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    Well this girl wasn't a hooker. Pretty sure she was working her way through law school 🙂
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    Your body is old. Your soul however? That's another story 😉
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    NY has run up against a $6B deficit, which means..... higher taxes!.... once Cali runs themselves fully out of money, the next wave of taxes will hit and boom, more will leave. The problem is they keep going to good states and take their stupid ideas with them.. I will never understand why people seek refuge and then try to enact the same damn things they were running from.
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    ILLEGAL immigration. Why is that first word so foreign to the news media? Those two words are never used together. Agenda? Oh yes.
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    Give Allen a healthy and primed Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods, Chris Hogan and Marquise Goodwin and then talk to me.
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    John Candy on drums is the best
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    Steve Tasker on WGR right now: “We have guys running wide open and Josh either isn’t seeing them or is missing the mark.” wE nEeD a WiDe ReCeIvEr
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    Don't fool yourself, Sack. You should be out in the streets wallowing in your own shit, needles and piss jugs. Get your head together!
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    Every NFL QB's misses open WR's from time to time. Every NFL QB's has to deal with WR's dropping balls from time to time. Allen needs to hit more open WR's but he isn't sitting in clean pockets every time he misses a WR. He had bad statistical games versus Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and New England because they are all great defense that get pressure and hits on QB's and even great offenses have bad days versus those defenses. Allen will improve at hitting open WR's the more experience he gets facing defenses running variable overages and blitz packages. Allen has made improvement from year 1 to year 2. And he will make improvements from year 2 to year 3. In order to set him up for success you surround him with better talent than Isaiah McKenzie at WR.
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    Does this rationale apply to qbs as well in your realm?
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    It’s sad when I’m the voice of moderation around here... The haters on Allen are just as bad as the Allen homers sifting through stats to fit their narrative. All I know is the Bills, with no real star power, are in the fucking playoffs...again.
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    Spilling beer at the continental was never an issue
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    You’re right about that. I have to work on that
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    So how could there possibly be a subpoena? And if there is no legal Subpoena, how can their be any issue with obstruction of Congress? The "witnesses" have every right to hear from Trump as much as they do Schiff. In fact if its not a legal issue, how would their be a crime? If their is no crime, how could there be high crimes? If in fact you know what you are talking about, the entire idea of Impeachment is out the window.
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    Okay, now I’m jealous, you do know I’m married for 42 years right?
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    Allen is a winner??? Exactly who the hell has he beaten? It's no secret that the Bills haven't beaten anyone all season long except for the NFLs worst teams week after week.
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    That would have been awesome. But you know there had to have been that one guy who complained. Hey! You made me spill my beer! Go stand over there ...
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    Well no, I'm saying "our receivers cannot properly contest 50/50 balls because they are not lengthy". I agree with you that Josh needs to recognize open guys and hit them better. But I feel like it's easier to get a decent WR than restart the entire QB process at this point. We aren't going to have a top pick and would need to mortgage our future to have a shot at one. But to be clear I still believe in Allen.
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    Oh I missed it. Sean McD is the better coach right now.
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    I think y'all are forgetting that fatass is Individual-1, the unindicted co-conspirator (& felon) with Michael Cohen, who is currently sitting in jail. same guy who was barred from every having a charity again because he looted his for his own personal benefit. president crime spree is just that.
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    A summary of the transcript, which only provided once it was revealed that it had been hidden Anna secret server used only for Secret documents. I love how your side keeps talking about wanting him out since he was elected. Well no shit! He’s been corrupt the entire time, and they waited til he fucked up to go after him. The no crimes thing is laughable. He was impeached for a reason
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    You’re getting a big plus one for that jamsim! 👍
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    Now I’m getting all nostalgic, thanks guys!
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    New England's second drive was 7:26, their third was 8:58. That's more than one quarter on those two possessions. In between those was a 6-play 2:48 drive by Buffalo. The majority of the gassing to the D was on those two drives; remaining NE 1st half drives - 2:29, 1:48, and :35. They only had 5 total drives that half, one was at the end. The Buffalo defense was not being called on the field constantly; they couldn't get off the field for an entire quarter. That was my point. Yes the six play drive didn't help; but I witnessed a defense that couldn't get off the field. So, I have proven my. correctness.
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    I saw Elton in his heyday, at the Ralph in 1976, Boz Scaggs opening. Rained the whole time.
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    I had older brothers and sisters who played what I thought was this song, but it was really Beach Baby. Which was also pretty bad, but better than that song. The funny thing, "Beach Baby" was written by a couple of English guys, and the band that toured was not even the band (including the singer) that played in the studio. Ah yes, the music business. The band was like, "we want to make a lot of money off this song, but we don't want to do any heavy lifting." And some unscrupulous ass hole said "I think I can help you out." And the rest is history. lol.
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    Only because the Jets can suck harder than the Bills at virtually everything, I'd bet the Bills to take the game.
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    Do you remember this mug? I wasn’t a regular there, but hung out there in the mid 90’s. (I’ll look for better pic, I always took them)
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    Once record companies, and producers get a hold of a band or musician all freedom goes out the window. You sit down, shut up and do as you're told. If you love the idea of making your own music, then independent is the way to go. Also, you can tell when a certain style of music has run it's course, when they start using it in commercials I seriously doubt there's ever been any freedom. Maybe early on a little more, but pretty sure it's always been controlled
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    Agree as far as that first paragraph.
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    Apparently not enough. People still think this is a WR problem.
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    And fuck you getting to go to that show, you lucky bastard. Did you see that I posted it in the favorite music thread?
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    I've said the the same thing ... I like what I like And top 40 has never been a part of what I like
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    This is true. No person is required to do anything. But, if you had information that would clear you of your persecution, would you use it? So is he holding back incriminating information or information that clears him?
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    Everyone feels they have great taste in music. Music is far too subjective to quantify a definitive answer as to who has "great taste" in music. I don't like a lot of the songs posted in this thread, does that make my taste in music great and the posters of the music bad? Of course not. Listen to what YOU like, not what the mainstream tells you to like.
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    I'm old school and THIS is the only Bills jacket to own!
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    The Continental was an epic venue. So many great shows there including the Goo Goo Dolls ‘Livin in a hut days’. Can’t listen now but back then there were some epic shows. Too much prepackaged music these days when it comes to live shows. Not enough unscripted moments that made a live show different than the next one.
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    John Valby is one of my all time favorites. Merry Christmas.
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    Agreed!! I was stout in taking this postition before the season even started, and the same with last season. I woudn't mind 2 of the top 3 picks(Including the 1st) going to the OL, even though it's not the sexy position folks like SeanDelevan and even myself have been longing for. This season's hole as an extension of the gaping hole Beane left the season before, in which folks noted we EXCEEDED expectations to get to 6-10, for the abysmal level of talent we had. That's sad very sad. Set the foundation now like the Cowboys did years ago. It doesn't have to be Rex's Ground n' Pound, but it sure is nice to have that ability when you need to, not to mention for Josh to have the kind of time Brady was bragging about having in the tweet where Sean said he mocked the Bills. Beane, I won't call your performance fine, unless you draft some quality O line.
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    Which screams that it's total bullshit. Lol all these coaches worked under, his system . Yet can't beat him for 20 years? So fake. So stupid. Copycat league..but no one can figure him out? Lol, so dumb.
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