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    The mantra of “for ONLY the second time in 20 years” or “for only the second time since the 90s” or “for only only the second time this century” since Sunday night after the Bills the clinched a playoff spot. is this something the media will just keep spinning like the obligatory shots of wings and the falls during games? I mean if they make it next year will it be “for only the third time this century....” etc or after that “for only the 4th time this century”... yeah we get it. Shut the fuck up. Time to get new material assholes.
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    So, hurt it a little more...then bring on the Fitzmagic in week 17! Take care of the Jests and voila!
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    Covered with anthrax(or possibly something somewhat less deadly).
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    I hate it too but it's better than the "Bills haven't beaten anyone good this year" we had been hearing for most of the season.
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    We're about to kick his shit in Saturday. Last 7 weeks he is 29th in any stat that measures QB competence. Completions %, Y/A, Y/C etc. If you take out Week 1 vs the Steelers, he has been atrocious vs anything resembling a halfway real team ie Philly, Dallas, Baltimore, Houston, Buffalo. He sucked dick vs Cincy last week. He feasted on the same scrubs we racked wins against. 23-13 Bills I'd be fine with the fucking Tebow offense this week. Bring the fucking wishbone and run it 60 times. If we don't turn it over on the wrong side of the field, win field position, and don't get annihilated on special teams there's no way that water pistol offense can consistently move the ball on this defense without tremendous aid from the refs.
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    Yeah that drought shit is over. This team might not be a legit Super Bowl contender right now, and it's going to be tough to be with Mahomes, Lamar and Watson all in the conference, but this is a legitimate playoff team. The Josh Allen scepticism isn't going anywhere though. This is a Super Bowl caliber defense. The window is open right now. If Josh shows up like he has vs Baltimore, Pittsburgh and New England any chance of a real playoff run isn't possible. If he's completing 50% of his balls for 150 yards a game he needs to be making a ton of plays with his legs. What he has done the last two weeks isn't cutting it come playoff time.
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    playoff-bound world problems... Be thankful they're being discussed at all in mid-December.
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    It could be somewhat related to that mega expensive complex or whatever the Pegulas built.....that people were wondering why it wasn't helping with the TON of pre-season injuries. That's another thing...the lack of injuries has been brought up here and elsewhere a bunch, and in the preseason Joe Buscaglia said the OL, etc was the most banged up he had ever seen it in his years covering the Bills. Has anyone before this pointed out the contrast of going from nearly one exteme to the other from the preseason to the regular season?
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    Or this one... "Hurr durr, McDermott is coming back to Carolina!"
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    If I'm him I'm leaving fake play sheets all over the hotel rooms this weekend.
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    No they didn’t. They drafted good players and built a playoff team. That is the complete opposite of a Rex/Whaley.
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    LOL Didn’t Lit and I Call Beasley? I'm not sure. You have both said so many negative things that if I went to the "Negative Comments" search mode I would be days looking for it.
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    Word. If I see another blocked punt this Saturday I'm going to lose my mind.
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    Ok fuctard...whatever you say....how is that you can be vaguely right about anything and never wrong....Henry Rollins said it best " cause you' re a liar" so whimsically find some other BS to grasp at....
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    I haven’t waited 5 years I’ve posted every year that he wasn’t a bust and that you were and are wrong. I just like to show it to everyone.
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    I would just say in your examples, Josh was still good, clutch in the 4th against Pit and even in the Bal game, we were one pass from tying. i know what you are saying, but the crazy hero ball of the first Pats game has not shown itself again since. There is work to be done, but I really feel that in an away game, the mentality might be slightly different. Not trying to appease fans but stick to a plan that will win the game. As long as Josh doesn’t go out and lose this game with reckless play, there is a real good chance to come away with some wins down the line.
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    People love looking at the past when talking about the present.
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    True. Better talent. However, QBs today are untouchable. Watch old NFL films of Joe Namath and others getting killed by d lineman. Today’s defenses cannot touch the QB or hit a receiver w/o getting flagged, fined, suspended. Brady has been even more untouchable than the average QB in this era of the QB. Now add the documented cheating and at least you raise the concern. Would Brady have had a great career w/o Patriot cheating and owning refs? Yes. Would it have been this dominant? No Under the same circumstances, somebody like Drew Brees would have matched Brady’s accomplishments. You cannot ignore the Patriot cheating just as you can’t ignore the Sammy Sosa Mark McGuire cheating in baseball. Sammy Sosa and Nark McGuire will never be considered goats.
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    Marino is the best because he was doing it when it was a run heavy league. This league is now built to throw the ball. Marino did it when the defenders could contact wrs. Marino made shitty wr took great.
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    ALL discounted due to the cheating. Put him on any other team and he's Rich Gannon.
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    Nah. When your team has been caught cheating 3 different times you can't be the GOAT. If the cheating hadn't happened for sure. But its a FACT that they did it so no go on the GOATness status for the whinny girl.
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    I took 3-1 odds for 8.5 wins on July 4th weekend. I'll redeem my $225 at Del Lago when I'm back in NY.
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    Goodness gracious... 1st all-time in Wins 1st all-time overall record 1st all-time in Division wins 1st all-time in home game record 1st all-time in December wins 1st all-time in interconference wins 1st all-time with four or more touchdowns and no interceptions 1st all-time in passing yards for a season 1st all-time in touchdown-to-interception ratio 1st all-time in NFL Player of the Week awards 1st all-time in Super Bowl appearances 1st all-time in Super Bowl wins 1st all-time in Super Bowl MVPs 1st all-time in yards in a single SB game 1st all-time in AFC Championship appearances 1st all-time in AFC Championship wins 1st all-time in Playoff TD's 1st all-time in Playoff Wins 1st all-time in SB yards 1st all-time in SB TD's 1st all-time in Super Bowl comebacks 2nd all-time in yards (only 2,000 yards from being #1 all-time) 3rd all-time in TD's (only 3 TD's from being #1 all-time) 2nd all-time in comebacks (only 10 from being #1 all-time) There is literally no debate. Brady is the GOAT and by a large margin.
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    Bro your schtick is fucking hooey. Hyperbolic generalizations....fluff no substance of any kind. You once stated you are out in Salem Oregon. Damn if all yuh our bullshit doesn't come into focus now having known where you hail from. Nonetheless I hear the twilight zone theme song whenever I read your hyperbolic bullshit.
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    I too am annoyed by this repeated only 2nd time.....
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    They aren't going to humiliate Brady in Foxborough. They may win, but at this point Brady is humiliating himself.
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    I haven't read the article yet, but Tre's playful Snow Bowl(RIP Shady) dance vs Gilmore's face when we drafted him tells me all I need to know about the character of each man. Tre is also younger, and I don't recall Gilmore impressing me that much at that point in his career. Tre is doing what Gil**** should have done when he was here.
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    Exactly. As Bills fans we are so use to shitty play that normal to decent play seems phenomenal to some fans.
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    I'd take the win vs the Pats. Only because the hype would be enormous, and I think would carry more hype into next year. Narrative would be we are just 1 year away. Won in Foxborough late in the year, changing of the guard etc etc In this scenario we would lose to New England, they get a bye and we would then lose to NE in the playoffs. That makes NE our undisputed Daddy. I don't assume a long playoff march. Getting knocked out by the Pats is worse case scenseio.
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    Beating the Pats might stop them from having a bye. Since I don’t think we are winning everything, I’d like to see them suffer and have to play at least one extra playoff game (assuming they don’t lose out first round!). Anything can happen in a playoff game, so if we lose I will not be soul crushed. But if we help get the Pats on the golf course early, that works for me. Also.... I don’t want them in the SB four times in a row. it’s not possible for us to play them in round 1 so, If we help stop that by crushing them in NE, excellent... It also gives them a preview of how things in the AFCE are evolving and for them, it’s... ...Bad things man, bad things!
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    I know I'm the outlier here but given the choice between humiliating that fag team or getting one playoff win I'd rather we make Patriots nation cry salty tears in a huge blowout.
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    Even though he LEADS THE LEAGUE in comebacks and game winning drives in the 4th qtr. Buffalo has had QBs over the years with all the measurables, all the talent and skill the position could ask, but they didn't have that ever-elusive "It." Allen has most of those measurables, and admittedly isn't as string in some of them, but he definitely has that "It-factor." Like Phil Simms said after the Cowboys game, "Josh Allen is not a perfect QB, but he is the perfect QB for the Bills." Lebatard sounds like he should make a lateral move to film critic or feel good pieces... or bumper stickers.
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    This week will be interesting. If the Bills win, the haters (myself included) have to shut up and believe. If they get bitch slapped, then we know the playoff run is going to be a short one. If Allen is a good QB, this team can hang with almost anyone, if he plays like he did when they played the Pats the first time.. its over. Just as I said all offseason, this team goes as far as Allen can take them. I sure as hell didn't see 80% of the league crumbling the way they have. The record is inflated, but they are an above average team that has flashes that could be enough to advance. When it all shakes out, they are in playoffs and anything can happen. They have been a play or 2 away from every game this year, including the Pats and Ravens, any given Sunday they could get by them, so theres a chance to make some noise in the playoffs, albeit a slight one.
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    LeRetard is a former dolphins writer. What do you expect
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    I just want to beat the Patriots next weekend. In Foxboro. After that, I will be happy anyone we play in the playoffs.
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    Its any given sunday for him. Who knows Gilmore causes a fumble the boy might just take it back. That happens, its game over and the Patriots are done.
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    Yes, I would love it if the Bills could be the team that stops the Patriots from getting to 4 consecutive superbowls....
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    I love Jordan Phillips' personality. Glad Beane/HCSM pulled a Rex/Whaley and got this outcast and gave him a chance. The mocking of Ezekiel Elliot was epic! Actually, so was this. Despite his comedy/mockery ability, this seems to prove the guy is a team player who enjoys this organization. Might speak well to future free agents. I was about to give Lit another "like" for the tweet, but was hesitant to endorse the title, lol.
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    Pass was high. CB should have caught it. It can be both.
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    I never said I'm never wrong. I'm absolutely right about this though. And I'll be right when I say Rams will be in next year's SB. I'll be right when I say Lakers win this years final. 2013, 49ers in SB vs Ravens. 2014 open Levis stadium. SF Giants- open new stadium I'm 2000, In world series 2 years later. Also they were in 3 WS series between 2010- 2014 while Niners stadium was built. Just like Dodgers going to two world series in a row while Rams stadium is built. = they coincide profits for region when building stadiums. The fact is ,Henry would agree with me. He understands corporate America and its power.
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