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    I got a feeling you lived in your parents basement till 30 and only eat microwaveable meals 😂😂😂
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    But you do scour the net at all hours of the day to find gems like this day after day. Some would perceive this as an extreme bias...just sayin....
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    Youd be the FIRST yahoo on here KILLING McDermott if he did that and it didnt work out....who are you kidding?
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    Play not to lose is the Bills game plan all season long. Why would they change it?
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    If I donate 2 can I get health care for my wife?
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    N.Y. State of Health may soon exchange healthcare for kidneys One good deed deserves another, at least according to New York State Sen. James Skoufis. In a bid to encourage an increase in altruism, Skoufis, D-39, introduced a bill in early November to provide lifetime healthcare through the state's insurance exchange to anyone in the state who donates a kidney. “People are dying every day waiting for a kidney transplant, and New York’s waitlist for kidney donations is the third longest in the country,” Skoufis said. “There is a disproportionately low number of people who are live kidney donors and overwhelming demand for donations in our state.” According to Skoufis’ office, there are more than 8,000 people in New York State currently waiting for a kidney transplant and only 347 people have served as living kidney donors through the first 10 months of this year. “Clearly, additional, reasonable incentives are required to encourage people to make such an altruistic sacrifice,” Skoufis said. “People who are selfless enough to donate a kidney should be provided with the peace of mind that they will never have to worry about health insurance." According to the National Kidney Foundation, one healthy kidney can work as well as two, as testing has shown that a transplanted kidney can increase in size and function to compensate. Although kidneys are the most common of organs donated by a living donor, a lung or part of a lung, part of the pancreas, part of the intestines or one of the liver lobes can be donated as well, according to HHS. Ideal candidates for kidney donation should be in good overall physical and mental health and 18 years of age and older, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing. UNOS is the private, non-profit organization that manages the nation’s organ transplant system under contract with the federal government. According to Skoufis, the healthcare plan would be a gold level plan in the New York State of Health marketplace, with premiums paid for life by the state. “I think a big hang-up preventing people from donating is the assumption that if something happens to their health, their insurance company might not cover the costs because they had this elective surgery,” he said. “This bill covers donors for life so that they never have to worry about their insurance company penalizing them for making this selfless, life-saving decision.” In New Jersey, there are approximately 2,300 people waiting on the transplant list for a kidney according to HHS. New Jersey state Sen. Steven Oroho, R-24, said that, while he appreciates the general intent of the bill, he is worried about potential ethical issues. “You start to get into some of the same ethical issues as ‘body parts for sale,’” he said. “You’re essentially placing a monetary value on a body part donation.” For fellow New Jersey state Sen. Joseph Pennacchio, R-26, the main problem with the bill is the question of cost. “Who would pay for it?” he said. The program will be funded through a newly-authorized kidney donor insurance fund that will be established within the budget process, Skoufis said. Although the costs associated with the new fund are projected to be substantially lower than the expenses associated with dialysis required for people on the transplant list, the bill still requires fiscal analysis, Skoufis’ office said. In a position statement, Dr. John P. Roberts, of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons, said there is little fear that offering health insurance to altruistic kidney donors will lead to an increase in donations by the desperate or economically disadvantaged. “This seems unlikely as the insurance is of little value to anyone other than the donor, so it would have no market value,” Roberts said. “One could imagine that someone who is employed could benefit from not having to enroll in a corporate insurance program and save a few thousand dollars per year, but this is hardly enough for those desperate for the quick buck or the economically disadvantaged.” The ASTS would like to see a bill introduced in congress that would provide lifetime Medicare coverage for living kidney donors. Skoufis said he had no concerns about the proposed legislation being misused by people looking for free health insurance. “If people take advantage of this, it means that more people are donating kidneys, showing that the program is doing exactly what it's designed to do,” he said. The Assembly version of the proposed legislation is being sponsored by New York State Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara, D-11, Skoufis said. Currently in committee, the bill will take effect immediately if signed into law and will apply to all altruistic kidney donations.
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    Not a bad deal, IMO. The only thing that makes me feel uneasy is the fact that its offered in New York. I don't trust them to keep up their end of the bargain.
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    Anyone that thinks Hodges is better than Allen is a retard and for anyone that pays attention to my posts....I have a strong dislike for Josh Allen.
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    Also worried more about Conner but not having juju in there helps them keep focused more on Conner.
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    I like Allen. I'm certainly in the group that defends him and sees progress. However, we lost to the Ravens because of him. Same thing against the Patriots. It's absolutely his next step...beating good teams...and he has two weeks in a row to do it. This pass to Brown was terrible and there are no excuses for it. If people want to say that Allen thought Brown was going to take it down the middle, I don't buy it. See it, throw it. It's NOT complicated. It's a throw Allen has made 1,000,000 times in his life starting when he was 8 years old in his back yard in that it is simply throwing a deep pass to a wide open guy. I don't know what the problem could possibly be. It has got to be in his head at this point. The good news is that if he ends up hitting a couple of these, we can really take off and do some damage. The bad news is, I'm having a hard time picturing him doing it. Either way, they need to keep dialing these plays up because the design and the WRs are making it work.
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    I don't think that this will be a close low scoring game. Either we ass rape the fuck out of them with no lube or vice versa. Score is 44 - 6 Steelers or Bills.
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    and for what? all in order to push a biased to the point of lying narrative that does nothing but hurt the collective
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    Yeah, I'm bracing for this as well. The Bills came through on Thanksgiving though so that gives me just a touch of hope. But this has defensive let down written all over it. On paper, the Steelers shouldn't be able to move the ball at all. They have a pop-gun passing offense and our defense should smother them. But we've seen this before. I said it in another thread but I'll repeat it here. If the Josh Allen who played against Dallas shows up, we win the game. If the Allen from the Ravens game shows up, we lose.
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    Brown is literally a burner. His nickname is "smoke" because he burns people deep. Allen just never hits him when he's open deep.
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    So far Duck has not faced a defense like ours so we'll see how good he is tomorrow night.
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    This wasn't hard to find. It's all over Twitter, Bills' beat reporters even retweeted it. Lit already pulled a Seandelevan and called game for the Bills on Monday or Tuesday.
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    And I say Bilks win because it's more interesting keeping Browns alive 20-16, Maybe 17-16
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    You just can't stop, can you? You might need medication
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    Early and often Sunday night. There's going to be a lot of Daboll hate to start this game. McD and Daboll are going to play this one close to the vest in the first half. A turnover on the wrong side of the field could decide this game ala New England and Baltimore. McD is going to trust the defense to win field position and bet Duck Hodges won't be able to scrape together long marching touchdown drives. Expect a lot of Motor, some McKenzie jet sweep action and for the first time all year Daboll goes to the screen game early. Dupree and Watt get upfield as good as any duo when it comes to getting up field and getting pressure. They're going to take some pressure of Josh early and hope they get some simple underneath stuff to pop.
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    Laughed out loud when Dan Lebatard mentioned this on his show today saying "that's the closest they got to him all night"
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    Sure JA should be called out here and there......goes with the territory with QB's at times but i hope McDermott calls out Daboll himself....guy just regresses to his shitty playcalling like its a natural instinct with this guy....
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    Wonder if Gase got himself a signed jersey
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    That's why they're the Jets
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    Now back to being serious, there are a few things in there that I have a hard time wrapping my head around. The previous administration in the Ukraine was considered by many other countries to be the third most corrupt government on the planet. Donald Trump had no problem giving them their military aid in 2017 and 2018. A regime that was so corrupt that the Obama administration as a whole had a policy of trying to get them all removed from office. Including their prosecutor. Which was the reason that Joe Biden told him they weren’t getting their billion dollars. in 2019, the new administration then promised to not be corrupt and who had done everything to institute programs to fight corruption and it was promising and proving to be anything but corrupt didn’t get their military aid because Donald Trump wanted to make sure that they weren’t corrupt. Somebody explain that to me. How many conditions to Donald Trump put on the Ukrainian president to get a meeting? Two. How many conditions to be put on 16 phone calls and meetings with Vladimir Putin? Zero And of course, the biggest question, by withholding that military noon, who did Donald Trump help the most? Vladimir Putin. One other thing, his representative Collins had been laughing and smirking while I was addressing him, making the same kind of a profound statement, I would’ve stopped and stood up and let him know exactly how long he had to get that fucking smirk off his face
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    Absolutely the most honest and graceful president in my lifetime (I guess that's not saying much though).
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    Pretty darn accurate. I'd take Romney over Obammy, but that's about it. Lately he gets worse and worse.
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    It will be nice to see Daboll call some play action passes and screen passes and hopefully some trick plays like flea flicker, WR reverse pass, etc, to break tendencies and not make Buffalo's offense so predictable.
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    Daboll had 10 day to prepare a game plan for Baltimore knowing they run an aggressive blitz heavy defense and failed his job. Daboll is trying to make excuses for his bad playcalling, bad preparations, bad game planning and bad in game adjustments.
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    I'm not arguing against what you're saying, but you really should start posting videos or gifs. The context I'm seeing on the first image is 3 white jerseys about to decimate our QB. You say this is 2.87 seconds after the snap but I have no context as to what was going on for the 2.7 seconds prior to this frame.
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    27, good for 2nd most in the league, and 1st in drop rate at 6.8%
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    That maybe so but that doesn't change the fact that Lit does look for articles to confirm his biases....often he just posts them without any self injection....
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