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    Oh boy that's just ..... no. Just no Humanity had a good run. Might be time to shut it down.
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    Yeah, because Democrats wear their dresses in public. Republicans only wear their dresses with the shades pulled and when their 'wives' aren't home.
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    He looks like a skinnier version of John Candy from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
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    Doing a lot of the same shit Kaep, Vick and RG3 did. Dude is a baller but they hype is funny. We've literally seen this before.
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    https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/triggered-donald-trump-jr/1132014880?ean=9781546086031#/ This is one sharp guy with a big future. In some ways, a chip off the old block as they say. Can't wait to read his book. (see the link above). Like dear old dad, Junior doesn't take any crap. Never seen the guy flustered either. Those "sexy" gals on The View sure took to him this morning. LOL. One can only hope that one day he'll follow in dad's footsteps and hit the national political stage. Thoughts?
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    I sure am. It's non-stop. Some in the press and elsewhere are just falling all over themselves. He is exciting and hard to corral, I'll give him that. The question is how long can this last? A long time? An injury waiting to happen? NFL defenses seem to catch up to everything eventually. Will that also be the case here? How much of this is race related? Seriously. I guess we'll all find out about Lamar in the long run.
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    http://www.sportsradio1270.com/the-column-by-jerry-sullivan/ Here’s a fun stat for you: During the Bills’ 17-year playoff drought between 2000 and 2016, the Cleveland Browns had a worse overall record. That’s right, the Browns have been the biggest joke in the NFL during this millennium, not the Bills. Cleveland hasn’t been in the playoffs since 2002. They haven’t won a playoff game since after the 1994 season, they year Vinny Testaverde beat Drew Bledsoe and the Patriots on New Year’s. That’s one year longer than it’s been since the Bills won one. The Browns won eight games only once since then, when they went 10-6 in 2006. They’ve had 30 quarterbacks since coming back to Cleveland in 1999. This year was going to be different, after they surged to seven wins a year ago in Baker Masyfield’s rookie season. They had a new quarterback, a new head coach in Freddie Kitchens, a new superstar receiver for Baker in Odell Beckham Jr. The Browns were a chic pick to win or make the Super Bowl this season. They were the subject of magazine cover stories. They did a lot of talking. Mayfield got a bunch of national commercials. In Vegas, they took more Super Bowl bets on the Browns than any other team in the league. Baker took a shot at disgruntled running back Duke Johnson in camp, saying, “You’re either on this train or not.” Well, the train has run off the rails. The Browns are 2-6. They’re still the joke of the NFL. Mayfield leads the league in interceptions. He has been surprisingly indecisive and inaccurate. He’s ranked 32nd, ahead of only Sam Darnold. Their defense is 20th in points, 21st in yards per play, 29th in yards per rush allowed. Beckham is 126th in the league in red zone targets this season with three. Things just keep getting worse. Mayfield threw a snit at a veteran reporter during the week. He shaved twice on Sunday, before and after a loss in Denver. He gave a depressing presser after the game. The way the media reacted, you would have thought he’d shaved points. Meanwhile, safety Jermaine Whitehead, who had a couple of crucial missed tackles in the game, sent threatening and racist tweets out right after the game and was promptly cut. The scene in the locker room in Denver was described by one writer as “bizarre.” Kitchens, who was hired as head coach with no experience because of his bond with Mayfield, has been a disaster. The Browns lead the league in penalties. They’re third in turnovers. They lack discipline and detail. Kitchens has been a bad game manager. His challenges have been as bad as Sean McDermott’s. He ran a draw on fourth-and-9. And yet, the Browns are favored over the Bills on Sunday in Cleveland. The Browns are 2-6, 0-3 at home. The Bills are 6-2, 3-0 on the road. Doesn’t matter. The Browns opened as a 3-point favorite, which says the oddsmakers and the public believe these teams are essentially even. Four games ahead, but the world thinks the Bills are equal to a joke team. Despite all evidence to the contrary, there’s a lingering belief that this Browns team still has possibilities, that it could make a run. And despite the 6-2 record, there’s a lot of skepticism about the Bills as a true contender. There’s good reason for that. Their six wins have come against teams with a combined record of 9-41. Of course, the team’s own management shares that lack of faith. By not adding any talent at the trade deadline, Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott told the fan base and their team that they don’t feel they’re close, that they’re half a dozen players away from being a Super Bowl contender, not one player. Why wouldn’t the general public agree? Micah Hyde said he was sick of apologizing for 6-2 after the win over Washington last Sunday. He said they were 2-6 at this time a year ago. Yeah, they don’t need to apologize. But money talks and if the Browns are favored, that’s because the supposed smart money says an inflated record is about to collide with an underachiever on Sunday in Cleveland. You don’t need to apologize for 6-2, Micah. But if you’re being treated like a 2-6 team, the best way to send a message is by beating 2-6. If you want to shut up the doubters, beat a team that’s gone off the rails and is ready to be tipped over completely. The Browns are the biggest joke in the league. You don’t want to lose to them and remind the world that for two decades, the Bills have been a close second.
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    Means he wants it doggy style and he wants it RUFF!
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    Beane better tell Cole Beasley to get on the horn and tell him to help recruit Bryant to Buffalo.
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    So far all of the "experts" I've seen are picking the Browns in large numbers. We'll see about that.
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    Allen's injury last year was pretty much a fluke.
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    Man imagine if the playoffs were seeded and not division champion moded. We would have a bye and get a home playoff game.
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    Alex Smith slapped the shit out of the Patriots a couple years back. How'd that work out? One game regular season, even 1-2 seasons doesn't make a QB a legend.
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    I'd double down on that being true. A sure thing if there ever was one.
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    I think he was trying a spin move maybe
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    At some point he will be forced to pass and the run will be taken away and his time will be up. But for now they hype is warranted. They smoked the Pats and are 6-2. As for things i am literally tired of is literally how many people use the word literally even if it's literally being used literally wrong all the literal time.
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    $100 says their all Democrats... just saying.
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    Meh, this stuff just comes with the territory. Fashion is a field dominated by flamboyantly fabulous homosexuals. They use these fashion shows as a creative outlet to explore some of their more whacky whims and in return you mostly get good suits, and your wives gets nice dresses. Just pretend for a moment when you see a woman wearing a sexy dress that you did not see it modeled at a fashion show such as this.
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    When the dust settles, this will be another....
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    Lits threads are a universal constant, much like the speed of light in a vacuum🤣🤣🤣
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    You just made me laugh out loud. Funny stuff indeed.
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    He kinda looks like a ‘70’s porn star who was just told he has erectile dysfunction
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    Maybe Mayfield can do a new commercial since he's the "it" guy right now. Picture it, Southwest Airlines. The beginning of the commercial has a clip of Mayfield being picked first overall in last year's draft. Then it cuts to Cleveland GM John Dorsey watching highlights of Baker's sacks, fumbles, and interceptions with an irate owner and fans yelling at him. Then: Wanna get away?
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    Yep. This is the guy that @junglesouljah defended for over a year lol.
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    I'd forgotten about that bowl game. He was terrible in that game.
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    The hype doesn't bother me. Two or three seasons from now Lamar will be forgotten. Let the Ravens and their fans bask in their glory for a bit.
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    Really man? In lefty imaginationland everyone who has different beliefs (conservative, moderate, libertarian, republican) is a "nazi" nowadays In reality you be pressed to fill a high school gymnasium with real ones in this country Of course they're both scum, one in the same. Either way, Trump condemned both repeatedly. So the leftist narrative of of him referring to the nazi goofs who showed as "good people" has been debunked and is repeated by retards that cant accept facts. It's a lie Hate Trump by all means, but hate him for the things he's actually done and said, not lies about him
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    He needs some Darryl Talley spider man under ware.
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    The Swamp is so ingrained and pervasive that I don't think he'll ever "drain" it, that's what revolutions are for and I don't see one happening here in my lifetime. He has shown a harsh spotlight on it though making all of them very uncomfortable but yeah, that kind of campaign rhetoric is almost impossible to fulfill.
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    Cowboys are overrated as usual. Beatable. Not at all sure we lose to Pittsburgh. Nothing ever goes as you expect it to.
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    I think we would've picked Hockenson if he slipped. I heard McDermott a few weeks back talking about culture, said Iowa has a great culture. Likely admires Ferentz ability to not adapt his offensive strategy in 20 years. Honestly though the strength and conditioning is second to none. Tons of 2 and 3 star recruits that they've turned into NFL players, especially the last 10 years or so.
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    Almost all rookie TE's struggle, always. We wouldn't have been picking Fant to be Lee Smith, you draft him for shit like this. There aren't many TE's making 75 yard house calls off a 15 yard drag over the middle. He was the best playmaker I've ever seen at Iowa. Tim Dwight was electric in the return game, Tavian Banks had s hell if a year back in the day but Fants athletic ability is off the charts. He's the type of guy that always ends up at Oklahoma or Notre Dame.
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    i hate trump, but no he didnt this is one of the most unfair things the media has done to the pathetic shitstain here we were, going around the country, destroying confederate statues, taking down the confederate flag, trying essentially to erase history. is everyone who has 'southern pride' a racist? is there value in preserving social history as lessons for future generations? of course to both questions. so what we were doing was absolutely crazy people actions. we were broadbrushing non-racist whites who had southern pride, and we were destroying centuries old teaching artifacts because, again, we were acting like crazy people (crazed is more like it) i want nothing to do with those alt-right idiots. but a lot of the people that went to charlottesville went there to represent pride and their frustration over continued/constant broadbrushing by poc and enabling whites. they had no involvement in any violence, they had nothing to do with the incident that killed that woman when a mentally disturbed man couldnt handle the screaming a yelling and plowed into her so on that one statement, trump was correct. there WERE a lot of good people on both sides. it was the ASSHOLES on both sides that made bad things happen in charlottsville that day and if you want the truth, it was the leftist assholes that were the biggest problem. if you just let the alt-right, with the permit, to have their demonstration nothing would have happened. but those antifa assholes (aka alt-left) show up with weapons and armor and provoke a fight with the alt-right. TWO sets of assholes, one set a lot more assholey than the other when it comes to directly WANTING violence plenty to criticize the shitlump over without having to take one accurate statement and twist it in knots until it becomes falsely damning
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