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    We're at a point now where the 18 to 50 demographic are folks who grew up playing video games. People from all walks of life play now, even the grandparents. We're no longer in the old days where your uncle would cough up dust and break your balls for playing Pacman.
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    If anybody does care about any insight about a healthcare workers experience during this time let me know. I would love to discuss it.
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    You need to relax, Hip. If he bothers you that much just ignore him. StraightJ HipKat
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    I know his deal, acts like asshole, tells people go fuck themselves, go kill themselves, Meat comes and warns him for like the fifth or sixth time to be nice or he will get a one month time out, then he gives some sob story to appeal to Meats empathy and goes right back to being an asshole.
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    50 year old dudes are who invented online gaming and you would be shocked at how many play online still. But I only play 1 game, mostly, and it's one that had a HUGE community and goes back 15 years. The sparse number of us who play are all people who have know each other, mostly, for many years so it's no different than hangfing out in a chat room or on a forum, really, except we're doing something we've all loved doing and been a big part of for many years.
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    Maybe don’t post about your girlfriend and get pissed off when people make fun of the content you post. Like a 50 some year dude playing video games still? Creepy. Is the reason you want to move to the woods is so you can quit every time you move to a new neighborhood introducing yourself?
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    What a great example of a strong thinWHITEduke, a guy who hides behind a fake name on a sports fan page. Rise Against brother
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    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for one in particular
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    He will tell you it’s not really happening, or he will do the usual and not answer you.
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    Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports Four former Buffalo Bills have been named to the NFL’s All-Decade team of the 2010s. Several of them even had really great years for Buffalo during the decade and were on the team because of their play in Buffalo. Headlining the list from the Bills’ perspective is LeSean McCoy, who played with the Bills from 2015-2018. Running backs Frank Gore (2019) and Marshawn Lynch (2010) were also included on the list. Former Bills left tackle Jason Peters was also on the list, but he hasn’t played in Buffalo since 2008. 2010s ALL-DECADE TEAM ROSTER * — denotes a unanimous selection OFFENSE QB Tom Brady* QB Aaron Rodgers RB Frank Gore RB Marshawn Lynch RB LeSean McCoy RB Adrian Peterson* WR Antonio Brown WR Larry Fitzgerald WR Calvin Johnson WR Julio Jones FLEX Darren Sproles TE Rob Gronkowski TE Travis Kelce OT Jason Peters OT Tyron Smith OT Joe Staley OT Joe Thomas* OG Jahri Evans OG Logan Mankins OG Zack Martin OG Marshal Yanda* C Alex Mack C Maurkice Pouncey DEFENSE DE Calais Campbell DE Cameron Jordan DE Julius Peppers DE J.J. Watt* DT Geno Atkins DT Fletcher Cox DT Aaron Donald* DT Ndamukong Suh LB Chandler Jones LB Luke Kuechly LB Khalil Mack LB Von Miller* LB Bobby Wagner LB Patrick Willis CB Patrick Peterson CB Darrelle Revis CB Richard Sherman S Eric Berry S Earl Thomas S Eric Weddle DB Chris Harris Jr. DB Tyrann Mathieu SPECIALISTS P Johnny Hekker P Shane Lechler K Stephen Gostkowski K Justin Tucker* PR Tyreek Hill PR Darren Sproles KR Devin Hester KR Cordarrelle Patterson COACHES Bill Belichick Pete Carroll View the full article
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    I haven’t been scared through any of this. Angry, not scared
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    Who said they where ? .... We just said they are still the team to beat. As for the cap space question .... players have gone to play for BB before taking less money have they not ? .... do you know if Cam or Dalton are against that ? ... you don't. A rookie wouldn't make much cash either. Again .... its our best shot in 20 years for sure. But to act like the Pats are done before a down of football has been played is straight up homerism.
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    No, it's not normal. As a man in his 50s, I self-actualize by applying my life experience to the resolution of the following geopolitical issues 1) There are too many unread comic books in the world; No Comic Book left Unread! 2) There are too many open online threads where they have not finalized the ranking of the various Star Trek Captains. 3) There are too many unbought awesome remote-controlled toys at $5 below that would have cost $20+ when I was a kid. See the 'Pile Driver'
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    'The UK wants to ensure the drug is safe and effective.' Just make sure it's safe then start distributing it. Proving efficacy of intended use takes a far longer trial period than ensuring it is safe. It's US bureaucrats like this ....... ..... what the Aquarian has to put up with ...........sigh.
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    Well Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai says the complete opposite.
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    I wonder if thewhiteduke thinks is fake news and still doesn't believe that covid 19 is real.
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    Lighten the fuck up, everybody!
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    Is this english or have I had too many beers tonight? “iactialy if i was we still wouldnt be even because you ruined justice that never gerved” Uh... what the actual hell? And why am I apologizing to you when I wasn’t talking to you? by the way i didn’t know you could slur in text.
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    I'll look for that setting, thanks...
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    You know what. I like you. I apologize I’m in the wrong on this issue guys.
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    No, it's called govt crime
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    He clearly has no idea what he is talking about. It was a failed attempt at mocking someone which I think he or she took too far.
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    Put it this way, I'm not playing Minecraft
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    My kids didn’t play rated M games when they were young 1st off, and I just showed you the age of the typical gamer and you agreed, so you should “pause” and give it a little more thought. im sure HK plays his online games with people he knows that are around his age.
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    I'd stay away from that guy.
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    The point is there aren’t a lot of kids online playing rated M video games. You can “pause” all you want. Everyone watch out Comssvet is “pausing”
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    long as it didnt make you cough....one of the new drones might have spotted you and radioed for dispatch ;)
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    Under 18 years 21% 18 to 35 years 40% 36 to 49 years 18% 50 years and older 21% Age of online gamers
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    You bitched how 40% of your paycheck goes for support and insurance for go for children, like is some grand injustice. Thats called taking care of your kids, many people do that.
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    You didn’t invent online gaming. You can’t use that excuse. I doubt I would be shocked of the amount of orrld men who hunt children in online gaming, there are a lot of pedophiles out there. Online gaming for a pedeophile is like a playground full of children with no parents or police around.
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    Let me explain this VERY simply in a ay even your few remaining brain cells can comprehend: Dealing with you/today, I've only replied posts TO me, and/or ABOUT me. Originally it was you making accusations about m to Meat, when in fact you were the one who did those things to me.. It's all documented, just like it was last week when you multiple THREATS against me. I have a feeling that when Meat logs on this time, your free passes will be over......remember, I asked asked him not to ban you., but you've earned worked extrenely hard for however long you get. I can not believe you are starting another disinformation campaign against me. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I INITIATED ANYTHING WITH YOU? HAVE proof....You're about to embarass yourself.
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    I'd rather read a good book or watch a good movie. To each his own, though.
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    Please don't drop my good name in threads that have nothing to do with me. When you get the positive news I think you will, we can revisit all this.
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    Who cares? Walk away from it.
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    Ok buddy lol So your reaction to it is annoying the shit out of the 19 people who visit the Buffalo range on a daily basis? Wow you are real rebel. You should have your own movie
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    No, it’s a mix of people who are smart enough to realize that the first disaster that occurred in this country was the day Donald Trump was elected president and people who are too stupid to understand how much of a disaster that really is. That latter group is mixed of people who are greedy, racist and just plain stupid
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    Gee i thought the President had the authority to fire people that work for him. If people under him do not have the same vision as the President or are not doing the job the President desires then he has every right to remove and replace that person. Saying it is Trump firing back is kind of a joke. There are people out there that live in the realm of "I am untouchable now" simply because they think the people or the gov will see a case to be made that they could sue for wrongful termination. Maybe this guy dropped the ball on a lot of things in regards to this pandemic.
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    The Bills have 2 things working on their favor in this draft. The first is the lack of any sort of real need at positions going into the draft and that this years draft is very deep. When I start stacking my board I always rank guys that I consider worthy of being drafted in the 1st 3 rounds. This year I ended up with 160 prospects with at least a 3rd round grade with positions like reciever, offensive tackle, edge rush and cornerback being the deepest. I expect the Bills to hold still at 54 and because of the lack of need and depth of this draft I fully expect whoever we draft to be a player that the team has a 1st round grade on.
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    Whike that may normally be great and wise advice....i hope that is not what how you think it went
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    There are no children playing on our server, but nice try and since you called it, now go fuck yourself!
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