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    Not pretty, but 6-2 is 6-2. And 6-2 is good for about an 80% chance to make the playoffs. Go BILLS!!!!
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    He and Russia beat Hillary, one of the most hated politicians in the world. He wouldn't have beaten George W or Senior, Obama, or Bill in a fair election, all of which were leaps and bounds better presidents and people than Trump. Say what you want about W, but he had America's best interest at heart even when the decisions were sometimes questionable. I'd take W eight days a week over the pond scum currently scratching his balls in the White House now.
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    Brown is WIDE open on a slant and Josh throws it 3 yard behind him. For fuck sake, his accuracy is NEVER going to get better. Ever. It’s not going to change.
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    But it would be nice to let it rip all over the field and remove any doubt. Throwing 5 yard passes and running all day isn't going to remove any doubt. It will create more questions and debate. I believe the reason his long ball throws have been so bad is because they never throw long. Most teams throw 4 or 5 long balls a game. We throw 1 fail and give up. Run a wide open pass happy offense and let him show you if he is a gunslinger or a bust with no doubt. It seems the staff is enamored by this hollow record and is coaching to make the playoffs instead of figuring out if Allen is or isn't the answer.
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    I am just happy they decided to make adjustments at the half, because Peterson was carving them up like a pie coma day turkey. We have to stop Chub to beat Cleveland, we also need to watch our game tapes about Miami and we can beat Denver too. This is not the playoff window just yet. I think we make the playoffs, but this is not the playoff window yet. We need to build along the line. Keep Morse, but we need to move Ford to G and draft a Tackle. Hell, if I had my way, the Draft would be WR, OL, DE, TE or OL, WR, TE, DE, and then pick up depth.
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    The offense still has holes that Beane will fix in the offseason. The offense neesd a LG, RT, #1 WR, and RB. Spain is a stop gap at LG, Nsekhe is the short term answer at RT, Ford should be starting at RG, Gore is on his last legs and Buffalo doesn't have a true #1 WR. So will take a 6-2 record with the flaws on offense and the young players getting experience winning games and reaching the payoffs.
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    Yeah but even if they do that they suck, just ask Lit. Allen sucks, O line sucks D sucks Coach sucks GM sucks...but when they win they are right there cheering. Bills Suck!!!
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    6-2 Lets bash the shit out of the Bills!!!!! Christ, have a beer smoke a bowl and enjoy it for fucks sake.
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    I had them 10-6 and they are right on schedule for that
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    Probably not. All of the games we win under McDumbass are ugly ass low scoring games.
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    This coaching staff has shown to be conservative since they took over...it's not strictly an Allen thing (Lit is not smart). The coaching staff plays not to lose and are chickenshit. It works against shit teams, but it won't cut it against the good ones. It will eventually be why this staff will get fired if it doesn't change.
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    I lost a good friend yesterday. He was one of my best friend's in High School, a former Getzville Fire Chief who led a 4 man detail that responded to Ground Zero right after the 9/11 attacks. He was stricken by the bone marrow related cancer that a lot of first responders have come down with. I'm so sad that my friend, whom admittedly other than FB, I wasn't close with after we graduated, is gone. To me, he was murdered. I'm just blown away that, while I'm still very youthful, healthy and active. I have friends that have died. My heart goes out to his wife, who also was in our High School class.
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    Or it's a McD thing he'd rather win 13-10 and run the ball and punt it a way.
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    Oh that’s right. Brady and Rodgers never play in wind in New England and Wisconsin.
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    I think he'll be on the shelf for awhile. He's going to have to find a way to restore the trust of his moderate base after getting carried away in the "how far left can you go?" contest that the candidates are playing.
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    Star has had two bad games in a row. He has one job and that is to be a run stuffer and he is not doing it well. It's time for Beane to trade for a 1 technique DT and put Star on the IR or cut him because he is not doing a good job on the field.
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    USAF, Client Systems, 1998-2018
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    Army 1993-2001 12B 2001-2006 79R
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    Meanwhile this franchise is doing great in the US. The sky is falling for fast food, but not for Chick-fil-A. Here’s why. Chick-fil-A now #3 restaurant chain in U.S. It's very telling that the number one enemy of the alphabet people is a chicken restaurant which doesn't even refuse them service or employment. Newton's 3rd Law. Third law: When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.
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    7 takeaways from Iowa Democrats’ biggest night of the year Here are some nice choice quotes: Biden said he would beat the president “like a drum” and that Trump “knows it” because he has spent “a lot of money to make sure I’m not” the nominee. “You give hate a little oxygen and it comes out from under the rocks,” Biden said. “Well, he’s breathed oxygen into hate.” Buttigieg labeled Trump a “divider-in-chief,” arguing he is offering a White House “you can look at in the news and feel your blood pressure go down a little bit than up through the roof.” “This country cannot afford four more years of Donald Trump, we will not recognize it if he gets reelected,” Buttigieg said, before adding he doesn’t need “to throw myself a military parade to see what a convoy looks like. Because I was driving one in Afghanistan right around the time this president was taping season seven of the Apprentice.” Sanders labeled Trump a man “who does not understand the rule of law or our constitution.” Trump is “a man who will soon be impeached,” he said. These lines were clear crowd pleasers, winning polite applause from those in attendance supporting other candidates and raucous cheers from their respective supporters.
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    Never trust a guy who has never had Chic-fil-A.
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    No, I'm accepting the findings of scientists who study this whole thing and if you are going to dispute scientists' work, then you may as well dispute truck drivers' miles they drive, Iron Workers' buildings they've built, Fire Fighters' fires they've put out (sound stupid yet) ..............
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    I didn't like Trump. I didn't vote for him. I think he is a clown but the trolling he does is funny to me. I didn't vote for the suicider either. I thought Trump was the lesser evil. All this crying about Trump is pointless. Get your fellow citizens off of their asses and vote him out in 2020.
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    Come on man, social security, Medicare, Medicaid etc haven't done anything for any american ever. The government sucks!
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    lol billionaire. glad to see you unblocked me, coward. i love that you are going to go to the humiliating end with the orange idiot. gonna be very satisfying when he quits or is shown the door. I'm betting he quits because he is the worst kind of loser, the kind that cuts and runs when he gets deligitimitized.
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    I just pushed him under the fall leaves
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    Those interdimensional bankers are laughing at us for believing in tin foil!
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    Now you know he's posting from his Track Phone
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    You can't be this stupid by accident. It had to take intentional effort
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    Its not that I expect them to fizzle out, but I am from Missouri so I am asking them to show me that I am wrong. They go 11-5 and proceed to win a playoff game or two then I will have no complaints. However, I have seen this team underachieve for so damn long and not learn from its mistakes that I think its possible on the one hand for them to not win another game this season and yet something tells me they could possibly make 11-5. I am, if anything, comfortably numb.
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    Actually I work a bout 13 hours a day and your assumptions, again are wrong. I don't watch MSM. As for your "not a Trump Supporter", like GW said, "if you're not with us, you're against us". If you're not against Trump, you're with him and since you're with him, fuck off
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    I support Trump. I've supported all of my Presidents whether I liked them or not.
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    They better rebound and beat the Skins at home. They are a better team... No excuses!
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    I get it. You've made up your mind and settled on something that can be easily disproved. So the only way to rationalize it is to deny the evidence. What would be credible evidence of climate change and acidification of the oceans?
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