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    Thanks/credit to jayhall93 for BREAKING the news to me in the Shoutbox, even though the Bills did not release it at the stated time and I had to keep going nack to the f***book site and checking. I dont want to give any spoilers. I'm not sure if you can embed a "live" facebook video, even if you're signed in? If you can, someone feel free to do so. Anyhow, here is the link, no need to sign in to see it. If you like it, maybe throw some to jayhall93 as well for tipping me off about it, I like to show gratitude, some say it's a higher vibrational frequency than love(538hz, vs 432hz). https://www.facebook.com/pg/BuffaloBills/videos/?ref=page_internal EDIT: bleep f***book!! Here's ***tube, which is semi-less bad.
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