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    This game just "feels" like a loss. I've watched enough Bills football to be able to get kinda a sense for them. Hope I'm I wrong, but this has "at Arizona in 2008" vibes written all over it. I've also watched enough football to be able to get a hold on teams whose record is better than their body of work (Buffalo) and teams who are better than their record (Philly). That being said, this team is doing something I haven't seen the Bills do in a long, LONG time...rising to the occasion in close games. If they win this one, I am officially a believer who thinks they could possibly make a SB run. If they lose, I think they're one of those teams that rides a favorable schedule and good defense to 10-11 wins, then gets toasted in a Wild Card game. Time will tell.
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    The Draft Network is giving Beane some respect for what he has done to rebuild the Bills roster. So while some might be hating on the "worst 5-1" team in the NFL, the Bills truly are a better football team than in recent past. And as the article points out, the starting offense is 90% new players. Think of that. The entire offense is basically new. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/6-pack-thursday--gms-that-got-it-right-last-offseason BRANDON BEANE, BUFFALO BILLS For the first time in several years, the Buffalo Bills have a deep and talented roster which has been well-coached to an impressive 5-1 record to start the year. General Manager Brandon Beane had an aggressive offseason after a 2018 season that handcuffed his ability to make moves given Buffalo absorbed over $50 million in dead cap space. Beane completely re-built Buffalo’s offense. The only Week One starter from 2018 that is still on the roster this season is left tackle and team captain Dion Dawkins. Outside of Dawkins and QB Josh Allen, literally every other starter was acquired by Beane in the offseason. Among the marquee pick ups include wide receivers John Brown and Cole Beasley while Mitch Morse, Jon Feliciano and Quinton Spain have helped stabilize the offensive line. Brown has proven to be one of the top free agent signees in the entire league and he’s currently on pace for 88 receptions and over 1,200 yards. Beane should also be applauded for retaining DT Jordan Phillips on a modest one-year deal who has been a major factor for Buffalo in the defensive front seven. And while jokes were made when he was signed running back Frank Gore is Buffalo’s starter and is on pace 1,000 rushing yards. Beane’s 2019 Draft haul included Day One starters in defensive tackle Ed Oliver and offensive tackle Cody Ford while RB Devin Singletary, TE Dawson Knox and DE Darryl Johnson all fill important roles already. Beane is armed with nine picks in the upcoming draft and Buffalo is currently projected to have nearly $90 million in cap space next offseason which is the fourth-most in the NFL. The resources are there for Beane to keep aggressively shaping Buffalo’s roster after an A+ offseason leading into 2019.
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    It will be close. Lit will say the win was only because they are injured. The media will say lucky win, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth at 6-1 will be at WTF levels. Of course the narrative is so pathetic around here that the Bills making the conference title game would actually be seen as a negative because they would have lost out on top draft picks. Still I am seeing a 21-17 outcome, not sure of the winner, but that score seems about right
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    the bills allegedly were interested in AB. Gordon is almost a choir boy by comparison. but hes also an addict, while AB is just insane, stupid, and selfish
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    I do know that part of the reason for the humanitarian disaster and multi faceted civil war (I never understood why a war where people who lived as neighbors for decades in relative peace and stability and then one day started shooting at each other is called a "civil" war) was the effects of climate change on two of the players in the region. Lets make this as brief as possible. Short story, starting in 2003 lots of Iraqis flee their homes to get away from the chaos brought on by our invasion of Iraq and toppling of the Hussein government. However, things remained pretty stable until about 2006 when Syria started experiencing several failed harvests. They turned to the EU and to the United States and we basically said go fuck yourselves. However, the Assad government had a longtime ally and benefactor in the USSR and its largest successor state who filled the void and sold the Syrians grain. With Russian assistance, things remained fairly stable. There was some grain price inflation, but the average Syrian could afford to eat. Things remained okay until 2010. Sure with the Iraqi refugees who poured into Syria from 2003 on snuck in ISIS/Daesh, and Al Qaeda operatives and so oddly enough while Syria was experiencing harvest failures the seeds of civil war war being sown/sewn (its one of those words, but spelling has never been a strong point for me). Anyways, things remained fairly stable until 2010. Gibbster, what happened in 2010? Well F8tality and anyone else who is interested, not only did Syria experience yet another harvest failure, but climate change hit Russia very hard as well. Say what you want about Vladimir Putin, but like every other Russian leader he does not want to preside over a famine of the sort the Russian people and other peoples of the Former Russian Empire and Soviet Union experienced in the latter half of the 19th and early half of the 20th century. So when Russia's harvest was of a much lower yield than expected, Putin canceled all grain exports including to Syria. So what happened? 1. Grain prices went up and people could not make ends meet 2. Hungry people moved to the cities in search of food 3. Food prices continued to increase and soon there began protests 4. Like any other government fearing an insurrection, Assad called in the military to squash the protests and riots before they could coalesce into an anti-government movement 5. Some of these troops turned on him 6. ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Hillary Clinton decided to exploit a horrid situation, a hunger crisis, to make a grab at toppling Assad and grabbing his oil and the Syrian arms market The rest is history. Speaking of history, it can be argued, and indeed has been argued that Climate Change led to the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Collapse of the Byzantine revival of the Empire, and the rise of Islam. So yes, climate change, be you Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian, or anything else is something that deserves attention. Thing is, it might already be too late.
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    you dont support climate change legislation. implications-of-climate-change-for-us-army_army-war-college_2019 (1).pdf
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    CowFuck...whose been loving the Bills all year...even says in the video that they are “for real”...says Eagles crush the Bills. Sad thing...this guy is more right than he is wrong. Season on the brink fuckers.
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    There's been a lot of discussion here on how the Bills don't stand a chance and are in for a old-fashioned ass whoppin'. Well, fiddle-dee-dee and I'll be a horsefly setting in the middle of a cow's pie, because in my estimation that's just the loser talk of losers, and nothin' more. My considered advice is to jest relax, and maybe follow my example when it comes to being calm in the head and game ready. For tomorrow's game I got my beers already lined up neat and orderly on the coffee table in front of my all-color tele-Vision that's right below my Dixie battle flag hung high and proud on the wall. If the Bills is doing good, then I'll go through them cans lickety quick. And if they're doing bad, I'll also go through them lickety quick. The most important thing is to have my ass parked in a setting position of maximum comfort whilst I do my viewing, and so should you. For that I got a high-quality leather armchair the envy of everybody I know for a mile around. (Compliments galore been raining down on me ever since I bought it.) I also got ready at hand a half unfinished bottle of the finest prime deluxe Kentucky bourbon you ever seen, and that's no lie or boast. God Hisself couldn't make it no better. Here's the routine I follow. About two hours afore game time, I go into "lockdown." First I secure sector 4 against intruders. That means the back wall of my house. All windows and doors get shut tight, and-- depending on my mood-- maybe a short spray of rapid-issue fire is introduced out the back window to give anyone out there in the vicinity something to think about. Then I go to sector 3 (left side of house), sector 2 (right side) and, finally, sector 1, which is the most important sector of them all because that's the side from which a full frontal attack can most likely come, which I know from unfortunate experience. Over the years I've invested considerable time and money in setting up trip wires all around my house outside, and that's the best thing you can do to give you a early warning of some ill-intentioned bastard bent on violence or evil high-sassing feminist tree-hugger stepping onto your property. Just last week there was a young-un feller who come onto my property and triggered the alarm. For a minute I was sweating like a hog in heat, thinking they was finally coming for my arsenal stock; then I recovered my self-possession when I seen who it was. From the window I give him the look of two shiny barrels ready to spit buckshot. I says to him, "Reach for the sky, boy! Lemme see them under stains you been collecting." Up go his hands. "Mister, I didn't mean nothing." "Yeah?" says I. "Then maybe if I pulled this trigger with my itchy finger, I wouldn't mean nothing by that either, boy." Then he starts to shaking, which was like music to my soul, and he says, "I just come to get my Frisbee. I don't want it no more. You can keep it, mister. Really. I just want to leave." "You damn well better want to leave," I says to him. "Get along right now, and don't you come back again if you value yer worthless hide." Now, who we got comin' up? Oh, yeah. Philly-dilly. Perverse fornicators and crazed addicts of bestiality, every one of 'em. They got a Liberty Bell with a crack not even as long as I got down my backside, so that ain't nothing too special. I got a autographed up-close studio pho-tee-graph of it somewhere, by the way, but I don't intend to post it here on account of this being a family forum. Now, here at last comes the point to my thread. Any fellers here who knows any of the Bills players can pass it along. My advice and key to victory is as follows. Play hard. Damn hard. And to the whistle. Don't fear playing a little dirty if the opportunity arises. Dig a little and twist the family holdings under the pile-up if the ref's lookin' t'other way. Do that and the Eagles will be running and crying boo-hoo back to Philly-Dilly with their tails betwixt their legs.
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    They fined him 1$/inch. Peterman woulda got fined 22.50
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    Of course you go to a job to live! Either that, or go in the woods and pick berries and hunt rabbits and find wood for a shelter, fire. Etc.etc.etc......you do the work the employer tells you to do for an agreed upon price. Yeah, you’ll probably be tired. That means you’re not free? What’s your definition of freedom? Sit on your fat ( or thin ) ass and let everyone else make things work? Everyone is free to express themselves here. FREE. TO. EXPRESS. THEMSELVES. HERE. FREE. But expect to get critiqued to the max when you spout your particular views.
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    ugh there goes the expanded participation from more members in non-bills topics that was one of the things i was proudest about this board. now its going to go back to being the same five people offering a limited set of perspectives fucking brutally disappointing
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    son of a bitch. i specifically checked the box that said to ignore quotes. that feature must not be working. fuck no, hes not sj2. sj is eccentric to the point of insane, but at least hes brilliant. this one is so dumb i doubt hes even real. somebody created him as a character. as you know, i skim every post and im tired of wasting my time bc his content has no redeeming value at all
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    Lit, can you please give me the ability to ignore users so i can get this ... thing out of my face
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    Lit, please create a new post category: Dumbest Fucking Posts in Range History. this will be our inaugural entry
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    I was thinking they might move on from Star next year until Phillips went down. Right now I'm leaning towards re-signing Jordan Phillips, if he is willing to accept a fair deal, and keeping Star. Star will never get big stats but he plays a major role on run downs. Ill accept his bad contract for 1 more year rather than mess with our defense.
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    BTW Climate change is real and the science supports it. The problem is countries like Mexico and China and other countries where climate change laws are not enforced causing smog, environmental damage.
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    Okay f8, you're absolutely right about climate change. I should have never questioned your expertise on the subject. I'm going to start panicking about climate change after I finish my coffee and hopefully our troops appreciate it.
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    Ocean acidification is not a scam and it will cause the next generations to get bent. If the acidification of the oceans reaches levels that destroy ocean wide ecosystems, we are fucked. There is a measurable increase of CO2 in the atmosphere and in the oceans. These are facts. You can deny them all you want but they are going to have a profound affect on the next generations and all life on the planet. Ocean water will spread acid rain and destroy more ecosystems. But yea, you know more than scientists I guess. You idiots will eat anything that the GOP spoon feeds you, and you can't support your arguments with any facts. https://www.noaa.gov/education/resource-collections/ocean-coasts-education-resources/ocean-acidification The US military acknowledges that climate change is real, so you clearly don't support the troops. That's how this works right? A football player takes a knee and you get all bent about it. But when climate change actually threatens the lives of service members, you deny it. What a time to be a live. The cognitive dissonance and mental gymnastics it takes to hold these two positions is astounding.
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    I couldn't even get through that article. These people. If you have 'allegedly' and 'presumably' peppered throughout a report, maybe (just MAYBE) it is just an opinion piece? Maybe (just MAYBE) Trump recalled these people because they were bucking him and not because he has this hidden, corrupt agenda? Nice reporting, Sackman.
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    It would help if we knew who you were talking to. If you're talking to me I've never denied the Holocaust.
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    This is a game to take full advantage.......key injuries to bunch of phili starters....playing at home & major lockeroom discord with phili this week.......
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    finally now the sabres will go scoreless for the rest of the season
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    I honestly don't think they were trying to help any single candidate but just trying to throw a turd in the punch bowl since we do the same stuff overseas. Logically if they wanted one candidate to really sink this country they'd be 100% Bernie Bros as they've already had their failed experiment with Socialism and know what the result would be.
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    That is the nature of the NFL this year. Nobody really impresses me and there is far too much season left for us to get a sense of where people are going. Frankly the Eagles are a challenge. That said, I am going to post some cliches here because I happen to agree with them 1. To win you have to run and stop the run. Well, Marv this is a new league predicated on the short pass, but yeah we need to get Gore, Singletary, Yeldon, and Allen on smart slides going. 2. Smart football, way too damn many fucking drive killing penalties game in and game out. We need to stop that. IF the Eagles beat us, fine make them beat us. Lets not giftwrap the game in yellow wrapping paper 3. Smart football II, no turnovers, we have only had one turnover in the past two weeks and we need to keep it like that. Again, IF the Eagles beat us, well fine, but lets not beat ourselves 4. Half time adjustments. We seriously need to get better at this. All season, with the exception of the Pats game, we have been getting our asses handed to us in the third quarter of every game. I would love to see that change. 5. Keep the pressure off of Allen 6. Get the crowd in early, keep the crowd in the game 7. IF we get a lead, work to build the lead and don't take your foot off their neck I think this game is going to be close and right now my take is 21-17 Bills.
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    I've watched 2 Eagles games this year. They looked like a solid, playoff team against the Packers. If that team shows up we are screwed. I'm hoping we get the Eagles who were dominated by Dallas last week. Injuries favor the Bills. BUFFALO: 27 PHILADELPHIA: 20
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    i found a gif editor online. i think this would work, but sometimes theres a little 'bump' that appears on the right edge when the light flashes that way. idk why. its not doing it now, but if it reappears i will try the whole thing over again
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    Well, no, I dont think missed your point. You seem to be saying again what I already countered. We are a civil society because we obey oppression by force. That's exactly what you are saying in so many words. Comply or be beaten. Cops are mostly unnecessary, looking to bust people for pointless crap. Not once in my life have I called police for anything. They're a useless waste of money and civilians time. Where do we thrive? There's slums, taxes. Competing for eployment means capitalism has failed. If you design a system where you need to make money to live. You damn well better have a job with a living wage in line for everyone. Cops are there to harrass the poor and homeless. You can't stay here, you can't stay there. Govt telling you they own the ground beneath you..by laws they made without your approval. Court was not designed to find the truth. It's designed to make up what ever it feels like enforcing, like a nfl ref lol. If you question a judge, it's called contempt. It's actually their inability to tell you the truth. 🙂 have a nice day. Happy Halloween! Thanks for reading! I love you.....in a platonic, manly way...5 feet away...with no touching... 🙂
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    You miss the point...in that moment when your are being harrassed by a man with a gun(cop), there is literally not much you can do except get beat down for not complying or get shot the fuck up for not complying. In our society as shitty as it is. Your day is in court against the asswipe cop who wrongly whatevered you. On the side of the road, its your ass. Not a hard choice if you actually think about it. Society has rules like them or not it's what creates stable environmentsfro.which we all can thrive.
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    Asians are the most intelligent race in most surveys. Looks like they’re doing something right.
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    You know what the worst part is? After he's done playing some network will give him an announcing job and we'll still have to listen to his whiny ass every Sunday.
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    It's Mark Zuckerberg and let me tell you - he's seen all of your browsing histories and you guys ain't getting shit for Christmas!
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    I don't think Star is as bad as people want to make him out to be. He is not an all pro either. You can't measure leadership and you can't measure professionalism and you can't measure him keeping his linebackers clean. If people want to be upset because Star isn't dominant every play he is on the field, they can be but that is not his job. He is role player and most of the team does his thankless job of being a space eater well. You need role players on teams to win, not everyone on a team is going to a pro bowl or all pro player. Yes he is over paid. He will likely be cut after the 2020 season and be replaced with a cheap draft pick and Harrison Phillips will be promoted to starting 1 technique DT.
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    A lot of different opinions on Star.... Bottom line is that he isn't that great. His contract makes it hard to cut him though. So, it appears he will be a 30-40% snap count guy going forward. And very well paid to be a "backup/rotational" DeeLineman. Until the end of 2020 when the Bills will have an out on his contract.
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    People care, this isn't a competition or a popularity contest. Nobody wants this to happen to anybody's kid vice has an article about it, and they are the biggest leftists in the media right now https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/9kemv8/horrific-footage-shows-california-police-shooting-a-teen-in-the-back-of-the-head-cops-say-it-was-justified?utm_source=vicefbus&fbclid=IwAR08_69IPsBV9l9EJDIlOdmVH7g2Aa9cl3M5gOuo1CjZuwcn-vvoipQCiVo An internal investigation into the shooting found no wrongdoing on Villalvazo’s part, because the officers had said they feared for their lives. How can you say you feared for your lives? what an absolute abuse of the term, sounds like a loophole attempt within police departments
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    wow. a post i agree with i love black folks, but they bring a lot of this upon themselves. sure, cops USED to mistreat blacks with impunity, now our general society doesnt allow it if blacks werent so obsessed with keeping "the struggle" alive like this was 1960 they would look over and see that MOST white people are waiting with open arms to team up with them to go after the remaining pockets of white racism. instead, blacks use their new control of the definition of racism to paint whitey as automatically guilty every chance they get blacks have worked themselves up into a frenzy about hating cops because they continue to consume ultra-biased imagery (mostly music) that feeds into the lie that cops are out hunting down innocent black people. meanwhile, rappers get to sell millions of copies of songs like Cop Killer and nobody bats a fucking eye its way past time for blackness in general to give up "the struggle" and embrace their willing and able white brothers and sisters together to go after the real race problems in america - the biggest of which is EXTREME levels of violent black crime and murders, followed closely by black racism that creates one-way weapons to paint whitey as automatically guilty no matter what they do the sad thing is that the clock is ticking for blackness to wake up to the realities, instead of the made up narrative of the click-bait media. eventually whitey is going to get tired of being blamed for everything and there will be a backlash. and blacks will have only themselves to blame for it. they should have leveraged the acceptance of most white people to reconcile when they had the chance instead of pursuing an agenda of retribution
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    In order for there to be uniformity, black culture has to change as well..takes 2 to tango. The majority of folks freakout when a cop pulls them over, the difference is the demeanor on which they choose to show that cop at that time based on mistrust. The media play a pivotal role in all of this because they ARE click bait champs....it can't be LE always bending the knee, folks in general must comply even when they don't agree with what is happening. It's a self fulfilling prophecy. Some folks believe cops are out to get them so when there is an encounter it is met with belligerence and consequently cops react with force.
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    Does't matter if the police shot a black, white or Asian person. You can't be shooting unarmed people. This can not happen.
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    Same old themes Offense shits all over itself for most of the game, defense keeps us in it. We go down early but come back in the 4th. 20-17 Bills Half the fans cry about the lack of passing against a depleted secondary. The other half plug their ears and scream 6-1! 6-1! 6-1!
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    Pushing the boundaries of costume designers Design coordinator: “ Dave, you’ll be creating the costumes for the new ThunderThighs movie”. Dave: “ Great! Who will it be for? Jessica Alba? Scarlett Johansson?” Design coordinator: “ Uhhh..”
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    im betting $5,000 on the bills losing this game
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    Depending on the price, I wouldn’t mind keeping Shaq. He’s not a world beater but he is solid depth. The kind of guy fans would be happy about if we signed in the offseason from some other team.
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    No way, in fact states should have their own electoral systems. Can you imagine what NY could be if we did that? A retard like Cuomo would never get in and live off of the NYC vote like he's doing now. I imagine there are counties here that he's never even been in and that's not representative of a true Governor.
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    Folks must comply even when they don't agree..? That's called slavery. That's called oppression. Obey authority even when it's wrong. Thats,why America is so stupid. You've been trained to obey stupid rules for stupid reasons. There's too many pointless laws. Cops are basically tax collectors with guns. Given authority to f- with people unnecessarily. And they never actually protect or save anyone from anything. They show up after the fact. All those cop shows..it's a half hour of them strong arming the poor and the homeless. They never save anyone from anything.
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