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    You sure you're not Straight J?
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    The candidate I've been hoping for. Either him or Michelle Obama would enter the Democratic race as the front runner. Both would defeat that fat, orange piece of shit.
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    A chip off the old cell block. Con man & criminal like his dad.
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    Trump is not an outsider. He has fooled you and other people into thinking he is an outsider. Trump runs scams selling his gold name plate in front of buildings. All he cares about is making money and running more scams. Remember Trump University, he scammed a lot of people out of money, that is who Trump is a scam artist.
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    Well let’s make Vegas regret that mistake.
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    This is the seventh time in the past 25 seasons that a team with a .250 or lower winning percentage is favored over a team with a .750 or better winning percentage in Week 6 or later. The favorite is 6-0 ATS in the previous six games. And it's just the third time in the Super Bowl era it's happened in Week 10 or later (2-0 ATS previously).
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    Yes it is from scopes.com “The Nazis were left-wing socialists. Yes, the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany, otherwise known as the Nazi Party, was indeed socialist and it had a lot in common with the modern left. Hitler preached class warfare, agitating the working class to resist “exploitation” by capitalists , particularly Jewish capitalists, of course. Their programs called for the nationalization of education, health care, transportation, and other major industries. They instituted and vigorously enforced a strict gun control regimen. They encouraged pornography, illegitimacy, and abortion, and they denounced Christians as right-wing fanatics. Yet a popular myth persists that the Nazis themselves were right-wing extremists. This insidious lie biases the entire political landscape today.” what about this sounds alt right to you? Is the military a part of the government? So when they take as they please for the war front isn’t that redistribution of wealth? When the state right exceed the individual rights isn’t that the premise behind socialism. Wake the fuck up! You are being lied to That time in history was a shift from the traditional Marxist global socialism to National socialism(Facism), that’s the truth however they want to politically spin it. And thats why hitler butted heads with the globalist Russian socialist. But make no mistake about it, it was socialism none the less. Just remember a conservative wants less government! How the fuck can you be a successful dictator if you want less government? Lol
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    So you're saying you kind of like it? LOL
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    One of the only teams in history (or at least quarter century), to have a winning record and be the underdogs against a terrible 2-5 team.
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    After the White House released the transcript of the July 25 call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Trump had a defense. He could argue that his mention of the $400 million aid package for Ukraine, and his suggestion that Ukraine investigate Joe and Hunter Biden and Burisma Holdings, did not make the former contingent on the latter. But Ambassador William Taylor's opening statement to the impeachment proceedings indicated that the aid was indeed being made conditional upon the announcement of an investigation. And so Trump's best defense at that point was that they were only linked insofar as Trump cared about investigating Ukrainian corruption, including Biden. Then, after the House Intelligence Committee released Ambassador Gordon Sondland's addendum to his testimony yesterday, Trump's best defense was to claim that Sondland went rogue when he specifically demanded a "statement" committing to a Biden investigation rather than just an investigation. At every point, the core argument Trump has needed to make is that presidents initiate quid pro quos all the time, not for their personal political interests, but for that of the people they're elected to serve. But Rudy Giuliani might have just blown up whatever remains of that defense. Here, the president's personal attorney has conceded that he used formal diplomatic channels and the powers of the Oval Office to prioritize Trump's personal gain over that of the people. Trump's only option at this point is to throw Giuliani and his back-channel under the bus. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/giuliani-ukraine-quid-pro-quo-intended-to-benefit-trump-personally drip
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    Trump on Bloomberg joining the race: https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1192833071378243585/pu/vid/1000x576/Y6qj1MHYVRgsZAph.mp4?tag=10 Bernie doesn't even see the irony here. Didn't I say not too long ago that this woman was going down as part of the Ukraine fiasco? Report: Yovanovitch committed perjury according to newly discovered emails According to a new report, ousted Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch may have lied under oath to Congress during her impeachment deposition. Uncovered emails by Fox News show Yovanovitch was directly contacted by a Democrat congressional staffer on the Foreign Affairs Committee two days after the whistleblower complaint was filed. The staffer asked to speak to the former diplomat about “delicate” and “time sensitive” issue. Yovanovitch responded to the staffer saying she “would love to reconnect and looked forward to chatting.” According to her deposition transcript, however, GOP congressman Lee Zeldin pressed her on this exact issue. Yovanovitch claimed someone in the State Department’s Legislative Affairs Office responded to the email and not her specifically. During an interview Thursday, Zeldin said it was concerning Yovanovitch may have testified incorrectly. It appears Ambassador Yovanovitch did not accurately answer this question I asked her during her “impeachment inquiry” deposition under oath. https://t.co/2Ju420Pkpb pic.twitter.com/WACsyksMzW — Lee Zeldin (@RepLeeZeldin) November 8, 2019 Fox New’s Tucker Carlson received the emails and questioned the timing of Democrats outreach. “The whistleblower, however, went to Schiff’s team…before filing the complaint, so the question is: did Schiff’s office tell other Democrats on Captiol Hill what was in he complaint?” he asked. “In other words, how long did this effort play out in secret before the rest of the country learned of it?” A spokesperson for the Foreign Affairs Committee pushed-back on the accusations, saying the exchange was only related to the diplomat’s ouster as Ukraine ambassador. The alleged perjury will likely be a main talking point for Republicans during Yovanovitch’s public hearing on Capitol Hill next Friday. Dude, what the fuck is up with these bozos in Virginia? They couldn't get anyone else to run on the D line? And now, your moment of zen. https://imgur.com/u1riQQv
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    maybe youve seen one or the other guy? this guy buys old army rations and eats them when possible, often he said he paid over $300 dollars for this one. just old candy
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    The Browns will try for their third win of the season without defensive end Olivier Vernon‘s help. Vernon missed his third straight day of practice on Friday and the team ruled him out for Sunday’s game against the Bills a short time later. Vernon is dealing with a knee injury. Defensive end Myles Garrett also [more] View the full article
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    This warrants an investigation of the author! LOL. The left will paint his ass as the ultimate patriot. The left is awfully predictable.
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    You couldn't sell this shit as fiction. No one would believe it.
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    It's not about that. It's about testing the limits of the preservation. It's another aspect of a history lesson
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    I ate enough shitty food in the Navy to not want to watch this. Fun fact, on the carrier I was stationed on we received a large pallet of meat that had stamps saying it was rejected by a correctional institution. Imagine that, not good enough to feed rapists and murderers but good enough to serve to our nation's finest. One of the many reasons why I just did my 6 and bailed.
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    Classic Trump. Everyone would have to admit The Donald is pretty darn witty.
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    Yes, since you asked. Anyone who is a Trump ball licker is a fucking moron. The man & his crime family are great at fooling fools.
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    Bernie Sanders. Seriously??? Please tell us why. At least Trump believes in capitalism and not a nanny state. Surprised you can rail against anyone when Bernie Sanders is your kind of guy. Good grief......
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    I don't like Hillary Clinton. I support Bearnie Sanders. I can dislike both Hillary and Trump.
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    i guess you gotta be able to compute 2+2 to be able to understand whats going on here @RudyGiuliani The investigation I conducted concerning 2016 Ukrainian collusion and corruption, was done solely as a defense attorney to defend my client against false charges, that kept changing as one after another were disproven. 3:43 PM - Nov 6, 2019 what is the general issue of contention? that trump used the power of the presidency to bribe/blackmail a foreign entity to investigate a political rival and manipulate the election - a massively dangerous activity that is a federal crime for good reason what did rudi do? he used the resources and power of the presidency (as his acting council) to personally travel to ukraine and conduct his own investigation - trying to find dirt on the bidens and ways to excuse the behavior of his client, while continuing to threaten and pressure a foreign gubmint to investigate a political rival from the article: "For a personal attorney to use congressionally approved aid to advance a president's personal interests over national interests is unconscionable. If Trump signed off on that, then yes, it's clearly an impeachable abuse of power that proves he's willing to illicitly interfere with the 2020 election." 2+2. i realize maff is hard for magats but read slowly and concentrate
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    They haven’t been “down” often, and because they stuck to what worked, they freekin won those games! PHI was the only lost cause. Without getting knocked out, the end of the NE game was still very much in question. I do agree with you though, we need a game changer like “Hollywood” Brown as well as a true #1 wide receiver. Add a bonfied tackle and slide Ford inside and I think you can cause major havoc. Hopefully they see how valuable Singletary was to the game plan (now, there is no excuse!) and involve him early and often.
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    I know these people are so brainwashed. It’s called the “National Socialist Party” for a reason. Matter of fact Mussolini founded Facism and he was the editor of the socialist paper in Switzerland before coming to power in italy. He designed national “militarized“ socialism which is when hitler found it useful because before that anything from Marxist thought was globalist. The strong military connection is when the left say it’s an alt right thing.
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    The 300 yards thing.... watch other games. Watch their offenses. Soooooo many of these yards are YAC. Lamar Jackson and Mahomes make these little dump offs-almost check downs-and their guys run wild. The Bills a)don’t even really attempt these type of plays. B) bills don’t have guys (maybe now Singletary) to do this. Also doesn’t help when McDermott gets a lead he packs it up. Fuck, even when they are down he’s fucking pounding the rock.
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    SOMEONE has to fight the good fight here. Frawk, Pigworth, et al have given up the fight, bit there is no quit in me and I'll continue to post the truth about Trump and his demise at every opportunity. Somebody has to man the tower...
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    Repubs are so concerned with how Tax money is spent, when will they say something about this charade? Get ready to be overturned in Jesus' name, witches; Trump's spiritual adviser is coming for you Back in my (now fondly remembered) D&D days, I liked to play as a magic user. I was something with a magic missile, I tells ya. I also had a +3 cloak of invisibility, but it only worked against girls. And it was an item I owned in real life, not in the game. I got it at Burlington Coat Factory and it was perdurably redolent of Mountain Dew and off-brand cheese popcorn. Because, you know, D&D. I was still a Catholic back then and, boy oh boy, was it ever easy for me not to fornicate. I aced that commandment until well into my college years. So I was, shall I say, disturbed upon hearing Trump spiritual adviser and newly minted White House employee Paula White’s recent prayer for the pr*sident. Because, you know, she railed against witchcraft and sorcery, which was at one time my fantasy bailiwick. And her invocation made me recall, not so fondly, the anti-D&D scare of the ‘80s, which reached the height of silliness with the Tom Hanks (!) movie/jeremiad Mazes & Monsters. The same brand of hysteria was later recycled when the Harry Potter series became a huge hit, but by that time I’d fully surrendered to my diabolical nature so I wasn’t nearly as interested in fighting the good fight. But White’s recent benediction brought it all back for me. On Tuesday, she gave a solemn prayer for Donald Trump while surrounded by other evangelical leaders, and she basically declared from her lofty White House pulpit that if you’re against Trump you’re in league with Satan. For this kind of rhetoric she was given a government job leading Trump’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative. Okay, Paula. Sure. I mean, I don’t think I really need to call on infernal intercession to correctly point out that Donald Trump is a squishy, amoral wad of id, but whatever. If you want to call it sorcery, knock yourself out. Okay, so remember that. If you don’t support Trump, you are the devil. Full stop. That’s precisely the kind of Manichaean worldview that gets you on the White House payroll these days. Of course, it’s worth noting that this woman is nearly as big a fraud as Trump. She subscribes to the “prosperity gospel” theory, which essentially holds that rich people are rich because Jesus has found favor in them. Her “preaching” often takes the form of asking (or, more accurately, telling) people who may be struggling to make ends meet to send her gobs of money. If they do, this “seed” will blossom into a big abundant soybean field full of financial blessings. The following bullshit is actually from her website, PaulaWhite.org: And then the kicker: In other words, her followers are idiots who are absurdly easy to fool and fleece. So of course she’s Trump’s spiritual adviser. Who else could be? And, hey, my D&D playing basically came to nothing because I wasn’t using my sorcerer’s skills to steal from people. I had some fun, didn't hurt anyone, and never tried to dupe poor people into becoming poorer so I could be rich. But Jesus is still going to smite me for mocking The Chosen One, apparently. Who am I to argue, though? After all, I’m a sorcerer.
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    Hip, you’ll never make it happen as fast as you post. In fact, it’s much slower. Much slower.
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    I don’t think that always holds true. But when “connected people” hold power, there are favors, cronyism and all the rest of the things that go along with that. Trump was an outsider, which is why I voted for him, but he’s the wrong outsider. IMHO
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    I for one don’t want a trump dynasty. Let’s not make dynasties. They suck.
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    I once tried to start a continuing thread where people could put thought provoking quotes in. That’s a good one meat. I like to ponder simple small quotes. Sometimes it changes my day. P.S., they have to be small quotes anymore, half my brainpower has dissipated
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    Threads showing positive results on the field aren’t welcomed here. Shame on you
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    None of those runway pieces are for sale for 99.9% of the consumer public
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    Maybe so. But anyone that would utter that kind of flap doodle is either batshit insane or a fucking fraud. Especially if she’s one of those SUPERFRAUDS like Creflo Dollar. They can smell a gullible sap from a mile away. And, why do personal spiritual advisors make news? Who gives a rats ass what they think? Are they likened to Rasputin or something? Do we think they’ll have some sway in what the president will do? Trumps gonna trump no matter what she thinks or says.
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    i love the word bailiwick, i hardly see it used anymore. What ever happened to separation of church and state. These preachers are the most anti-christian people in the world, working under the guise of being someone who is ultra-christian. It's widely known that Trump loves to pander to the religious folk, meanwhile he probably couldn't recite the Our Father with even 90% accuracy lmao
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    I wasnt a fan of Trump in the beginning, but man I've grown to appreciate him for how he terrorizes his progressive regressive enemies These rallies are pure gold Best Prez in my lifetime for sure
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    Oh boy that's just ..... no. Just no Humanity had a good run. Might be time to shut it down.
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    Lit will post at least 10-12 negative threads even if we beat the Browns by 457 points. That's what he does. Last week we set the line at 8 negative threads if we won and 11 if we lost. He went over the 8 with ease. So this week the line will be 11 in a win and 13 for a loss. Make your picks !
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    They only pay attention to the parts they want to hear. It’s amazing isn’t it? I’ve put the exact quote up many time, and somehow they still only read the part that fits their agenda.
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    Ok huckleberry...I'll take the bait...what if Fant does Jack shit against the Bills... you still gonna be gurgling his nuts?
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    Fant has been bad this year. But ya you sure can cherry pick the one play he's made all year and then talk about how we fucked everything up and should just jump off a bridge
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    No, I suffer from the love of my country. I suffer from supporting and defending the constitution. I suffer from equality for all, and preservation of the American dream and the American way. I suffer from frowning on bullies who seek to divide us. I suffer from strengthening our position in the world, from supporting our allies and from wanting to spread democracy throughout the world. I also suffer from detesting liars who sick to manipulate the American people with their lies and with their fear tactics. I suffer from the disgust I feel at the epidemic of ignorance that has consumed the party I once aligned myself with. Mostly though, I suffer from deep-seated hatred for naïve and ignorant motherfuckers like you, who turn a blind eye to the truth while dancing in a frenzy waving your little red Maga hat in the air like it means something
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