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    No Bills player has ever given me palpitations like Allen has. He is so close to becoming elite. Just want him to cut out the boneheaded throws into double coverage. Im sure @CBennett will conveniently ignore this positive Allen post though.
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    Your one an only Buffalo Bills 1. Steelers, Bye moved, no game disruption, week off full week to prepare for the Eagles, no travel disruption. 2. Titans, whether they practiced or not, I dont care. They stayed in Nashville for 16 days, had private practices or zoom practices and have known for 10 days they are playing the Bills and only the Bills, basically a bye and a half to watch and dissect 4 weeks of film while resting up bodies and healing and be fresh as daisies. 3. Patriots, got 1 game moved a day later, another moved a week later, all while not changing opponent, and not moving from their place. They now have 2 full weeks to prepare for this weeks game. 4. Broncos, see Patriots. 5. Dolphins, bye moved 6. Chargers, bye moved 7. Ravens, bye moved. 8. Buffalo Bills. You have 2 games in the next 11 days. The first may or may not happen, get ready for it, but it's probably going to be canceled. oh it's going to be Monday now, sorry, the Titans are going to forfeit, no the game may be week 18, start preparing for the Chiefs, wait, no now you are playing Tuesday, no wait, more positives on Titans, game may not happen, get ready for chiefs again, no chance in hell Titans game happens. Wait is is still on for Tuesday, Chiefs Monday, but just in case, if it doesnt happen, you are still playing the Chiefs on Thursday. BTW, be ready for about 3 or 4 different travel arrangements. Pack accordingly. If anyone thinks the Bills lost yesterday because the Titans are 30 points better than them, you are insane. The titans are a very good team, and they would be hard to beat any day but it was the Bills that were put in a bullshit situation yesterday, not the Titans.
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    He’s also giving a taxer-payer funded half-price ticket to anyone in a nursing home he hasn’t already killed.
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    If you're still considering a vote for Harris-Biden I have a free gift for you. Just PM me your address!
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    Mr. Trump, thank you for joining our humble group of 17 people. P.S., you might want to give weight to the ramblings of a member with the screen name 212frawk. He is wise beyond his years. At least give his posts some thought. Thank you, Mr. President.
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    that was one of those 'how can he look at slow mo replays and call that an interception'? kroft clearly touched it first, brings it in, the db gloms on, and they both go to the ground. by the eye that looks like no worse than a tie for kroft, and ties always go to the receiver. if we were to call picks this way, every other catch would be a pck bc dbs would just wrap their hands around the ball. it doesnt even matter if the db manages to get more surface area of the ball. if kroft still has it secure, its his catch. case closed. another example of 'i dont know what the fuck the ref could have seen to not make that offensive reception'
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    New England isn't the threat, it's Miami. It's funny how everyone SLOBBED up NE's defense last year, literally saying it's the best ever. They played the same weak ass schedule we did + they were facing teams at times with the worst QB situation. Miami is the team to worry about. They're rolling the dice on Tua with Fitz on a hot streak, but we all know those streaks end. Despite Josh carving them up in Miami they have revamped that defense snd they can make some plays. Offensively they've got enough weapons to stay in games. Beating New England just puts the nail in the coffin for their chances as the 7th WC. My only worry is Josh comes on overhyped and missing throws. As long as he takes care of the ball this game shouldn't be close.
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    Guy hurt his shoulder, the D line is missing a space eater to allow LB to roam. Now with Star out (space eater), we are seeing how important that space eater really is. Bills need to trade for a DT or NT that can occupy the space eating role. If Q Williams can be had...I would start there, and also look at grabbing the Giants space eater. We need help on the D line as well as at DB. At least if you can stop the run you have the ability to drop 7 in coverage.
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    He's not a bust 1 He is still hurting from the shoulder 2 The D Line is not doing it's job!
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    Just did my weekly film and study and goodness gracious. How big does Singletary and Moss need the holes to be? First Example - Singletary has two choices. Follow his lead blocker and Pro-Bowl center Mitch Morse into a hole where he only has to beat one person (the safety), or cut back into an area where he has no lead blocker and there is an array of Chiefs. What does he do? He cuts back and is immediately tackled. Second Example - Where is the damn burst? You seriously can't hit this hole and take it to the house, or at least get 20+ yards? Until I saw this play, I forgot that Singletary ran a 4.7 40-yard dash at the combine. To put that into perspective, Josh Allen ran a 4.76. Third Example - This one is on Diggs. The O-Line has everyone blocked. They're doing their job. However, Diggs gets schooled and his defender makes the tackle. Fourth Example - Another play where he has a choice of two huge holes. Option 1 sends him him into the middle of the defense, where there is 3 Chiefs d-linemen and a safety bearing down. If any of them shed their block, play over. With Option 2 you have to beat one safety and you take it to the house. Singletary chooses Option 1 and is tackled after 2 yards. Fifth Example - This is Zach Moss, who apparently has the burst of a turtle. Tackled after a couple yards. Sixth Example - In this play, he has the entire right side of the field open, but decides to hesitate and bury his head into the linemen instead of bouncing it out. This clip is animated gif and it's pretty large, so you may need to give your browser a moment or two to display it. PS - On the flea flicker, Josh had Diggs open. Angle that anywhere accurately towards the corner and he walks in for the TD.
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    This is true, sadly. I honestly believe he's compromised and is a threat to our national security. We must put our faith in GOD and trust his plan...even if it doesn't make sense to you or me.
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    Stupid redneck hick found
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    It's much worse than pathetic...it's election interference, and it's criminal. It also goes along with the Democratic platform where they plan on controlling everything and removing your rights. You will only get the info they decide to give you, they will take your guns, they will decide when to protect you or not...and that's likely the start. We have already proven to control easily with Covid because the lockdowns and mask mandates were widely accepted and abided by even though more and more it's being exposed as ineffective/harmful. It's more important than ever for Americans to stand up and stop acting like puppets and sheep.
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    That is so cool/interesting. I have no idea what he has to prove. He would be a good color (can we still say that) commentator for anyone of the networks. Take a step baack bro and be thankful you can actually take that step.
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    Traded in my Josh’s Jaqs for these for tomorrow morning...
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    I just reread the 'Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937' and the mentioned part of the Constitution. I suggest everyone read the source material. I was wrong on three counts: 1) The evil of FDR is magnitudes beyond what I previously had imagined. 2) The Constitution does not mandate a number of Supreme Court Justices. 3) FDR is not the reason for there being 9 Supreme Court Justices. But, my definition of stacking/packing was correct. What the Aquarian has done with the courts is keep his political promises and execute his duties as the President. WAY TO GO!! 4 MORE TERMS!!
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    I doubt it gets cancelled. Seems to me the Bills might get the W if the Titans are found to have been careless with their COVID protocols. I don't wanna get a win like that but it might end up being the case. League can use it as an example so teams tighten up their shit. Too early in the season and things are already starting to go downhill. Another choice might be to move the game to monday or tuesday and say buh bye to TNF with Kansas and move that one for sunday.
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    Who's behind Biden? Is that Frawd, BrokenHip, fake8 and pigslop?
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    It's amazing how the MSM gets away with this still...especially at this time where it shows real partisanship during an election. What needs to happen is for Trump to completely shut down this nonsense. Do a press briefing and play all the times he condemned or denounced racism, bigotry, and these groups so it's finally put to rest. It's almost as if they want him to do this on a daily basis. He should tell them to pound sand if they persist. Anyone that says the president is racist is simply making a baseless accusation, and this man's actions go against that moreso than Biden, Obama, Clinton, and any other president in recent memory.
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    I thought the same thing. The Bills have been dicked over by way worse calls than that (the Rams defender did wrap him up past five yards), and they would never get as much as a mention in passing. Christ, that entire game up to that point was called heavily in the Rams favor. The ridiculous INT call that started the comeback, Allen getting an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for nothing that gave LA the ball at our 35, the facemask call on the fucking QB during our last drive. C'mon.
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    yup, big market loses have to make excuses What's funny is a lot of people on TV today disagreeing with pass interference think it still was defensive holding/illegal contact. It basically would have been the same outcome from the penalty yardage. So dumb
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    Balls. 2nd Half D. Completely shut down the Jets. 4 total yards I believe. Honorable mention to Jerry Hughes who was all over the place Allen. Effective day. Close to 70%, over 300 yards. Too bad he (along with everyone else) decided to take the day off once in the red zone. Beasley. Always open. So reliable. Roberts. Back to his usual ways. A weapon in the return game. Moss. Ran with effort DK Metcalf. Not Bills related but well deserving. Did you guys see him go Usain Bolt on that int ? .... Wow! Bass. You make 6 kicks you get a ball but ... Goats Bass. When you miss kicks from 45 and specially 37 yards you get a goat. I don't care what else you did First half D. Pathetic. In synch with the previous weeks. Red zone offense. Usually a strength yesterday it was awful. Just some bad play calling and execution Refs. BS pass interference call on Hyde that led to a touchdown for them. Has anyone seen the flag that nullified the Davis TD grab ? They showed nothing on the broadcast. And I know the Hyde hit late in the game was hard and looked strong. But it was 100% legit. He turned his head away, he hit with the shoulder and into the chest. What the fuck is he supposed to do ? Allow the grab ? Penalties. BS flags or not we still got called for I think 11 no nos. That's just terrible. Needs to be cleaned up
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    That guy is a dipshit/lost cause. Ignore him. He's nuts.
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    I can tell you what side wins this battle if it comes to it. Part of me kinda hopes it does...
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    Mostly I ignore him but sometimes I get triggered. lol
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    Simple people.....if we had a top 5 defence like we did last season with our offence we win simple......we have bottom league D now....why on earth i really dont know for the huge difference now....so there it is.......This fucking team its always a mis balance between the two...every fucking year! No balance at all.....We complain of a better offence & QB play and we get it..but our defence now goes to complete shit.....ya we cant have good things....
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    I’ve said this before, but, Hip assures me this time it’s different. No path to victory. Where have I heard that before?
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    With the way our defense has been playing, our inability to get to the QB, and the way our run game has looked, it's highly possible. Our 2020 year is all of a sudden drastically shifted to a one-dimensional Josh Allen passing attack. So very odd.
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    Remember when Rex Ryan...a defensive guru supposedly...inherited a top 3 D from Marrone...and got fucking worse?
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    Could absolutely use a pass catching RB as our pass blocking has been way better than run blocking, and hopefully having that pass threat out there might alleviate some of the latter woes.
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    It’s one thing to lose. Its another to get demolished. And throw Interceptions straight into CB’s hands. And let an offense convert over and over and over and over on you.
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    They have us ranked as the 2nd best team in the entire NFL and with a big enough win tonight, possibly #1. 1. Seahawks (No. 2; 5-0): The Seahawks have made it to 5-0 for the first time ever. Far more importantly, they’ve made it back to No. 1. 2. Bills (No. 3; 4-0): Whether they hold this spot depends on whether they can win in Tennessee. If they win big enough, could they leapfrog Seattle? 3. Packers (No. 4; 4-0): They’re so good that they go up a spot even when they don’t play. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/10/13/pfts-week-six-power-rankings-3/
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    I watch Fox and CNN at the same time, and sometimes I'll watch Fox and MSNBC. I'm a fully qualified to assess the sucktitude of these news outlets.
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    “We lost our homeland we don’t want to lose America.” Miami PD Estimates More Than 30,000 Cars Participated in Anti-Communist, Latinos For Trump Caravan in South Florida (VIDEO)
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    Do you believe that would have happened here under McBeane? Some teams are disciplined. It’s like raise your kids right and you won’t have to worry about what they’re doing behind your back.
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    He's like an inconsistent QB. For every intellectual 60 yard bomb for a TD he hits on there's a dumb pick 6 waiting to happen. He's been throwing beaucoup pick 6's against Trump for a long time but gets TDs on racial issues.
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    Yeah...that's what I said. It's their job, and they volunteered. I'll keep a lookout for your brain while I'm out today...
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    you need to stop responding to him for like a week straight to establish you have reversed your previous pattern of stalking then you can go back to a NORMAL level of responding to someone, which is about one in every five posts in that topic forum i should have told you this earlier but frankly i didnt think of it. just leave him alone for a while and you can resume normal response frequency
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    if you think the majority of conservatives wouldnt celebrate the death of obama or pelosi then you live in dreamland
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    seeing the photo pisses me off
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    NY Times Story on Trump’s Tax Records Actually Proves Trump Was Telling the Truth, Blows Apart Democrat’s Conspiracies The New York Times claims they have obtained roughly twenty years worth of Trump-related tax return data, for him and hundreds of related companies that make up his organization, according to Red State. It is unclear who leaked the data and information. The New York Times claims they received the data from someone who had legal rights to the information. Although it allegedly came from someone who had a legal right to the information, this doesn’t mean they had the legal rights to share it. Speculators assume that Democrats had something to do with it, likely trying to expose Trump for what they thought would be relatively shady information, however, it appears to have backfired, as it actually proves Trump has been telling the truth. Trump has been saying that he wasn’t releasing his taxes because he was under audit. Indeed, according to the New York Times, Trump has, in fact, been under an audit for about ten years, proving he was telling the truth. From the NY Times: “But to turn that long arc of failure into a giant refund check, he relied on some deft accounting footwork and an unwitting gift from an unlikely source — Mr. Obama.” “Business losses can work like a tax-avoidance coupon: A dollar lost on one business reduces a dollar of taxable income from elsewhere. The types and amounts of income that can be used in a given year vary, depending on an owner’s tax status. But some losses can be saved for later use, or even used to request a refund on taxes paid in a prior year.” “Until 2009, those coupons could be used to wipe away taxes going back only two years. But that November, the window was more than doubled by a little-noticed provision in a bill Mr. Obama signed as part of the Great Recession recovery effort. Now business owners could request full refunds of taxes paid in the prior four years, and 50 percent of those from the year before that.” More from Red State: So, if you have any issue with the way Trump got a refund and then didn’t have to pay more, blame Barack Obama; it was perfectly legal because of the law that he signed. So Democrats really can’t attack Trump for using a law they put in place that he was perfectly entitled to use. Bottom line? I want someone who actually has the business acumen to employ what he can within the law, that’s the guy I want in charge of the economy. Another big item to put paid to Democratic collusion theories — the NY Times found no previously unknown ties to Russia in the records. Or anything apparently illegal. That was another thing which Democrats have been hoping to find and that just got blown apart big time. Now, the President has disputed the accuracy of some of what the New York Times has said. No doubt he’s bothered that someone illegally leaked the information. But seriously, not only doesn’t it seem to be troubling, it looks on first blush like it puts paid to all the Democratic conspiracy theories against him. https://www.redstate.com/nick-arama/2020/09/27/nyt-reveal-on-trumps-tax-records-actually-prove-trump-was-telling-the-truth-blow-apart-dem-conspiracies/
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    One of those games where you want to say “I was at that game!”... But no one will be able to say that, outside of reporters and personnel anyway. Really hope we’re able to have some fans for the TNF Chiefs meetup.
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    The refs knew they blew that call, which is why they paid us back with the PI call on the Rams in our last drive.
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