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    We're gonna crush him, absolute domination. Best win of the season. 10-9 Bills
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    Who have the Bills beaten!? lmao
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    They have done a good job so far. Just 3 years into the rebuild and the Bills are already becoming a good team. Obviously they still have work to do to get this team to a championship level but this organization is trending up.
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    Just win your own games.....check the standings after week 17 Oh look we made it! This is good
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    LOL we don't need any of those books. We already have enough peasants in our society who act like AB.
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    I am THE expert on SARCASM , many awards...You are not very good at Counter sarcasm . Its an art form
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    Which is exactly why McD will do the opposite. Washington and the world will expect the Bills to attack this way, but our coaches are too smart and will try an approach nobody saw coming, and we'll struggle as a result.
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    I dont see how it derails you from anything./ When you trade draft picks, you are trading a PROVEN player for the chance at another proven player.
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    He's always been an asshat. Last year it went mostly overlooked because he was ballin' .... this year that he's flat out sucking ass, weeeeeell, not so much. Allen does seem like a more down to earth kind. Man If only he could become a consistent player.
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    Think about how hilarious that would have been! Bell would have had to play for the team he sat out a year on, for LESS than what they offered him. What a power move that would have been. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/10/31/leveon-bell-packers-texans-chiefs-steelers-were-in-the-mix-for-possible-trade/
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    Signed C Mitch Morse - At the time of signing, he had missed 15 of his last 32 games. With a grade of 61.9, PFF currently ranks Mitch Morse' play as "backup level". He is 2.9 points points away from entering the "replaceable (should cut) level". Morse is the highest paid Center in the league and is performing as one of the worst. Signed T Ty Nsekhe - At the time of signing, Nsekhe has only started 16 games in his entire 5 year career and had missed 7 of his last 32 completely. He has started 0 for Bills and has been inactive for one. With a grade of 62.1, he actually ranks above starting linemen Mitch Morse, but is also graded as "backup level". He is 3.1 points points away from entering the "replaceable (should cut) level". Signed C/G Quinton Spain - At the time of signing, Spain had only started 8 games in his entire 4 year career. With a grade of 56.8, PFF currently ranks Long in the "replaceable (should cut) level". Signed C/G Spencer Long - At the time of signing, Long had missed 13 of his last 32 games. With a grade of 52.2, PFF currently ranks Long in the "replaceable (should cut) level". Signed C/G Quinton Spain - With a grade of 61.2, PFF currently ranks Mitch Morse' play as "backup level". He is 2.2 points points away from entering the "replaceable (should cut) level". CONCLUSION - Well, it's true that Beane "invested" in the O-Line. He did so by signing 5 players and paid them $15,450,000 this year, and 4 of them had missed varying amount of games over the past few years and are now performing as a "backup" or "cut" level. This is the equivalent of buying stock in ENRON or Toys-R-Us right now. Investing? Sure. Investing well? Not so much.
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    I'm no statistician, but the Bills' OL looks bad. Better than last year? I'll say yes, but that what does that mean, really? It doesn't take much to improve over last year. They seem to do okay blocking in the run game, but for pass protection? Just because the QB doesn't get sacked doesn't mean he isn't running for his life or even getting move off his spot or out of his timing. Josh needs to do better, for sure--stop playing panicked--but the OL isn't allowing him to really trust his pocket and I think that's a problem.
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    This isn't a Dolphins forum, Rosen doesn't need to be a consistent talking point. I think at this point in time you're the only person who brings him up on a regular basis. Lit is pretty consistent with being impatient. You ever watch a bills game and then flip to another game and watch for about 5 minutes and see 10 plays where you ask yourself "Why can't the Bills do that?" I've been doing it for 20+ years lol. I think Lit has been doing the same, and just wants a few games where he watches the game and just sees a competent NFL offense, helmed by a competent QB. Me personally, I think his takes on Allen are at times right, but it's too early for me to write him off as a finished product. I'm giving Allen till roughly this time next year before I'm going to start saying it's time to seriously look at 2021 draft options.
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    What do you want him to say? Rosen isn't sitting the right way on the bench! lol how you want him to be critical, he's not even playing!
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    Well what’s fucking damning is a street FA named Jordan Phillips....is doing much more than Oliver. Instead of Oliver, how nice would have been to get a weapon for the offense? Ya know, the side of the ball that has needed fucking help FOR THE LAST FUCKING 10 YEARS NOW!?!?
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    Did we not also need a DT? You can’t draft all the top players with only one first round pick. I do think Chase Young will be more explosive than Bosa. Maybe we should lose out to draft him.
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    You by posting a pic with Bosa tying it in with your Ed Oliver post.
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    In hindsight what's annoying about the Ed Oliver pick is that McDermott's system uses DTs unlike any other team in the NFL...I think Oliver leads our team with like a 68% snap count at the DT position. Other teams top 2 DTs are usually in the game >80% of the time.
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    Common man. Who have we beaten ? ... you walked right into that one.
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    Your whining about things out of our control and pointing to bosa's success.
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    Do you like making the playoffs? If Buffalo makes the playoffs this year, it will be 2 times in McDermott's 3 years in Buffalo. Before that Buffalo hadn't made the playoffs in 17 years. Do you like building a team for long term success? This is how you build longterm success. You build a strong defense, you draft a franchise QB and surround him with talent and develop him. Beane needs to add more talent on offense this offseason but Buffalo is headed in the right direction.
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    When you have competent people in place, you want continuity at GM and HC. If you want to fail, than you change your head coach and GM every 3 years.
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    Bosa was widely considered the best player in the draft. Bosa has very good hand use and ability to disengage from blocks. It's a surprise to no one that he is playing well.
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    Uh... that sounds like the Bills/Dolphins game too.
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    AB isn't worth so much as a look. He is mentally un stable and can destroy a locker room in one day. Also, his form of revenge is social media which in time will be his ultimate undoing. If he has a half a brain he will retire and write children books, How to be a major pain the ass & somehow get paid"
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    Don’t forget we also should have drafted Lawrence Taylor in 81 instead of RB Booker Moore, we really missed out.
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    No, i'm hung up on drafting an interior linemen in general.
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    I see you are still hung up on comparing a Pass Rushing DE to an interior lineman.
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    How were we supposed to get Bosa? Wishing is for fucking losers.
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    There was nothing “great” out there that wouldn’t have gutted next years draft and/or cap. There were no saviours. I’d rather get a high priced player as an FA rather than by trade. There is no urgency to THIS year. Not going to win it all with one or two players, so why not have more assets in the offseason to upgrade then. This team is still an improvement from last year and I look forward to every game. Why bust the bank on mediocre players. You want another Benjamin or would you have rather had those picks?
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    Reminds me of Facebook. During the week there were people on there crying for Tyrod's return. I didn't think they were being serious at first.
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    Maybe the Bills will see the light and hire Lit as the new GM......................................LOL.
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    Lit threatens a professional football franchise. I, for one, find that funny.
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    I was fine with them doing nothing, but this coming offseason they're going to have to make some moves and bring in legit talent. I'm talking guys who are going to get the team over the hump, not the typical Dollar Tree guys that this team currently enjoys.
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    Yep... and this is something I’ve been repeatedly telling people. WR’s take 2-3 years to develop. Even the great ones. If we draft a WR this upcoming offseason, it’ll be 2022 before we see ANYTHING.
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    I know it ain’t happening, but if McBeane drafts a WR in the first round...or any round....it’s going to take 2-3 years for them to develop. By that time the defense has aged out....gore is gone...most of the oline will be gone...and Josh Allen will either be gone or concussed/hurt....Thanks to being surrounded by shit. Instead of having guys in place before he got here or even when he got there ....they wait 2-3 years AFTER he got here? What the fuck kind of plan is that?
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    That's what makes their disaster of a season soooo enjoyable. They acted all offseason like they were going to compete with the Pats and Chiefs for AFC dominance. Their arrogance was out of control and so fucking inadequate. I couldn't believe it. At no point in time did they scare me at all. I still don't understand what in the hell all those predictions were based on. Fuck the Jets, fuck fireman Ed, fuck that homer jerk off Manish Metta, fuck Gase and yes fuck the Pats too. End rant.
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    Dude... IHOP isn’t real. What you thought was IHOP was just a huge projector beam they displayed against a cactus in the desert. Just another billion dollar food monopoly tricking the little man. Those pancakes you “ate” were air filled fart popsicles.
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    Took the skins on the spread. Bill's win, but wont cover.
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    Man if I were in his shoes I wouldn’t be able to hold my shit together. Most questions from he media are downright idiotic. Good thing I’m not the face of a franchise! I can’t even listen to WGR when they have call ins because questions/comments from the fans are even more idiotic than from the media.
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    Over hyped by the media, you just knew this would happen
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    Man imagine the pressure and negativity he is under! That must really suck.
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    They need to slide Ford to LG next year, and bring in a real RT. Josh needs to get better, way better. Need more playmakers, and we need to use the ones we have. Not have them IA or giving them 3 carries on game day.
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    They should have the red static bison at mid field.
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    They also need to go back to featuring Beasley early. I dont care if he catches 10 balls for 70 yards, that's basically am extension of the run game. Getting behind the chains and being at 3rd and long should almost never happen. Beasley for 6 yards should he automatic on 1st or 2nd and ten.
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    If the Bills sign Melvin Gordon, and no one else, I will be disappointed. Running back? Really? I like OT Trent Williams, DL Yannick Ngaboue or TE OJ Howard..........as long as we don't overpay for any of them.
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