well this election is truly different. The enthusiasm factor WILDLY favors the anti-Trump vote. People have been waiting 4 long years to vote out the Orange Conman. It matters not who his opponent is. If it was a guy off the streets, Trump would still lose. Can't wait.
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    You're a fucking idiot if you don't see the parallel here. You are a deeply stupid person if you want to spew out the bullshit that if anyone who doesn't agree with you or your bathhouse buddies here that they are AUTOMATICALLY a Trump lover and FOX lover are demonstrably false. Unlike someone like you, I don't need anyone else to think for me, especially Trump and/or FOX. But you are too stupid to think outside your box anyways. Shove your parrot up your ass fucknut.
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    Where do you get that from? A bubble gum wrapper?
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    The only reason he says that they are unwatchable is because they tell the truth about his hero and he cannot bear to hear the truth about Donald Trump
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