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    Liberals your platform leader is now Bernie "Everyone gets free shit and I have no idea how I'm gonna pay for it" "never passed any legislation in my whole career" "no independent will vote for me" Sanders. To the liberals and their socialist ambitions in 2020! ...Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, AH AH AH...good bye!!!! How much do you hate Trump now! The master Troller and chief lol. We enjoy your liberal tears. Keep em coming. For middle class Americans enjoy your 401k and early retirements!
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    I aint your pal and I havent forfeited anything. Bloomberg is just getting warmed up
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    The Aquarian works 'THROUGH' both parties for the American people. He's a little too Centrist and compromising for the average American's taste but I can't argue with the results.
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    They are just setting up their faux impartiality. If he wins the nomination - we'll see headlines such as, 'Bernie nuances his policies for the mainstream' ; 'Bernie tempers his socialist ideals with solid economic plan'. Please, conservatives are not stupid enough to fall for this shit.
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    The cattle cars that eventually might come from him may use the line from Ozzy's "Flying High Again", "you dont need a ticket to ride with me, I'm free!"
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    There will be a ton of travel after Bernie sets up his Soviet Train System. Byrds will be selling tickets out the wazoo.
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    A lot more 18-30 year olds get to the polls if Sanders is the democratic candidate. It could be the difference
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    Until a dick hole like Bernie gets elected and nobody can afford to travel lol. But who needs to travel as long as the Gomez family, here illegally gets their free healthcare.
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    I work in the travel industry too and they are straight throwing cash at me daily. Enjoy! You earned it! You have a JOB
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    He won’t counter with anything, because he knows I’m right, and he will pretend to not read the post. I’m sure he sees it in his company, they are probably busier more people getting satellite or cable.
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    I work in the travel industry, and we are busier than I’ve ever seen it. I’m making more money than ever. People are traveling more that means they are making more money. must be the momentum from Obama lol
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    The best thing is for him to get the nomination because his own people will take him down as well as the country not giving him enough votes to beat Trump in November.
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    Good thing captain planet is running this year!
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    And we haven’t even discussed the independent vote.
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    Good luck getting moderates to vote Bernie.
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    oh look, a trumpite accusing me of what he is guilty of..... I AM SHOCKED.
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    You stand for nothing but hypocrisy. All the things you said about Trump you sold up river lol. What a joke
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    I would like to thank my reasoned intellect and humble demeanor for making the previous post possible.
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    Trump refers to countries and a group of people who were there to preserve history, not nazis. It gets twisted always. This isn't twisted this is clear as day. This dude is racist and the fact you make excuses for it points to the fact that the trump racist card is completely fabricated bs. The hypocrisy of it all is ridiculous.
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    Cooper would be a waste of money for what he is going to get. The draft class is too deep to pay him upwards of 16M/year. Not saying you can find his production immediately, but you gotta think you can get close and for WAY less $$. I'm pretty sure this happened around the time of the last CBA negotiations. The timing was thrown off for a year. It's something that the Players Union would never agree to b/c it would cost the current players jobs. Many fringe free agents get signed ahead of the draft in case a team can't fill that need. If teams are left to go through the draft first then lots of veteran players will be left in the limbo b/c a team was able to draft a guy in the 5th or 6th round.
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    Stop with your globalist propaganda. It may fool those who are already fooled, but is not worth the time of the intellectually honest about this astroturfed regime change. My 12 point timeline(i cut out a HUGE chunk of the article to make it very quick and easy to read, I listened to your feedback!) makes it easy to see that narrative is propaganda. I don't support this subversion of the Ukraine any more than I did propping up Saddam when he was at odds with Iran. I don't support the Venezuelan lies both parties are pumping during Trump either, to prove your earlier derailment attempt as falsely based. Does the Constitution authorize this subversion of a foreign government?
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    I'm not familiar with the guy and realize you might be half joking, but it's probably the other way around, with their influence being behind whatever inspired the guy. Our founders and many others have warned about this parasitic influence for a long time, but most now are not even aware of it due to the wise move of bankers after the Civil War buying up newspapers to eventually push for the 3rd national bank, which came to be in 1913. Those who suffered from what Bolshevism gave birth to are aware, because it was a little more in the open there with the civil war(not a proper term as the "Reds" were often foreigners, and financed by US banks) against "White Russians"(even though possession of the book that exposed it was subject to a death setence... pretty harsh for something called fraudulent, even though it remains the greatest work of prophecy to date...and no, I am not talking about the Bible, though they hate that too and have done their best to erase it's true teachings from our culture). At any rate, that prize winning Russian author you spoke of certainly spoke pretty openly about who was behind it, the most mass suffering in human history, after he was already famous and had a voice. The story is in my SIG under Europa in parts 1 and 2 if I recall...later parts finish with what is happening today, HERE in America and elsewhere. Rather than try to watch the full video, I recommend clicking on part 1 after clicking the link. You won't be the same after you watch them all, which end up becoming binge-worthy. The fact they were victim of the great purge on youtube is kind of allegorical and illustrates what a threat such knowledge is to evil men.
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    Edited for readability. Here is the whole article: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2020-nfl-draft-lessons-learned-from-scouting-hits-and-misses-from-past-draft-classes/ Evaluating the NFL Draft can be humbling. You can pour over hours of film on a prospect and consider every available analytic, and, in a few years, your pre-draft evaluation proves to have been downright brutal. I adored bigger wideouts, some who flopped in the league like Dorial Green-Beckham, Josh Doctson, and Marcell Ateman. But the league has changed to being more separation-based at the receiver spot. Got to get open. Bigger receivers aren't completely defunct, yet consistently generating separation is much more valuable to the vast majority of clubs than the occasional high-point grab in traffic. Quarterbacks today like to see their target open before ripping it much more than they did in the past. He goes on to say....."I'm keeping a particularly close eye on those wideouts who've been highly productive for multiple years at their respective schools like Jerry Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb, Tee Higgins, Tyler Johnson, Denzel Mims, Isaiah Hodgins, Gabriel Davis, Antonio Gandy-Golden, and James Proche. Bottomline: Prospects have a decently strong likelihood of being really good in the NFL if: a) They have really good film, b) Produced at a high level in college (for more than one season) and c) Have excellent combine workouts relative to others at their position . OP: I have been preaching "separation" for awhile. Especially for Josh Allen. Man I hope we get it right and don't end up with another Zay Jones or James Hardy. NOTE. The combine workouts factor in because when a WR has an amazing 3 cone drill or 20 yard shuttle that typically indicates the ability to get separation.
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    Even the NFL was in on the act of "normalizing" in bit of a different sense(no, not talking about their recruitment for foreign wars this time, but in a sense that enables the socialism the Bernie talk is about). All 3 singers during the Super Bowl were at least part latin, and the Puerto Rican flag was on display during part of the halftime act. The shameless use of the dying Pancho Billa(who only picked the Bills because when he searched for teams with Mexican flag colors there were none, and settled for 2 out of 3...the other team he almost picked? The Patriots!) was part of normalizing the invasion....some Bills fans now are wearing sombreros. You may have remembered my prophecy that a toll for his use would be required in that game dedicated to him(I dont often speak of what I have been shown, because it's a no win move on here), which was fulfilled that very game when the 1 Bill wearing his sombrero, the well-meaning Harrison Phillips, unfortunately was lost for the season. Ive supported some of the most hated minority individuals on here, but the complacency of the asleep caucasian is something I can not support, as they do nothing to stop the population replacement that is in large part responsible for these radical changes people are complaining about in this thread and elsewhere They are conditioned through media to believe they are racist to support their own people, or traditional American values in general. As I have pointed out, one can look to Europe if they want to see our near future, but the MSM does not report the effects population replacement(the long ago written Kalergi plan) is having, and it would require your own research. It isn't just the "uncle tom"(in the pejorative sense, not it's original meaning) version of whites who are to blame, they are the symptom, not the disease. I wanted to start a thread on this and may.....the fairly decent movie "Knives Out"(wasnt it directed by the guy who ruined Star Wars 8?) can be seen as an allegory for Americans losing their inheritance, and being made to look like they dont deserve it(which in a sense is true). The elite enjoy putting it right in your face(predictive programming), even though many do not have eyes to see and idly go by with trying to pacify themselves through material wealth(not very Biblical), and being amused to death. One need not be religious to understand the stories of those who suffered or perished due to ignoring and even mocking the prophets. Folks tend to focus on the symptoms rather than the root/head of the snake. EDIT: additionally, until recently the NFL was itself part of corporate welfare(socialism in a sense) by somehow being a non-profit organization that did not pay taxes on it's billions in revenue. I like football, but the NFL has been a tool of social programming for a long time, even with things like the government pressuring them to ban certain substances...the list goes on but this post was longer than intended.
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    Heck yeah Josh Allen does....but doesn't someone already have him? Jungle maybe? I'm trying to remember if people were allowed to keep their AAB more than a season originally or if they had to keep re-drafting...I think the latter. But eventually people who remembered the tradition which was no longer formally held kept their AAB as long as they wanted, being it was no longer an official event, and just picked whenever they wanted as long as the player was not already taken. I think enough old time members, as long as more recent fans who like the idea, might be in support if we start doing it again. I had a campaign to make the Range again, and it can be done without spending any money. With the aid of Meathead(our version of Yoda), an updated TOS will be released as well, to keep things more orderly, and to make things more constructive. But AAB draft(as well as a pick 'em league, though NFL.com got rid of theirs last season) are some of the things I intend to get brought back. I did deliver on getting that headbanging emoji that Daryl loves back with help from Woody, and would like to bring back the no cost improvements that could Make the Range Great Again!
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    Living in Eagles country I was always a big Shady fan, so I hear ya! All the comments in this thread are bs as well including my own, lol. As far as your new adoption what are you looking for? JA immediately comes to mind but not sure if he meets your criteria.
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    Trump signs resolution to permit dumping mining waste into waterways The resolution, signed Feb. 16, reversed an Obama-era rule aimed at blocking coal-mining operations from dumping waste into nearby waterways.
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    Working with both parties doesn’t mean having to work with “far” left or right. This partisan hatred has gotta stop. It’s a waste of time and taxpayer money. What’s wrong with having a more “centered” candidate? You gotta be compromising too BB. Or maybe you don’t consider being more centered is “necessary “ for the good of the country as a whole? You do come off as a “ I got mine, fuck everyone else” kinda guy. Im not a “god guy” or religious in any way, but I believe in looking out for your brother. (I’m not talking about lazy fucks or people that want something for free) I hope I’m not coming off as holier-than-thou.
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    If I have to choose between a Corporate Socialist and a Democratic Socialist, I'm quite comfortable choosing Bernie.
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    Yup, MSNBC and CNN love Bernie. Fucking idiot.
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    Yeah but HipKat is going to counter that with his health care costs being crazy (because he works for a lousy company) and his personal life is an absolute mess so it must be all Trump's fault!
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    Some years I think it would be better if the draft was in March, and Free Agency in April. Draft the WR you wanted in March? Then no need to sign one in April's Free Agency. Miss on drafting an Edge guy in the draft? Go nuts in Free Agency chasing Edge guys. Right now you have to go into Free Agency trying to sign an upgrade at the Wide Receiver position. If you sign one, despite being a deep draft for WRs, you might pass.
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    I pull this all of the time. A sneering, half-informed liberal will make a sarcastic, condescending comment and I pretend that I don't get the sarcasm. Then I marvel that they are stupid enough to think that I'm too stupid to get their joke. Sometimes I confront their statement with a question. Then a follow up. Give me 10 minutes and I can get any pseudo-intellectual to call me a troglodyte. I'm on a small scale; the Aquarian informs all liberals' outlook on life. He's ruling your mind.
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    I’ll fight my battle one at a time. And right now Donald Trump is the enemy. What happened yesterday is an aberration in a direct attack on the constitution and the Justice system. It seems odd that you are not offended by him coming to the defense of a man who lied to Congress, who threatened to kill a politician, and who obstructed the congressional investigation with the aide of a corrupt USAG.
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    I'm guessing it was made before the Super Bowl.
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    I'm shocked that a known liar has lied and done nothing that he has promised to do.
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    Why don't you take something seriously for a change
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    Nor has he erased the deficit, as promised. Nor has he convinced N Korea to Denuclearize. Nor has he brought troops home from the Middle East. Nor has he done most of anything he promised
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    What are you waiting for, Hip? Call Captain Planet!!
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    LOL. Trump literally misunderstood Larry David making fun of him. Trump is not smart. Trump is a fucking joke of a President. Trump is so bad he is making Bush look smart in comparison.
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    Trump didn't attend the White house correspondence dinner where they roast the President. If Trump had a sense of humor like you claim he would have attended. I guess you have reading comprehension issues because my reply was pertinent to what you said. Did you read what I said, guess not. Keep trying.
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    The media, both sides, want Bloomberg vs Trump. It's a win win for the establishment. If Bernie wins, these people start paying taxes like the rest of us.
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    The moderate vote is getting divided 4 ways. That's his path to nomination. You think moderates will vote for trump? Good luck.
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/11/sanders-crushes-trump-18-points-among-independent-voters-new-national-general%3famp Discuss.
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