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    youre just sooo bad at this.
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    He needs an NFL off season in when weight room and he needs to learn pass rush moves. Otherwise he is going to be a glorified run stopper who will not be able to get off double teams.
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    He'll throw Daboll under the bus inf they lose to Miami.
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    Sorry jethro but s0s is awful at making the case that president crime spree isn’t a disgusting demented shit for brains hissing mobster. dude has bingo bongo for an avatar. Don’t get more retarded than that.
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    Actually he's pretty darn good at it. You just happen to wrongly believe the exact opposite.
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    California should send a Sandwich Eating Task Force down to the platform to ensure that all sandwich eaters get equal treatment.
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    It was a great angle to try and tie Jordan to a pee-pee toucher but just like Kavanaugh it was totally bogus.
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    Skanky Pelosi. Word is the old bitch farts dust. LOL
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    Sensible and realistic. Rare around here. LOL
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    Daboll had 2 screens cued up for Singletary, each of which were gonna go for big yardage. But the first one Dawkins couldn't hold the backside and let Garrett get to Allen before the screen could develop. The other was the final drive and the ball got tipped on the way to Singletary
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    I wanted Lamar! well actually I wanted BFM but knew we wouldnt get him
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    Lol so it just doesn't count because it didn't go in the order they wanted? And if so, then why not keep the QB that got you there?
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    uh oh, looks like one of the henchmen has flipped.....
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    So a 2nd year QB with 20 starts is as good as a 6 year veteran? Actually he's better because while passing stats are similar they have the same # of rushing TDs except Allen did it in half the games.
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    Yeah, as much as we all dread the mistakes he makes doing hero ball, we need to unleash him and let him do his thing because that is what he is. Teach him to slide feet first and then unleash him. He will get lots of picks but he will get lots of TDs too.
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    The Impeachment Hearings Are the Beginning of the End Benjamin Franklin once said, “When you’re testing to see how deep the water is, never use two feet.” That’s a bit of simple wisdom many in the current Congress should have heeded. As the long-awaited public impeachment hearings kick off, one thing has become painfully obvious: the Democrats are in trouble. They have gone all in on their quest for impeachment and now they have to deliver, not just to their base, but to the country. After three long years of promising proof of Trump’s corruption, collusion, and contempt for the very basic institutions of our government, Democrats now have to turn over their cards and show the country what they have. If they can’t produce a smoking gun, if they don’t have a knock-out punch, then their party is in serious trouble. From “quid pro quo” to “extortion” to “abuse of power,” impeachment hungry Democrats have tossed around plenty of buzzwords and innuendo, backed up by hearsay, supposition, and biased opinion. Through carefully coordinated leaks and a selectively stage-managed production of transcripts, Adam Schiff and his team have been able to paint a very fuzzy picture of what they would like the country to believe, that President Trump used the full force of his office to pursue a political end. Yet what they have not been able to do is close the deal. They have not been able to establish that any of their beliefs are facts, that any of their dreams are realities. And it is not going to get any easier. Nancy Pelosi has consistently promised that she would not pursue impeachment absent clear and overwhelming bipartisan support. With all Members of Congress able to review the transcripts of the closed-door testimony, as well as consider any other evidence thus far collected, Democrats have failed to sway even a single Republican vote, not to mention move the needle with the general public. That is not a good sign considering that Democrats have held all of the cards and controlled all of the optics thus far. Now, open, public hearings are to commence. Still under the control of Adam Schiff, yet televised to an entire nation. Now, the general public will see a cross-examination of witnesses. The public will hear “my opinion” nearly as often as they have heard “quid pro quo.” The pubic will hear “I learned secondhand” at least as much as they have heard a compliant media say, “witnesses have confirmed.” Perhaps most importantly, the country will witness every single time Adam Schiff overrules a Republican question or request to call a witness to refute the narrative. In short, even though Schiff and the Democrats will still have an iron clad grip on the process, their unfettered control of the optics and narrative will fade, along with any hope of bipartisan support – public or Congressional. Their one-sidedness will be exposed for all to see. The question then becomes, after failing to garner any Republican support, or to bring the public along on their quest, would the Democrats still move towards a formal impeachment? They will undoubtedly be able to muster the 218 votes in the House, but where would that leave them? The matter must, Constitutionally, move to the Senate, where impeachment minded Democrats are not in control. A Senate where a formal impeachment trial would generate considerably more national attention than the House hearings. A Senate where each and every witness Adam Schiff declined to call will be compelled to testify. A Senate where dreams of President Trump’s removal may be dead on arrival, but a very public acquittal and exoneration would surely ensue. To be sure, an acquittal in the Senate will mean more than just the avoidance of removal for the president. It will be an enormous campaign ad on the largest possible stage. It will prove to be the culmination of a pointless three-year crusade to oust a president and overturn an election. It will come as six U.S Senators vying for the Democratic nomination will have to stand and cast a vote. And it will all come in an election year. Anyone who doubts Mitch McConnell’s ability to play the long game in an election year need only look to Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. When all of this impeachment hysteria has at last come to a close, when the last gasps of 2016 denial have finally subsided, Adam Schiff and the Democrats can attempt to answer the next great question: What have you been doing for the past three years? The impeachment distraction has provided a rather tenuous excuse for doing nothing else. Nothing in terms of working with the president. Prescription drugs, USMCA, and illegal immigration have sat undisturbed on the sidelines while they have recklessly pursued an undemocratic fantasy. The kickoff to an election season is probably the single worst time to have to answer for that. Beginning with the impeachment hearings the Democrats are in serious trouble, but they’re too deeply invested to turn back now. Any way forward, they lose.
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    Sorry, we use profane language here. Unless the TOS changes, that is. If you chose moralize it, that’s on you. It’s really more akin to picking your nose in public, not very polite, but not exactly a sin against the universe. Feel free to disagree, but, like I said, the TOS allows it.
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    What's the whole story please enlighten me....Anymore deep state conspiracy websites you want to point people to? The republican Senate is painted into a corner I know and most know very well that they will almost certainly not impeach. That will never change the facts of Trumps Anti-American personal agenda happening in plain sight. Congress is doing their job as they are supposed to. What I am hoping is that Blue wave continues. Will it? I am not sure but I feel pretty good about it so far i mean hell look at Kentucky and Virginia just the latest. Majority of Americans (by millions) know whats right and we are fighting the minority to do whats best for everyone.
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    He called a bad game by not using Singletary. Period. It would have helped with time of possession and would have given a more balanced attack. If he doesn’t understand the limitations of his QB, it is his fault as well as the QBs. His play calling directly contributed to the loss.
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    I decided i will be excited for the next game .... Go Bills
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    IMO, that is at least 1 of the problems. Allen is still wildly inconsistent with his accuracy Daboll's playbook is fine, but his feel for calling games sucks Frazier doesn't know that his defense has to stop screens. Mcd sucks ass at in game adjustments i.e.the inability to force Daboll and Frazier off what's not working fast enough. O line still sucks D line still has holes Wr are ok, but could be better with the right help Te's are inconsistent catching the ball Rbs are not being used? Big fucking mystery. DS should get 20 + touches a game till we have another power back. Gore is great but is fading.. Beane did not do enough before trade deadline. So yeah all of that. Fix all of it and we legitimately have something.
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    LOL. Great stuff and all true. End the witch hunt!!!
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    End this witch hunt.........................................
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    Two separate issues. If you want to investigate Biden's son, then you officially do it. Trump was leveraging US foreign policy for dirt on a political opponent. Bringing up what Biden's son did or didn't do is a "but her emails" defense. I'm still waiting for Trump to go down the Hillary investigation rabbit hole like he said he would do on the campaign trail. He tried the back channel route "Wikileaks, if you have...." with Hillary and he tried the same thing here. The big difference is with Hillary, he did it as a private citizen and here he's doing it with US Foreign policy. Separate the two issues and then investigate and hold each accountable.
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    I said, nah, I’m not going to — or, we’re not going to give you the billion dollars. They said, you have no authority. You’re not the president. The president said — I said, call him. I said, I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars. I said, you’re not getting the billion. I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch. (Laughter.) He got fired. QUID PRO QUO Biden protecting his coke head son. But I guess that is okay? Why shouldn't our President look into that???
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    I think the WGR guys are just assuming that he'd be safe. If this team collapses I think a lot could change.
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    5 Reasons a Senate Trial Would Be A Nightmare for Democrats The once distant and gauzy fantasy of impeaching President Donald Trump is becoming very real for Democrats, just not quite how they wanted or expected it to. As we move into public testimony this week, the wheels of presidential removal are stuck in deeper mud than ever. The polls have been flat or reversing back Trump’s way for weeks despite alleged bombshell revelations, and the worst could be yet to come if and when the issue moves to the Senate. Over the weekend, many Democrats and media allies moved away from the dulcet sound of the Latin “quid pro quo” to the more menacing “extortion” and “bribery,” imagining using a dead language is hurting their messaging. Many also insisted that the magic of television will persuade voters even if the facts of the case are already known and stipulated for the most part. Not only does this assume that the American people are kind of dumb, it also may rely just a smidge too much on hopes that Ambassador Bill Taylor has some kind of powerful television presence. Could an “end of the Perry Mason episode” moment happen? It is not beyond the realm of possibility, but also extremely unlikely. So let’s assume that Democrats move forward on Articles of Impeachment next month with essentially the same facts that everyone more or less agrees with and the same polls that show the country bitterly divided on impeachment. For the case to move to the Senate under these conditions would be a disaster for Democrats, for a whole host of reasons. Here are five of them. 1. Losing Control Of the Process In the six weeks thus far of L’Affaire Ukraine, House Democrats have been in complete control of the process. They have chosen witnesses, whether testimony is in private or public, set the rules of questioning and the schedules. In all these areas, their hand has been firmly on the wheel. It is hard to overestimate what an incredible advantage this is. One can think of it as being both the director and stage manager of a play. They tell the actors where to go, and work to create a narrative convincing enough to sway the American people. But, of course, two parties can play at that game, and once the case moves to the Senate for trial all of those powerful advantages switch hands. Instead of Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff making the rules, it will be Sens. Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham. 2. Oh Hi, Hunter Biden Among the advantages the Democrats have had in the House inquiry is that of approving witnesses. Although they allowed Republicans to request witnesses, the authority to approve them is entirely Democrats’. This came into play this weekend when the GOP requested Hunter Biden be brought in to testify about his knowledge of alleged corruption at the energy company Burisma, where he was making Mr. Burns money for Homer Simpson knowledge. That alleged corruption lies at the heart of the entire impeachment. Schiff says Biden will not testify, in part because he does not the inquiry to become the very investigation he says he believes is bogus, that President Trump wanted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to engage in. In the House, Schiff can block whoever he wants, but it’s hard to see how Democrats could stop the Senate from calling Hunter Biden, and maybe even Joe Biden, in to testify. In that scenario, the investigation Schiff wants shelved will go very public, very quickly, shivving the Democratic frontrunner for president in the process. 3. Senators On The Trail There are currently six Democratic senators running for president of the United States. Two of them, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, are polling in the top three of all candidates. The Iowa caucus in on February 3. So let’s be generous and say Santa gives Democrats Articles of Impeachment by Christmas, We would be looking at almost all of the month of January, at least, taken up with a Senate trial. What are these senators supposed to do? Do they put their campaign stops on hold for a month to be in the chamber and watch the trial, giving their opponents a huge ground game advantage? Conversely, do they skip the trial in order to campaign and eventually vote to remove a president even though they didn’t bother to attend the trial? Neither of these are very attractive options. 4. Republican Unity During the Trump era, the time the GOP and conservatives in general have been most united and powerful was during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Note, as discussed above, that was a process controlled by Senate Republicans, not House Democrats, and the picture that emerged was of a qualified man being hounded on the basis of politics, not evidence. The Senate will try to recreate this energy in much the same way. As they puncture the one-sided story crafted by House Democrats, look for Trump’s support to solidify, just as Kavanaugh’s did. There could be no better outcome for the president, who relies almost solely on his base for electoral success. 5. The Odds Of Winning Are Not Good Notwithstanding the televisual spectacle we will all be treated to this week during public testimony, the Democrats have already made their basic case to the American people and to Republicans in the Senate. The dream of a few short weeks ago, that cracks would emerge and suddenly senators would start turning on Trump, is now dissipating as dawn rises over an actual vote on impeachment. Like hungover frat boys who convinced themselves over the raucous night that they would road trip to Mexico the next day, the cruel sun is now glinting off their empties and discarded Juul pods, and they will be going to class after all. The result? A huge win for Trump, any way you slice it. There are only two outcomes for the trial: conviction and removal, or acquittal. Once acquitted, the president will take so many victory laps that the track will need new asphalt. Democrats will be left holding an empty bag saying, “We did our duty but the process wasn’t fair,” truly the mantra of winners. So, is there a way out of this mess for Democrats? There may be. Over the weekend if you were very quiet and listened very carefully, a new word started emerging. That word is “censure.” Censuring, rather than impeaching, the president would allow Democrats to claim some measure of holding Trump accountable without the parade of horribles listed above. It might also deprive Trump of the ability to claim total exoneration. But alas, it may be too late for that. Democrats promised their base blood, and blood will be had. But as in any good fight, once you level your best shot, the other guy gets to hit back.
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    No...I am harping on you about your BS the way you harp on Allen...to prove a point...that it is annoying to say the least.... Lit thread = Allen this, Allen that or Mcd this or Mcd that...its your right but that doesn't make any less whiny from your 1st post to your 1000000 post on it.
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    Well...I guess this didn’t age well..... now let’s see it actually happen.....
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    Let's just say you bring out the worst in me, cause right wrong or otherwise I cannot stand grown fucking adults whining like petulant children who've been scolded for something.
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    Guess what? Allen IS still the qb at this moment in this season. You are an unhinged whiner. Also guess what 2nd coming of Lombardi, Allen will still be qb next year. Do you ever get tired of being captain obvious? I mean most adults make their point succinctly the first time around and when folks dont agree with them adults generally do not harp on it OCD style.
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    Statistically yes, but this browns game Allen mentally was worse. Allen had time, was missing open players, open routes, bad presnap, bad post snap, bailing out of pockets that wasn't necessary. I'd argue that he needs to go through his progressions slower. He came off Beasley too fast on the crucial 3rd and 4 at the end of the game, he came off Kroft one time who was running wide open down the field in the Eagles game. Sometimes it looks like Allen is scanning the field way too fast, and seeing nothing because of it
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    Starting to go from "we just need to win" to "we need these teams to start losing". I think we're going to have to beat Pittsburgh (if we even are still in contention by that point) just to have the tiebreaker over them.
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    I hear ya. Oh I’m gonna watch. If Bills win cool...if they lose...it will like watching a train wreck. And who doesn’t want to watch a good train wreck?
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    Touché but how many times have the Bills been expected to blow out a team this year and throw up on themselves? Maybe it’s because the Bills are a bottom feeder team themselves with an inflated record.
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    Point is it ain’t racist, Whoopi said so.
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    Well, it's impossible for him to throw less. There needs to be some steady improvement from him over these last 7 games for me to not want to draft another QB.
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    A process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. The next step is make the playoffs, next year will be win in the playoffs, the year after that is go to the super bowl.
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