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    I don't think your layman's version is enough. You've got to go to the dumbed-down version to have any hope. And as for pulling up the Mueller report, is there a dumbed-down version of that? Even that might not be enough. It would have to be the dumbed-down, shortened, altered version of the already dumbed-down version to have any effect, it seems to me. This is the problem with Donald. He's conditioned his fan base to getting their information dumb and simple and easy to digest. That's why "MAGA" and "Mexico's going to pay for the wall" and "It's a witch hunt" and "It's a hoax" and "I'm a stable genius" and "No quid pro quo" and "Just read the transcript" work so well on Donald's sheep. Donald fans, please prove me wrong. You know I love you very, very much, but you're still employing the same discredited talking points and red herrings that Donald and his sly enablers have been feeding you and which they think you're stupid enough to believe. At what point is there an alarm bell and flashing lights going off within you that say, "Wait a minute! Does he really think that I'm THAT stupid and gullible?"
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    Graham Predicts 51 GOP Sens. Will Vote for Testimony from Bidens: Hunter Turned Ukraine into ‘ATM Machine’ Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), while talking to reporters on the sidelines of the Senate impeachment trial, predicted that a majority of Republican senators would likely vote in favor of testimony from former Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and the “whistleblower.” Graham also said Republicans would be interested in hearing from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) official who allegedly worked with Ukraine to interfere in the 2016 election on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Now that Trump’s defense team is finished making its argument to exonerate the U.S. president, Senators will vote on whether they want to hear from additional witnesses. Both Democrats and Republicans will be able to call on witnesses. Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Graham declared on Tuesday: Democrats have dismissed allegations of wrongdoing by the DNC and the Bidens as conspiracies. They have taken the Bidens’ denial that they did nothing wrong at face value. Graham credited Trump’s defense team with laying out a “damning” case against the Bidens’ involvement in Ukraine during the Senate trial on Monday. He noted that there is a “tsunami of evidence” that Hunter Biden serving on the board of directors for Burisma while his father was in charge of U.S. policy towards Ukraine was “inappropriate.” Despite concerns raised by officials from inside and outside the Obama administration, as well as Democrat-allied newspapers, that Burisma was corrupt and Hunter working there could be perceived as a conflict of interest for his father, the former vice president’s son made millions working for the company between 2014 and 2016. Graham told reporters: If they end up calling on witnesses, Republicans will explore whether the activities of the Bidens in Ukraine amount to corruption and conflict of interest, Graham stressed. “We’ll explore that and whether or not there’s any credibility to the idea that the DNC may have been working with the Ukraine [to interfere in the 2016 election on behalf of Hillary Clinton],” he continued. Democrats have been mainly pushing to get testimony from Trump’s former national security advisor John Bolton and White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. New revelations allegedly made in a book by Bolton, expected to be released in March, have pressured some Republicans to indicate they may join Democrats in voting for additional witnesses and evidence. Democrats only need four Republicans to join them to make their wish for more witnesses come true. Citing excerpts from Bolton’s book, the New York Times claims that the former high-ranking Trump official wrote that the U.S. president withheld security aid to pressure Ukraine to investigate corruption allegations against the Bidens. Trump’s defense team and officials from inside and outside the government indicate that the American president’s concerns may have merit. Democrats argue that Trump was trying to benefit politically from a Ukraine investigation into White House hopeful Joe Biden and his son. A “whistleblower” complaint accusing Trump of engaging in a quid pro quo in which he leveraged U.S. aid to push Ukraine to investigate the Bidens and possible U.S. election interference in 2016 triggered the impeachment. The “whistleblower” claimed Trump engaged in the quid pro quo during a July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Trump and Zelensky have denied the allegations.
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    You aren't seriously trying to justify this Biden Ukraine-China no experience employment are you? You AREN"T saying it WASN"T a pay for play scandal, ARE YOU?
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    We'll build a new one once you guarantee us both a Super Bowl in Buffalo AND a Super Bowl win (not the same year) courtesy of your rigged officiating. Thanks Roger.
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    Because Democrats are freaking NUTS! Late term and Post birth abortion. Open borders. MS-13 loves you. Socialism. Also known as "Dumpster Diving In Venezuela." The elimination of the 1st and 2nd Amendments - the Foundation of the Bill of Rights. Democrats are openly carrying their political might to fight against the 2nd Amendment in the State of Virginia. Free college tuition and a driver's license for illegal aliens too. Transgender bathrooms. Proper pronouns...no more He or She. You can get sued in Canada, or sent to jail for saying such things on the internet in England. No more Boys and Girls. These socialist/communist/anarchist people are absolutely out of their Fng minds.
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    How many hours do they let you have computer privileges at the asylum?
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    Remember when Hillary and the DNC claimed their servers were hacked by the Russians? The FBI came in and said, "Hi Hillary, can we investigate those servers?" "NO!" Hilary and the DNC basically told the FBI to go stick it, they had their own company to investigate their "Russian hacked servers." James Comey, then head of the FBI said okay. No prob. Fine with him like a nice pussy cat. Meow. INSTEAD of letting the FBI investigate the democrats alleged "Russian hacked servers," Hillary and the DNC hired CrowdStrike to do the job. CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity tech company created by a guy from... Ukraine. Ukraine is a Soviet satellite state. Hillary and the DNC paid $12 million for the Steele Dossier as admitted by even the New York Times and Washington Post. Christopher Steele is the MI-6 British agent that created a bogus "dossier" that nobody with a sane brain believed. The Steele Dossier (about women peeing on a bed) was used as the PRIMARY source of "evidence" to get a warrant to spy on Carter Page and candidate Trump. President Trump specifically mentioned CrowdStrike in his phone call. As President Trump says, read the transcript.
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    The worst Dr in western NY, wishing people to die. Holy shit
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    Alan Dershowitz essentially said last night that it doesn't matter if more witnesses are called because what the President is accused of is not even remotely considered to be an impeachable offense according to history.
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    No-Experience Biden!! Lol, that's funny, because no rich people have ever gotten their kids jobs they had no experience in. Ever, right?? And how about Trump himself - not only did he have no experience as politician, pretty obvious since he sucks at it, he got his rich and privileged kids jobs THEY had no experience in. He even gave his no-experience son in law the keys to most of his policy making! And you wonder why I think Trump lovers are fucking idiots....
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    Good news. I want to see Bolton, Mulvaney, Joe30330 and Zero Experience Biden testify. This Peach Mint needs more drama. Oh yeah, give us the Pencil Neck and the "Whistle Blower" too! PEACH-A-MANIA!!!!
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    If this is the best they got on Bernie, get used to saying President Sanders! FAKE NEWS!
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    WOW, You're really smart doctor, REALLY smart!
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    Making a point?? Bringing a Duly elected President up on Impeachment charges then purposely distorting evidence of a phone call to the American public is making a point? You're an idiot doctor, a pure useful idiot.
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    Good, I hope Crack head Biden is the very first Witness to expose the Biden and Obama corruption .Next I would love to see Maxine Waters explain to the American people why she called for impeachment the very month TRUMP was sworn in, this would expose that this is simply a political stunt.Hearing from the whistleblower about his 3rd hand knowledge of the call plus his heavy partisan leanings and relationship with Schiff to expose his lies will be fun as well. Just like the Kavanaugh trial Democrats are trying to pile on the crap and see what sticks.Democrats will look more foolish than ever when this is concluded, I'm looking forward to the show. PREDICTION-Trump wins again!
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    Cleveland Browns Assistant General Manager Eliot Wolf, age 37, was let go today as the Browns continue to clean house after firing GM John Dorsey. Eliot's dad is Ron Wolf, the long time Packers GM. Many in NFL circles consider Eliot to be very smart, and knowledgeable football executive. Wolf joined the Packers as a pro personnel assistant in 2004 (age 22 at the time) He became assistant director of pro personnel in 2008 and assistant director of player personnel in 2011. On January 2, 2015, Wolf was promoted to director of player personnel. On March 21, 2016, Wolf was promoted to director-football operations. Wolf was brought to Cleveland in 2018 by John Dorsey. Buffalo does not need a GM, but just like upgrading and enhancing your roster, it doesn't hurt to make selective changes in your scouting and Player Acquisition departments. Joe Schoen is the current assistant GM for the Buffalo Bills.
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    Calm down VWR, no reason to get personal. You don’t know anything about the guy, and You are being a bit of a dick. I know you don’t care, but you can at least leave it alone if you’re not going to apologize.
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    Multi, year-round use doesn't preclude an open air stadium. I still feel the best option would be something like a European Soccer stadium such as Allianz Arena in Munich. Open air, but including covered seating for the fans. Best of both worlds and should be able to be built for a reasonably unreasonable price.
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    Reminder: Here's Hunter Biden who got rich via his father's leveraging of YOUR taxpayer money riding around in his new car. Still feel like defending the Bidens?
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    If the Pegulas are fine with the situation, then the NFL should shut up. Decades ago when a secondary city couldn't get a major league baseball team, they went for a football team as a consolation prize. The NFL is full of these teams, which hailed from various original leagues. The original NFL, AAFC and AFL respectively. Now these teams exist to give the Dallas, Washington, Los Angeles and New York City teams (et al) a league to play in. They'll never hold the value or attract the revenue that the bigger cities will. Who is going to buy all of these luxury suites in the new stadium? Wegmans??
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    This whole thing is ridiculous. Completely partisan.
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    one more reference to an ill person in a mocking manner will get you a months time-out you cant get much more dickish than that. i can take it but im not allowing that kind of gross insensitivity toward other posters on this board go ahead. do it
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    If the evidence on the phone call is distorted, why don't YOU, not anyone else, JUST YOU, want Bolton to testify? He could clear that perfect phone call nonsense right up, couldn't he? But you're afraid, aren't you, you wittle wittle snowflake? If you're not, answer the question. Why not Bolton?
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    Bowman, was that last message for me? Unfortunately it didn't reach me. Please keep trying. I really hate missing your insightful posts. Hopefully you'll be able to get through at some point and I'll be able to go back to enjoying your posts.
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    A guy I think that could be available via trade for a later round pick would be Josh Reynolds from the Rams. He's a solid WR with some size. I'd love to add him to the mix. When all is said and done, I wouldn't mind if our WR room was remade the same way our OL room was...let only Brown and Beasley remain. I'm sick of Roberts and McKenzie...that should be one player doing both of those things....fly sweeps, bubble screens, kick returns. One guy.
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    And then, as usual, there is the comical sight of those goofy, goofy, ridiculous, retarded cult fans standing around like imbeciles with their signs and MAGA hats hanging on every word that this pathetic, inarticulate, corrupt, criminal POS says. I suppose that just about anyone who goes to a political rally of a politician of any party is strange, but you have to be a special kind of strange to go to a Tя☭mp rally.
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    Lol sigh. No. All made up..or..what they are showing you was ,he actually did and it didn't matter. Nothing happened. As I told you, criminal behavior leads to championships. Time for buffalo to draft a coke dealer who beats his wife
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    If witnesses are allowed, this is going to be the Trial of The Century! I'm sure Bill Barr and John Durham are hoping for witnesses to make their jobs much easier.
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    Um He RAPED a girl!!! Guess you all will be teary eyed when Roman Polanski dies also?? Another rich guy who RAPED a girl? Adios rapist #metoounlessitsKobetherapistthenboohoo
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    Noob? You haven’t been around that long either there stretch.
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    Democrats are bluffing. It has already been reported that Chuck U Schumer will not agree to a Bolton for Biden trade on witnesses. Democrats want to call their witnesses, but won't let republicans call their own...just like what they did in the House. Not gonna happen.
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    You have a real job? when did you quit running cable?
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    Let them soak in their complacency. It'll make Nov 4th so much better
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    Where did this latest Leftist jackass come from?
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    Hip Kat watching CNN-MSNBC for the latest Bullshit
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    Ya in LA. My wife works with a lot of makeup brands so she’s kind of runs in similar circles as many that belong to the gay and trans community. Certainly are over-the-top types of people that I despise here in LA but I do know a few trans people that I have no issue having a normal conversation with and sharing a laugh with. What they wish to do with their money and bodies is of no business of mine. My personal feeling that they should have the right to peruse their own happiness so long as it’s not directly harmful to others
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    Oh goodness, more people say something with zero proof, whatever will the courts do?
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    On another forum that I post on, somebody said something about this being politicized and the moderator pointed out that this should be about mourning the death of an athlete. My reply is, how many people died yesterday? How many were murdered? How many were parents and how many were children? Where is the public mourning? I understand that we feel an attachment to somebody that we see and hear about so often but let’s not take things completely out of perspective
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    Yeah but those aren't really Socialist countries, those are Capitalist countries with huge government subsidies and social programs that are now starting to fall under the weight of them. I always say here that Crony Capitalism is the issue and we need to end that to bring a truer system to the masses. Capitalism will not solve every problem that Socialism is SURE to NOT solve any problem.
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    They better....losing patience.
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    The rape shit was made up too. It's a shaming ritual. The price of fame. They were setting you up for this day..because he took helicopters to court, etc
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