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    We had more picks than guys who could actually make the team. Nice move on Beane's part.
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    He's going to make it people. God bless. Boris Johnson is 'breathing unassisted' and does NOT have pneumonia: Downing Street say PM is 'stable' and in 'good spirits' in intensive care Boris Johnson is 'breathing without assistance' in intensive care and does not have pneumonia, Downing Street said today. The PM's spokesman said he was 'stable overnight and remains in good spirits', having received 'standard oxygen treatment'. Mr Johnson has also not needed a mechanical ventilator despite mounting concerns over his health. The more positive news came after Michael Gove said the premier's plight is 'truly frightening' and ministers are 'praying' for his swift recovery. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has been 'deputised' to take charge while he is out of action.. But there are growing concerns about the effectiveness of the government machine while the incumbent of No10 is unable to lead the crisis response. Mr Johnson was moved to ICU at St Thomas' Hospital in central London and given oxygen last night after his health deteriorated sharply over just two hours, leaving doctors fearing he will end up needing a ventilator. But the 55-year-old's spokesman said today: ‘The Prime Minister has been stable overnight and remains in good spirits. 'He is receiving standard oxygen treatment and breathing without any other assistance. He has not required mechanical ventilation or non-invasive respiratory support.’
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    Color me tickled that anybody would trust China, Russia, n. Korea, Iran, the Saudis, etc, about ANYTHING without dirECT confirmation I literally loled back when China first claimed new cases had declined. YOU LYING SLANTY EYED BASTARDS my inner voice told me. And to no surprise, wait for it ... THEY WERE LYING Like Victor said, LYING is what communist countries do. I mean, our 'leader's lie all the time, but not nearly like communists/dictatorships and the like
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    I'll take a proven #1 wr over a draft pick that has the potential to develop into a #1 wr.
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    Hopefully he pulls through. These are moments where people such as Boris will get a deeper understanding of what it means to deal with hospitalization due to this virus. He should be a better PM as a result of getting first hand knowledge of what the virus can do to a human.
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    Who the fuck is Hurley. If you mean Todd Gurley, he was literally signed to a team 2 weeks ago lol
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    Death, misery and tears Calculated waves of fear Drawn up by think tanks There's a darkness in the West Oil swilling Guzzling corporate Central banking Mind-fucking omnipotence I am the fury The spirit of outrage I am the fire I am the virus I am the virus I am the furnace Where resentment glows I am the bias I am the virus I am the virus False flags and Black Ops Tavistock manufactured shocks Something's gone horribly wrong Hot flushes for the Neo-con A population In deep denial Contagion released From a Phial I am the fury The spirit of outrage I am the fire I am the virus I am the virus I am the furnace Where resentment glows I am the bias I am the virus I am the virus I am the Hydra-headed beast I am the worm you can never delete I am the dangers that never sleeps I am the virus I am the virus I am the fury The spirit of outrage I am the fire I am the virus I am the virus No one believes In nine-eleven Steel frame buildings Don't fall in seconds Murderers in black robes Decapitate innocents The public banks stare Did you sleep OK last night, Mr. Blair? I am the fury The spirit of outrage I am the fire I am the virus I am the virus I am the furnace Where resentment glows I am the bias I am the virus I am the virus I am the Hydra-headed beast I am the worm you can never delete I am the dangers that never sleeps I am the virus I am the virus I am the fury The spirit of outrage I am the fire I am the virus I am the virus I am the fury The spirit of outrage I am the fire I am the virus I am the virus I am the furnace Where resentment glows I am the bias I am the virus I am the virus
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    Last season was soooo weird in regards to the deep throws. I've never in my 25+ years of watching football seen anyone be so incredibly bad at it. Unreal. Like some guy who's never played football before was doing it. .... yet like Sean says. In 2018 he was pretty good at it. WTF ?? I hope he gets it back this year. With Smoke and Diggs ?? ....you better be able to hit on those.
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    I'll talk to both of them. I'll write a tight agenda to keep them on point, and we'll have a 15 minute conference call.
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    Fuck off. I gave you my address 2 weeks ago now. Youre just a dumb ass, immature, lying adult. Thought maybe you wised up. Of course not. Didn't even communicate during the 2 weeks. Youre Just a dumbfuck
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    Defensive tackle Jordan Phillips had 5.5 sacks over his first four NFL seasons, so his 9.5-sack season for the Bills in 2019 came as something of a surprise. Phillips also had 13 tackles for loss and 16 quarterback hits and parleyed that big season into a three-year, $30 million deal with the Cardinals last month. [more] View the full article
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    Sackman is our new leader, All hail Sackman.
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    I still like Hurley better, especially Sackman's version.
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    Escape From New York was on the other night, recently
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    Trump right again. ‘Made in America’ will become post-coronavirus ‘rallying cry’ as consumers demand independence from ChiCom supply chain After decades of seeing American corporations move their operations to China and successive U.S. administrations kowtow to the Communist leaders in Beijing, President Donald Trump came along and sought to undo at least some of that damage. The real purpose behind the president’s aggressive trade strategy with China was never to ‘punish’ the ChiComs per se, but rather to get a better deal for America and Americans while decoupling our supply chain from a country we may someday have to fight. Before coronavirus, the president had actually made substantial progress along those lines. And now, after COVID-19 has led to the sickening and death of tens of thousands of Americans, national security strategist and expert Buck Sexton believes Trump will be able to use “Made in America” as a “rallying cry” to finish the trade-and-supply-chain strategy he started after taking office. “You’re going to get a lot of people who lived through this who are going to say, ‘Yeah, I’ll pay a little more to know this is made here.’” Sexton said on his Friday radio program. His website notes further: The U.S. appears to be hardly alone in the turn inward. Relationships between countries in the European Union have seen similar political shifts since the outbreak. The BBC ran a headline on Friday, titled, “Coronavirus Outbreak Eats Into EU Unity.” The article is about the instinct for countries to protect their own in a time of crisis. “Right now, every European government is struggling to protect their populations – their jobs, their health and their economy,” the article read. “But rich, europhile countries like Germany are not yet digging deeper into their pockets to help out poorer Italy and Spain. There’s little sense of the responsibility West Germany felt towards the East after the fall of the Berlin Wall.” Already, U.S. lawmakers are crafting legislation that would further the president’s decoupling trade agenda while moving us away from over-dependence on the Chinese. Sens. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) and Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) have drafted a bill that would encourage U.S. pharmaceutical makers to bring their manufacturing operations back to America. Sexton pointed to recent comments made by Trump’s economic adviser, Peter Navarro, who touched on the issue in a Thursday press briefing. “Never again should we rely on the rest of the world for our essential medicines and countermeasures,” he said. He continued, “One of the things that this crisis has taught us is that we are dangerously over-dependent on a global supply chain for our medicines like penicillin, our medical supplies, masks, and our medical equipment like ventilators.” Navarro noted further that in addition to overreliance on foreign medical suppliers, countries that make vitally needed medical products have also imposed export restrictions in order to keep those supplies in their own nations during a time of need. “No one thought this was a problem until now,” Sexton said. “The lack of foresight with all of this has been stunning. And it’s more than just lack of foresight. There are people who, all along, have refused to make what are the decisions that are the best interests of America and the American people.” Who will use this new “Made in America” rallying cry to his advantage and in a convincing manner? The president who introduced us to “Make America Great Again” and “Keep America Great,” of course.
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    Hot as shit too that Elizabeth hurley....mmmmmmm....
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    I'm shocked an anti Josh Allen thread by Lit!
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    Not only that, but the 22nd pick was going to have to be a WR. So he essentially traded a 5th, 6th, and future 4th for the right to draft a young, proven number 1 WR with the 22nd pick. That's how I look at it. The fact that the guy writing this article says Diggs will "at best replicate the role John Brown already plays" shows what he thinks of Diggs. If he thinks Diggs is the same player as JB, then it would be a terrible trade. But he's the first person that I've seen who doesn't think Diggs is a far superior player to Brown.
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    It’s really less about the virus and more about our ability to capably handle the number of affected people that need health services at any given moment. As the hospitalization rate hovers around 20%, the USA just doesn’t have the capacity to handle cases over a short period of time. Not getting out in front of this virus to contain it geographically has also exacerbated the ability to care for those that are stricken
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    TWD!! Thanks for that. When I first saw my name, my immediate reaction(not that I had time to think it out in language form) was..well nevermind, just was not good. I felt relieved when I saw the resr and even more so listening to the song. They seem to really get it, and sound good doing it. I imagine it would be nice if the industry actually promoted things like this that could make a change, like songs did in the 60s. After listening, I felt compelled to check the comments out too, and some were quite good. I may look at more of them later. Some were humorous, like: I'm loving the YouTube recommendation algorithm's macabre sense of humour these days. And some had relevant information, or classic quotes like this: “There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution” Aldus Huxley... Anyhow, thanks for that. Some of the comments said it was the theme song for this pandemic, or should be our national anthem. :)
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    Just under your rib cage on the right side
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    On the contrary, I hope he pulls through. Just because I dislike Donald doesn't mean that I automatically dislike other random people. Also, I'm not in the habit of hoping people die.
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    I didn't post this because she sounded like the smartest girl on the Buffalo Range, I posted it because she had a different opinion than the one we're being fed by the mainstream. If she's getting roasted on youtube, I'm sure it's by people just like yourself, the ones who are to stupid to understand when they're being played by their government. So go ahead shit for brains, make fun of somebody because they aren't as indoctrinated as yourself. I'm going on the assumption that she has guts and courage. Something that you're sadly in need of. But hey, you passed 8th grade science.
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    great. now i have to run a norton scan every time i come here
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    Well that's a relief (kinda). Hopefully they can get to the bottom of it.
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    Not even comparable. And th3 fact is, we were taught math wrong as well. There's far easier ways to do it. But as usual the American system dumbed it down even further. That was before even common core. I question the validity of that video as much as anyone else. But you see...here's the deal. Like I said, just because she may be saying the wrong thing about virus vs germ vs aids., does not prove this worth a pandemic. Plenty of older doctors have already said it's not worth this. All propaganda. = the people who want You to believe it's real, put out a video of someone dissenting, but giving out wrong info.. all just to cause separatism and confusion.
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    Would you continue to watch a video of a "mathematician" explaining a complex math equation if they repeatedly kept saying 2+2 = 5? That's basically the equivalent of that video lol
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    True, there could be long-term side effects, genetic predispositions, combination with other environmental factors, etc. You can't test for every possibility. But the FDA battery of tests for safety does not take as long as the efficacy battery. I posit that the efficacy battery does nothing for immediate or long-term safety. It's just anti snake oil so to speak.
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    Who cares what most people think they are sheep and think the federal govt owns the federal reserve.. if they aren't backing up this bailout with gold and silver and pulling money out of thin air then what do we have? You are right about inflation being a hidden tax. We are just forever indentured servants to the people(old money families after the GREAT DEPRESSION🤔) who control the govt, media and the global banking system. yes the lockdown I was referring to. The big dogs are in place in Cheyenne Mountain, CO.
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    I guess my wife who works in Strong Hospital here and the 10 staff mambers that just were sent to NYC to help treat the patients will be in for a big surprise.
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    True, but he said it wasn’t like any flu he’s ever had before, of course he got pneumonia with it too though.
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    It's always important to be cognizant of what's happening around you. The bug doesn't scare me. However stupid people scare the shit out if me in times like these. They simply know not what they do.
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    I never said the Patriots were finished, in fact I said they are not the worst team in the AFC East but they are not the best team in the AFC East either. Buffalo obviously has to go out and win enough game to take the AFC East, and no one is saying it's a lock, but this is the best chance Buffalo has had to win the AFC East in years. Buffalo has a better team on paper and a better QB on paper than New England.
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    BTW New England has $2 million in salary cap space, that is not enough money to sign there rookie draft class let alone sign a veteran NFL QB like Dalton or Newton if they were to agree to a substantial pay cut. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cap/2020/
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    I haven’t been scared through any of this. Angry, not scared
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    "You have to beat the man, to be the man." - Ric Flair
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    I hope Allen starts putting it all together this year. If not, begin looking to replace him. That's fair I think. I think Brandon Beane probably sees it the same way or close to it.
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    That video is tough to watch. He was just terrible at it. That said, he's a hell of a worker by all accounts. If, and it's a huge if, he figures that out for this year...we are winning double digit games and beating teams in the playoffs. I think the rest of his game is good enough that if you combine it with hitting the deep ball, we are going to be very very good. If he could complete the deep ball, we beat Baltimore last year. We run them out of the building in the 1st half.
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    Definitely worthy of it's own thread.....
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    Strange thing, I've had a Chernobly infatuation lately, ever since watching the HBO Series a few weeks a go and this kid is my new hero. When he climbs Duga 1-- omg!
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    I don’t know why anybody would think China is going to be honest. Disinformation is from what they’re all about
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    The hoax was blaming it all on Trump and politicalizing this whole thing. Remember it comes from CHINAaa! The virus was always real. Who's responsible for it is another story
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    Donald Trump did not write a single word of this. Wonder how I know? There is not one mention of the 'great job' he's doing handling what he referred to as a hoax just a couple of months ago.
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    The funny thing was a radio host I listen mentioned that he was in the media during the H1N1 and SARS outbreaks and was told not to mention it on air because people might panic. Now they've shifted to 24/7 coverage of it so... wait for it... people panic.
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