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    I just cut and pasted the choice bits about the Bills for your reading pleasure. FMIA Week 13: Featuring a Duck and a Darkhorse, Playoff Picture Fills Out The Bills are probably playoff-safe, but they’re about to be severely tested. Next three foes: Baltimore, at Pittsburgh, at New England. Nothing’s a gimme for the Patriots now, but it’ll be tough for Buffalo to win the division with New England having Cincinnati and Miami (at home, Week 17) on the docket. • The Bills will win a playoff game in January. (One asterisk: As long as game one is not in Kansas City.) Three plays made me a Bills believer Thursday in Dallas, two consecutively late in the first half. 1. On fourth-and-one at the Dallas 30, Josh Allen took the snap and fumbled immediately; there was a scramble for the ball, and Allen, more eager than the Cowboys in the scrum, picked it up and scrapped and fought for three yards. First down. 2. Next play: Allen under center … wideouts John Brown and Andre Roberts split right … John Brown in motion, from right to left, gets set wide right … ball snapped under center to Allen as Roberts goes in motion to the left. Allen flips to Roberts … Brown comes back in motion to the right, and Roberts tosses to him, and Brown runs right, pausing at his 38 … Seven Cowboys in or near the box … Brown threw 31 yards in the air to a totally uncovered Devin Singletary, a strike. “Look at that throw—perfect spiral!” Tony Romo said on CBS. This was Brown’s first pass attempt in nine collegiate and NFL seasons. A perfecto. THANKSGIVING TRICKERY! John Brown's first NFL pass goes for SIX to @motorsingletary! #GoBills 📺: #BUFvsDAL on CBS 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app Watch free on mobile: https://t.co/EutPg1XriR pic.twitter.com/J9b1YzilUQ — NFL (@NFL) November 28, 2019 3. Third play: Allen, from the Dallas 15 late in the third quarter, running around right end toward the end zone, one man (Dallas safety Xavier Woods) to beat—and John Brown, all 176 pounds of him, eliminates Woods, finishing the block at the goal line by wrestling Woods to the ground. Three plays. The personality of this Bills team. A quarterback who’s a fighter, role players who do what’s asked even if it’s not their forte, imaginative coaches. All buttressed by a punishing defensive front that was gashed a bit too often against Dallas but still shows signs of being a January competitor. John Brown. Three years, three teams (Arizona, Baltimore, Buffalo.) “Great example of our guys: well-coached, fundamentally sound and we coach the fundamentals every day, and he buys into everything we ask,” coach Sean McDermott told me. “We tried getting him last year, and he chose Baltimore, and we went after his again this year. I’d be lying if we said we knew everything about him. You wonder why he goes to a team here, team there, and he never stays in one place. We’re glad he came to us—he’s so good for us.” The pass, though. He’d never thrown a pass before, I told McDermott. “It was one day in training camp,” McDermott said. “you know, you’ve got a lot of practices, you want to check some boxes, We thought, Let’s see who can throw it. Give the credit to [offensive coordinator] Brian Daboll. He comes to me after he has all his guys throwing the ball and he says, ‘Hey, John throws it pretty good.’ We think maybe he could do it. So the last maybe five weeks, we’ve been practicing it, waiting for the right time to run it. It’s a good gadget to have. Today, we said let’s trust these guys—they can do it.” The block, though. He’s never been known for blocking, I told McDermott. “That’s him,” McDermott said. “I know John’s been overshadowed by other guys who get more attention, but this is a great example of who he is. He fits Buffalo. He fits who we are. We ask all our guys to block in situations like that. He’s like our guys: unselfish, loves to work, loves football, does what it takes.” I’m not sure if I touched a nerve with McDermott. This was just a short, seven-minute conversation, him on the airplane at DFW waiting to fly back home. But I asked him what he was thinking as he walked off the field after his team handled the Cowboys, with 90,445 watching, on national TV, in a game the Cowboys had to have, to advance the Bills to a totally unlikely 9-3, a little-engine-that-could team still breathing on the Patriots’ necks. He sounded a little emotional. Yes, this was a very good day for a coaching lifer. “As we walked off the field?” McDermott said. “I was just grateful. I am a man of faith. I am blessed to be in Buffalo. We’re building something special. It’s humbling to be a part of it, for all of us.” On Frank Gore. From Chris Anderson, of Virginia: “Frank Gore has no doubt had a wonderful career. Third all-time on the career rushing list, consummate professional, tremendous longevity. My question: Is he a Hall of Famer? I don’t know if at any point of his career he was considered one of the top rushers in the league and he was never part of an iconic team.” Gore’s a bit of a conundrum. He’s an absolute outlier in NFL history, a guy who, as you say, was never considered the best or second-best back but had a valiant and incredibly productive career after both knees and both shoulders had been reconstructed. By the way, he was considered elite in 2006, when he was third in rushing with 1,695 yards and a league-best (for rushers with at least 200 carries) 5.4 yards per rush. The Hall of Fame doesn’t have specific qualifications at any position. But I do think there is a place in the Hall for a player who, from 2006-16, his 11 prime seasons, averaged: 1,132 rushing yards per season. 4.4 yards per rush. 15.1 games per year. That doesn’t count the 110-yard rushing game he had against the Ravens in the Super Bowl. Last point: After Gore at three, the next nine backs on the all-time rushing list are either in the Hall of Fame or, in the case of number six Adrian Peterson, a lock to make it. I think Gore has done enough, but it’ll be up to the 48 voters in 2026 or so to decide if they think he has. 6. I think the Jets will regret passing on Ed Oliver for Quinnen Williams in the top 10 of the 2019 NFL Draft. If they’re being honest, they already do.
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    Who are you and what have you done with Lit? I'm not complaining, mind you, just curious.
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    Next week Bills need to beat Baltimore NE needs to lose to KC If those two things happen, Bills just need to take care of business in Pittsburgh and they could be playing NE for the Division championship on December 21st.
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    McD’s lack of aggressiveness is one of my only sticking points with him. Today, with the game tied, the Broncos had the ball and they were backed up at their own 28 yard line. There was only 14 seconds left. Announcer thought they would kneel it and go to overtime. Then they line up with 3-4 WR’s in a spread formation. Announcer is is surprised, but there is a RB next to the QB ... so maybe a delayed handoff? They snap the ball ... no draw play. Instead, their rookie QB in his first game ever, heaves the ball down the sidelines, on target, to their speeding receiver, who gets interfered with, flag thrown, and they get to kick the game winning FG from that spot. Broncos win. McD would have kneeled that over and over and over and over again in every simulation. I just want SOME aggressiveness out of him.
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    Are. You. Serious? The NY Times... the same newspaper that has been propaganda going all the way back to the early 1900's? It's clear to me that you have no concept of history. But hey let's talk about those awards. How about the award that Walter Duranty got for his top notch reporting, a Pultizer Prize, that denied th famine perpetrated by Stalin in the Ukraine where millions died of starvation (since we like talking about them at the moment)? Or how about the NY Times reporting on the "Business Plot" where some of the captains of industry conspired to pull a coup on Roosevelt and tried to recruit a Marine General to help? Oh right, they never reported on that. Now you've pissed me off, don't you ever tell me that some fucking award gives credence to any news organization especially when that award is given by the very scumbags complicit in misleading the American public. Shame on you. Shame. On. You! The NY Times, get fucking real.
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    LOL. I had to look it up. 1 ZWD = 0.00276319 USD
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    It IS kind of freaky. Especially Lit's complete 180. I keep waiting for the "you suckers" thread from him. And Sean... it's just weird.
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    Way too much positivity on this board of late. Someone must be negative until the Bills prove us wrong. They have 4 chances to prove me wrong and I would absolutely love to eat some crow with a nice slice of humble pie. I just don't see it.
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    I will give you 100 Zimbabwean Dollars.
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    Yeah if we beat Baltimore and KC takes care of New England it's going to be fucking nuts. Bills as the #1 seed would be fucking hilarious with Watson, Brady, Mahomes and Lamar sucking fucking Buffslo pipe.
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    Simple Scenario: Pats lose to KC this week, Bills win out. We would be the #1 seed because we would have the head to head tie breaker with Baltimore and Pats finish at 12 -4. Let's do it!
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    are you kidding me? later they called hughes for UR on a tackle that was far less egregious on a qb that dove forward
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    Sean I'm starting to worry about this upbeat almost cheery disposition!
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    When are you gonna change the Bills record in the Playoff Race Widget?
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    No...but every asshole Allen basher who SUDDENLY said, "hmm he might be good" after assfucking the cowgirls, are nothing more than bandwagon cunts... 9-3 haters Leaves us fans to enjoy the season while your constant bashing of the team proves you both wrong and not fan. 9-3!!!!
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    That one drive.... that took up MOST of the 3rd quarter...like a 9 minute drive. Allen controlling the offense with the poise of a 10 year veteran....fucking clutch. Another clutch moment on that drive....when he was scrambling rolling right....looks like he was going to run for the first down...which he probably would have got...but in the process would have been fucking drilled by three cowboys, instead drilled it to foster for a first and then some....I think was his best low key play of the game.
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    Simple scenario. Two things need to happen: 1) Bills Win 2) Raiders Lose Those two things happen and the Bills will clinch a playoff spot with a staggering 3 games remaining! Steelers, Patriots and Jets game would only matter for seeding. EDIT: This changed with Houston's upset win against NE last night.
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    I’m so used to Allen that whenever I watch other QB’s not spin out of sacks or run for first downs, i’m so confused lol. ”just go!!!”
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    Most of what he wants to get done is being held up by your heroes in the House like the USMCA which has been sitting there for, ohhhh... over 400 days. I'm sure you'll dispute anything that Trump has done so I'm not really interested in the debate personally. Here's another Trump tweet for you: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1201499577645449216 And it looks like Nadler isn't consistent. https://youtu.be/QdU_dO_wXE4
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    Not being funny but if they seriously defeat the ravens.....we should all start thinking fucking Super Bowl.
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    Playoffs = playing with house money. We get beyond the wildcard and get our first playoff win since I was in 7th grade then any negativity is preposterous at best.
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    holy crap that is impressive. Those two teams lose so much and you followed them to know when to predict they would play good games on same day. Wow. Nice.
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    LOL. Come on, guy. The Senate ain't convicting. More wishing and hoping. Carry on. High comedy.
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    This isn't 2017 when we lucked into the playoffs with a tea bagger QB. We are a legitimate threat to end up in the AFC Championship game. Team reminds me a bit of the '87 & '88 teams, just on the cusp but not quite there. Bright future for the first time in ages.
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    After watching NE last night... I dont know.
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    And it's buried in a funding bill, everyone who pays attention already knows about it. I think they want to sneak it in before the IG report drops which will be critical of those agencies.
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    You said Browns would win today, I told you they would lose. Therefore, your predictions are no longer valid.
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    McDermott is known for what I call “fake aggressiveness”. Trying to draw teams on 4th and short bullshit.
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    If the defense doesn't panic, stays in their lanes and keeps Lamar in the pocket ... they can win it. Also, need to be able to run it down their throats
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    They've won 8 in a row, they're due for a loss. Why not Buffalo?
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    You should pray impeachment is dead This is the hill the democrats die on. Will be a pleasure to deliver the death blows to open border pushing, gun confiscating, self hating, censorious baby killing anti-Christ rats
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    Z Allen will have 2 rushing tds and 3 passing next week. Smoke will get 155+, the run game will have over 250 for DS, Gore and Allen. Jackson gets out jacksoned.
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    LOL. Josh at 19 with Rivers, Wentz, Carr, Murray, and Prescott ranked higher? GTFO.
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    If this game tips the scales and results in Stephen A. Smith being removed from ESPN (well, I don't watch it anyways) for his ridiculous commentary along with the shit heads with him on the panel it will really be a win - win. This "First Take" from Friday. The Buffalo Bills were not even mentioned, not once, in this six minute discussion. I hope Stephen A. Smith self mutilates himself into a coma.
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    Just a couple weeks ago Allen was a joke around the NFL. This game helped his image around the NFL immensely.
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    Funny It's a great week to be a Bills fan! What a memorable game.
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    Now some of you are probably thinking: who gives a FUCK what others think about the Bills. Fuck them argh bla bla bla! Fuck that noise. The more exposure the more the Bills become a viable spot for free agents....good free agents! Top notch free agents! Which means a better team. Which means winning seasons. Which means a less pissed off bitter seandelevan!
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    Impeachment is dead, and Trump will be re-elected. The dems roll out a full clown car thinking they have a chance against Trump, they don’t.
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    In my opinion Edmonds is on his way to being a pro bowler, and I think McDermott feels the same way. He isn't moving from MLB any time soon.
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    Other than the Patriot act, which I'm with you on, you're missing the point. We all know the Senate will not convict. The point is to expose the truth and use an impeached President as un-electable. Impeachment weakens his hand. And his base is still a minority
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    Who the fuck cares what some bitter bandwagonners think? They're just salty because their teams hasn't been relevant since Marino and Shula retired. At least Buffalo has had a sniff here and there. And what a fucking shame for a team that was always a contender for so long?? Miami sucks.
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    NOPE! That's what separates me from sackflex and others. I can take new information, evaluate , and change my opinion.
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    I’m not thrilled at all with any of the dem candidates. Honestly... if Romney ran as a dem right now he’d run away with it.
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