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    This at least is something we can perhaps agree on. I hope countries go back to securing their borders and worrying about taking care of their own people and not importing the people and problems of other nations. Also, the mad rush to travel to everywhere and overrun cities like Venice with tourists and add to air pollution needs to be stopped. The one good thing to come of the virus is that there are thousands of fewer airplanes flying and the cruise ships, which pollute heavily as well, have more or less stopped sailing. Merkel even now refuses to close the borders of Germany. God forbid her obsession with the free and open flow of goods and people be checked.
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    Just making sure I wasn't the only one. I thought somebody might have snuck Anti-Hipkat protection onto my computer.
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    This is what I see when Hip posts pictures, anybody else having problems?
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    Shooter is my favorite comic book writer. Ever. As creative/dynamic people often are, he was one of the hardest people with which to work. But, half of the people who hated him from Marvel were manipulated by the suits when Jim wouldn't play ball (I'm talking to you John Byrne!! You didn't know shit about management. Freelancer.) They had no idea that Shooter helped to institute the rewards program from which they benefitted. His fight was always for a better comic book; I guess people/feelings be damned The artists/writers/inkers only knew the bad parts: 1) Meet your deadline!! 2) Two-parts to resolve a story line, unless your stuff is better than the Galactus Triology (of course he didn't limit sub plots, see Ragnaqrok and Roll, Dark Phoenix, etc. 3) His strict editorial control in regards to continuity and character protection of Marvel properties. Never mind that limiting 'Days of Future Past' to two parts made it one of the most epic storylines in fiction. Chlaremont would have stretched that so far, Dave Cockrum would have had to finish the art; Byrne would have well been into Fantastic Four. That's what made me think, 'The best art is produced under constraints', Valiant was the best comic book company ever; when he was there. It got even better after they fired him and you had different writers implementing the ideas. Until they ran out of his ideas after about a year-and-a-half. BTW, Here's a link where Jim illustrates Stan Lee's leadership http://jimshooter.com/2011/07/more-strange-tales-war-at-marve.html/ This is all you need to know to be a good Manager:
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    what game ? its the govt playing with you, not me. simple question- can you prove any of the statistics real? no, you cant. that is a fact. that is a truth. you only know what american govt/media chooses to tell you.
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    Prove those numbers real/true. There's no way in hell you could.
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    If their eyes and ears are open. Theyll learn more thus month than any 4 months at a school. School is a boring drone fest
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    Groove for a few years was the funniest thing on the planet. When I started buying Groo it was on Pacific Comics and I had to go to Empire Comics in Rochester to get it, or maybe another store near the House of Guitars. When Marvel picked it up it became more available and they changed nothing.
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    This isn't over by a long shot. Virus vectors can piggyback on each other; think of successive waves in a rolling tide. It doesn't end with this. We'll still have to deal with: 1) Dos Equis 2) Modelo 3) Pacifico 4) Victoria 5) Barrelito
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    Delta, RCCL, Ford, etc all taking big losses. Im buying.
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    Wait and see, haters. LOL. You're going to weep again. Get ready.
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    https://loudwire.com/the-exploited-refuse-cancel-tour-coronavirus/ Exploited vocalist Wattie Buchan isn’t backing down so easily, however, giving a quote to Australian tour promoters DRW Entertainment. "Fuck coronavirus!” the punk singer begins. “I have had 5 heart attacks a quad heart bypass and a heart pacemaker fitted. Cancel gigs for a virus? We ain’t fucking Green Day piss - We are the real deal. No danger will we be cancelling our upcoming gigs. Punks Not Dead!"
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    If anyone walks up to me with toilet paper and asks if I want to buy these packs of toilet paper from me, I bought too much, I am going to take it from them and kick them in the groin. No money exchanged.
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    Good luck to him but I think the deal we have projected is more than fair.
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    In going to wait another a week or two and drop some more money into investments. This will pass and stocks will rise again, if you fortunate enough to have extra to invest then you should seriously consider doing so. We all have to get to a point where we have money making money for us while we sleep...
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    Would rather me and my entire family die the most horrible Covid-19 death possible.
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    you apparently have a need to trust govt and believe what youre told. this is all training , for you to eventually obey a police state. stay in your home! dont shake hands! dont trust anyone ! .... but govt.. trust govt.. this is govt creating a problem so that they then solve it and the sheep worship them more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVGINIsLnqU too many words block youtube video?
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    Trump should be embarrassed that white supremacists and racists support him. Trump should be embarrassed that David Duke supports him.
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    It's not inspiring. TWD is making it sound like The Exploited are bucking the trends of other bands by not giving in. yet it's not the bands that are cancelling gigs, it's the promoters and The Exploited is just as subjected to promoters as any band under contract
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    So you think it's ok to be openly racist and support and openly racist President?
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    No, plenty of better sets of numbers I could provide you with if I cared to. It does not make me unstable either way, as you are the one getting triggered by the media hype/virus, and I am the one sitting back and relaxing. :) No harm will become me, but I suppose I can allow you and others to harm your minds with fear if you willingly choose to. Additionally, the biggest thing many are ignoring is that correlation does not imply causation. Repeat that 5 times. Who is to say the 82 year old NY resident who had it and died did so any sooner than they would have otherwise? People who are 82 die Hip, as hard as it may be for you to wrap your mind around. Hiip, what's the rate for people under 60? Check.
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    It’s not about getting on the crazy train. It’s about making sure you don’t get hit by at
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    Please, see if you can follow these two simple step directions: 1. Fuck Off 2. Die Its important to be a success in this world. Please, if you’re not successful on the first try, DON’T GIVE UP!! This is very important !. I know in your current situation they’re not making it easy for you, but persistence is the key! Don’t let me down SJ!
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    BFIC is one of the more loveable contributors to these things. I think he means well, Bowman, probably a decent guy. He had a hero just like you currently have. You guys really might not be that different beyond superficial type things, to be honest.
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    its not like they are in a cult, they ARE in a cult classic cult of personality. it almost sounds like that should be a good thing, but in actuality its a very bad thing
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    This board is known for stupid threads, but this is embarrassing.
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    Most people want to believe it happened just the way they’re being told, because to believe something more sinister will upset their apple cart. Truth, Justice and the American way.
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    These things don’t just materialize out of nowhere. Remember that time that I said we have good vs evil in this world? Well people, it’s time to wake up and choose a side. That being said, we will still have the usual suspects saying “conspiracy theory” The nice thing about all of this is that for a little while anyway, we won’t have the distraction of fake sports. Makes it easier to do detective work.
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    My grandkids already do some of their homework online. Some of the things are timed or something so they kind of have to do things in a timely manner. Maybe BCW knows more about that.
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    Im just joking, he's on a 90 man roster, no telling if he makes the 53. I do feel though that we gave him the IR designation to keep him on the roster last year though to placate that situation. No doubt about it.
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    Groo The Wanderer would kick the ass of corona, the fear mongering media, and the stupid sheep who buy into it!! Groo's thinking process actually is like that of most of the sheep, and he(looks wise, and thinking wise) actually reminds me of the guy folks say is Daryls' doppleganger, so I think he serves as a great example of the destruction that misinformation can bring.
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    It's called a joke. Get a sense of humor. You're a complete moron.
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    basically a slang term for exciting or enlivening something
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    Simmer down, Bowman. You're going to hurt someone's fee-fees.
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    Hey he scored that WIDE open TD against the Vikings last year!!
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    You’re the one making it like some band is rebelling against the entire music industry
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    Yeah that's great. I can plug some suspect numbers into a calculator too. Coronavirus mortality rate 1 percent or less: US Credit: CC0 Public Domain A top US health official on Thursday said the overall mortality rate for the novel coronavirus was estimated at one percent or less, lower than previously thought, basing the new figure on a high number of unreported cases. It came after President Donald Trump was criticized for saying he believed the World Health Organization's reported death rate of 3.4 percent to be "false," based on a "hunch." Trump was invoking the fact the WHO figure is based on reported cases only, and as such the true lethality of the disease may only be understood better over time—a point on which health experts agree. "The best estimates now of the overall mortality rate for COVID-19 is somewhere between 0.1 percent and one percent," Admiral Brett Giroir, the assistant secretary of health said at a news briefing. "That's lower than you heard probably in many reports, why is this? Number one is because many people don't get sick and don't get tested—this reflects the overseas experience—so probably for every case, there are at least two or three cases that are not in that denominator. "It certainly could be higher than normal flu, it probably is, but it's not likely in the range of two to three percent." The seasonal flu mortality rate is 0.1 to 0.15 percent, said Giroir. Trump put Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the US coronavirus response last week, amid complaints the administration had been slow to prepare for its spread. Trump himself has been criticized for seeming to low-ball the risk, and his comments to Fox News appearing to dismiss WHO data raised eyebrows including in his own Republican Party. "I listen to the scientists when it comes to the numbers, and I would encourage the president if he's going to report things to make sure that the science is behind what he's saying," Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters. There have been 11 reported deaths in the US and about 150 cases in at least 14 states with Texas reporting its first on Thursday. A cruise ship with 21 people who have symptoms was being held off the coast of San Francisco as California, the US state with the highest number of cases, declared a state of emergency. Thousands of people are traveling aboard the Grand Princess, the same cruise ship on which California's first victim was thought to have contracted the virus. The Grand Princess belongs to Princess Cruises, the company that operated the coronavirus-stricken ship held off Japan last month on which more than 700 people tested positive. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-03-coronavirus-mortality-percent.html
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    so... my mom was watching a news channel and said this lady on it was reading pages on how to take care of yourself to avoid it. She got to the " dont touch your face stuff... then had to turn the page. She couldnt, so she LICKED HER FINGER and then turned the page. This is all planned, idiots. They are mocking you like a bad sitcom. all the stats are pulling up are made up. You cant prove the origins of any of them. if cnn and fox are talking about all day, it means its not worth paying attention to. ... havent talked about terrorist acts one time in all this either.
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    So am I to understand these are the end days and we're all going to die? LOL. How about you STFU, slappy? Fuck off. You're loving this shit. Beyond weird.
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    You completely missed his point. Cam Jordan went to 4 of his 5 Pro Bowls after his 4th year in the league.
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