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    so are most of his supporters every single one of the people i know that have brains and voted for him have withdrawn their support. the dumb ones have stayed. not kidding at all. don is quite simply the dumb people's president. fortunate for him, theres TONS of stupid ass people
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    This is all such a huge waste of time and money. Russia collusion didn't stick, so now it's on to Ukraine as a last ditch effort to prevent trump from being a candidate in 2020, because the Democrats have no viable candidates. It's not so much his indescrestions as it is sour grapes and the complete shellshock that he became POTUS. If the left tried to do anything besides trying to impeach Trump over the last 3 years maybe they would have a shot. Quit whining and do something productive
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    Bells Two Hearted IPA is an old reliable favorite.
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    And now, the sounds of silence! So gently, fuck off, ye supporters of lies and corruption Fuck off, ye champions of division. and fuck off some more, inside your bubbles of grand delusion...... The definition of forum spam to me is “you’ve chosen to ignore content by ....................”
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    I don't think your layman's version is enough. You've got to go to the dumbed-down version to have any hope. And as for pulling up the Mueller report, is there a dumbed-down version of that? Even that might not be enough. It would have to be the dumbed-down, shortened, altered version of the already dumbed-down version to have any effect, it seems to me. This is the problem with Donald. He's conditioned his fan base to getting their information dumb and simple and easy to digest. That's why "MAGA" and "Mexico's going to pay for the wall" and "It's a witch hunt" and "It's a hoax" and "I'm a stable genius" and "No quid pro quo" and "Just read the transcript" work so well on Donald's sheep. Donald fans, please prove me wrong. You know I love you very, very much, but you're still employing the same discredited talking points and red herrings that Donald and his sly enablers have been feeding you and which they think you're stupid enough to believe. At what point is there an alarm bell and flashing lights going off within you that say, "Wait a minute! Does he really think that I'm THAT stupid and gullible?"
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    On another forum that I post on, somebody said something about this being politicized and the moderator pointed out that this should be about mourning the death of an athlete. My reply is, how many people died yesterday? How many were murdered? How many were parents and how many were children? Where is the public mourning? I understand that we feel an attachment to somebody that we see and hear about so often but let’s not take things completely out of perspective
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    They better....losing patience.
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    You know what this country needs? A dollar backed by silver or gold, and Politicians who spend money like it's their own, and not taxpayers.
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    Knowing how the Spaniard Conquistadors were, they likely also dealt with the more peaceful tribes like that of the protagonists of the movie with brutality as well. The founders of Christianity didn't intend for people to be converted by the sword, although the Romans also did similar to the Pagans and the other sects of Christianity that were different than the establishment version they created under Emperor Constantine.
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    Please DO NOT suggest more than the allotted two terms. The mess from from liberal heads exploding all over the country would be extensive and costly. You think San Francisco’s sidewalks are a nightmare now?
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    In a shocking development, the MAGAT brigade tells you to ignore the facts in front of you and simply worship dear leader. Embrace the crime!
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    So many pictures of both of them having a ball with the Clintons, it was all an act. Bush Sr got the war ball rolling, Clinton had his militarty actions in various places, and then after 9/11 it was full steam and no looking back, even for "nobel peace winner"(lol) Obama. Americans are easily duped. Note how Tulsi, the loan Democratic candidate who ran on a Consitutional foreign policy of no undeclared wars/no regime change/meddling, and peaceful talks instead, was railroaded by the media and her party....as you noted, worse than anyone else by far. Google too, banning her account at the height of her popularity as most searched candidate, and even Hillary defaming the honorable serviceperson. If that kind of coordinated attack doesn't tell you how much the establishment wants war, I am not sure what will. I admire her for suing both Google and Hillary, fighting like a champ to take down those who would subvert our Constitution and put her fellow soldiers needlessly in harms way. Even if I dont agree with a lot of her domestic stuff, that alone is reason to support her. Lesson is, if you are not "bought", you don't stand a chance in this facade of free elections. Convince me otherwise.
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    Trump is the biggest cancer to strike this Government. It's not Democrats or Republicans that are turning back regulations designed to protect this planet. TRUMP is doing that. TRUMP and his band of merry idiots came up with the tax plan that took thousands out of my pocket, and millions of others. TRUMP is the one spreading the bullshit conspiracies that have his cultists in an uproar over nothing real. TRUMP is the one pulling their strings by using simple insults and name calling to keep them in line. TRUMP is the one that has our allies turning their backs on us. You can't bandage your leg when the dog is still chewing on it
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    Referring to the rallies, I know the author is referencing the chants of "Lock her up" and most recently "lock him up", the blind acceptance of his lies and false statements and the cult-like atmosphere that permeates his appearances. BTW, so happy to see you take the righteous side on the murder of the Iranian
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    Well, true, but in this instance, the Republicans are in the forefront of finger pointing
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    We will see what happens, and if Brady plays for a team outside of New England. But it might not matter where he plays if he continues to decline in his play. When has Brady looked as bad as he did to end the season? He threw pick 6's in back to back games. His arm talent is not what it used to be. People in the media are afraid to criticize Brady because of what he has accomplished, but he is not the same player he was 5 years ago. If Brady doesn't retire, this season could go very badly for him.
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    Actually, the left gets A LOT of mileage out of identity politics. I get what your saying about it being the only reason, but how do you think Obama did with blacks or kenyans or 1/4 j**s? Bill Clinton went out of his way to call himself the 1st black President for that reason, lol. What % of gays do you think would vote Trump over Pete? People like this become a champion for certain groups, do they not? I dont think young Bocephus was that far off, regardless of how un-pc it sounded, lol.
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    A Hipkat post making some sense, wish you luck! In all seriousness your rigidness may be holding you back from acheiving some of your dreams. Financial markets have been on an 11 year roll. I kind of think your disdain for DT and what he represents prevented you from taking part in this opportunity which most likely will not come around in our lifetime again. Sometimes you can still keep your principals and still go along for the ride with a softer stance. Keep the faith brother.
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    I do not understand the RB talk. Let's look at the last 3 Super Bowl winners. - The Chiefs (Super Bowl winner 2020) starting RB is an undrafted RB. - The Patriots (SB winner 2019) starting RB is a guy who may be cut this offseason. - The Eagles (SB winner 2018) starting RB isn't even on an NFL roster. FFS.
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    How in the bleeping heck am *I* the first person to point out the irony of someone with a Bernie sig creating a thread with this title? I guess definitions are very subjective, but the neoclowns hath let me down. Maybe we need more Frawk instead. There's my irony to compete with what I guessed would come from the OP as I was clicking on the thread.
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    I'm surprised anyone cares. This award has been cheapened to the point of worthlessness. The President can award it to whoever he wants for whatever reason.
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    It's fairly obvious Trump is in terrible shape physically and has on set dementia and is having cognitive issues. His health has been going down hill for a while, but not excising and eating McDonalds every day will do that to you. Trump literally believe exercise is bad for you, which should come as no surprise because Trump doesn't believe in science and doesn't like to learn or read books. On the campaign trail, we learned that Trump didn’t dedicate any extra time to breaking a sweat because he believes exercise is actually harmful, according to this 2015 New York Times profile: Let’s pause to consider how remarkably backward this is. There was a time when doctors would have concurred with Trump on this. That was the Victorian era. Back then, people worried a physical activity could cause everything from exhaustion and heart palpitations, particularly in women. A century later, doctors’ thinking has moved on. Research now shows exercise is actually the closest thing we have to a miracle cure. Regular physical activity can “prevent dementia, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, depression, heart disease and other common serious conditions — reducing the risk of each by at least 30%,” according to this 2015 report on the benefits of exercise from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. “This is better than many drugs,” the authors wrote. It also helps people live longer. “Many studies give an approximate 30% risk reduction in all-cause mortality. Smoking is the biggest contributor to early mortality and years living with chronic illness and disability. Physical inactivity, through multiple mechanisms produces an effect one-third the effect of smoking.” Overall, the researchers found, regular exercise reduces cardiac death by 31 percent. So for Trump, exercise is deadly. But according to science, it’s a miracle drug. https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2017/5/9/15590962/donald-trump-thinks-exercise-will-kill-you
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    i wasnt really replying to you. as far as i recall, you arent really up dons ass like many of these people i dont get it. super dirtbag of a man. yet look at all the people follow. like a fat orange pied piper its embarrassing
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    And to top it off, you know he reads every one of these posts. He can’t help himself
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    Donald Trump’s Sham Patriotism July 23, 2016 In his bid for the White House, Donald Trump is playing many roles: law-and-order strongman, sky’s-the-limit builder, dealmaker extraordinaire. But perhaps none is more emphatic than all-American patriot. His blood pumps red, white and blue, or so he assures us. In his dreams and decisions, he sees his country above all else. “The most important difference between our plan and that of our opponent,” he told Republicans in Cleveland on Thursday night, “is that our plan will put America first.” But this lavishly professed love is a largely semantic affair. It’s fickle. It’s reckless. Under its guise, he’s apparently prepared to jettison values that really do make America great and alliances that really do keep America safer. His patriotism brims with grievances. It sulks. Last week he suggested to The Times’s David Sanger and Maggie Haberman that if Russia invaded a NATO ally that wasn’t pulling its weight financially, he might not rise to its defense. His patriotism doesn’t add up. On one hand, it leads him to echo conservatives’ longstanding charge that President Obama belittles our country by apologizing too much for it. On the other, Trump told Sanger and Haberman that he’d refrain from reprimanding allies with poor records on civil liberties because the United States is no paragon. “I don’t think we have a right to lecture,” he said. “Look at what is happening in our country. How are we going to lecture when people are shooting policemen in cold blood?” That’s a shocking statement in the context of Republican complaints that Democrats fail to appreciate and celebrate American exceptionalism. But it’s not so surprising from Trump, who excused Vladimir Putin’s criminality by saying that we Americans aren’t ones to talk. He was on “Morning Joe.” He’d been praising Putin’s strength. And when Joe Scarborough pointed out that Putin “kills journalists that don’t agree with him,” Trump responded: “Well, I think our country does plenty of killing also, Joe.” Plenty of Killing: That could have been the title of Trump’s convention speech, a pitch-black warning about a country soaked in blood. While it’s customary for politicians who are arguing for change to describe a troubled nation with an unsustainable status quo, Trump evoked a dystopia out of “The Hunger Games,” a land damned near unlovable. None of the people I call patriots see America that darkly or take such an incendiary tack. But his political strategy, like so much else in his life, is about what he deems best for Trump. It’s self that he salutes, not any flag. And while he harnessed his egoism somewhat during that speech, it raged anew on Friday, when he destroyed any momentum his remarks might have given him with a rambling, ranting, unnecessary news conference. “It was the summer of Trump,” he said, complimenting the success of his campaign. “It was the autumn of Trump. It was the Christmas of Trump. It was everything.” And he attacked Ted Cruz anew, again mentioning the National Enquirer story that linked Cruz’s father to John F. Kennedy’s assassination and saying that the Enquirer deserves more respect than it gets. There’s no easy way to judge patriotism, and I’m suspicious of two of the most commonly used yardsticks. But by both of those measures — a readiness to serve in the military and a devotion to domestically made goods — Trump isn’t much of a patriot. During the Vietnam War, he used his status as a college student to receive four draft deferments. Then he got a medical exemption — something foot-related. The malady couldn’t have been all that crippling, because when he was asked about it last year, he vaguely mentioned a bone spur but failed to recall whether it was in his right or left heel. “You’ll have to look it up,” he told reporters. His supposed regard for the military is often lip service. If it were any match for his schoolyard nastiness, it would have stopped him from dismissing John McCain’s five and a half years as a prisoner of war by saying, “I like people who weren’t captured.” And if it were any match for his situational stinginess, he would have given that big charitable donation to veterans that he’d promised before journalists had to shame him into making good on his pledge. His current vow to punish American companies that outsource jobs and to prevent them from using undocumented immigrants here in the United States rewrites his own business history, one of “putting profits, rather than America, first,” wrote The Times’s Alan Rappeport last month. “Most of his line of suits, ties and cuff links bear a ‘Made in China’ label,” Rappeport noted. “Some also come from factories in Bangladesh, Mexico and Vietnam.” Furniture in the Trump Home collection was manufactured in Turkey, and Trump Home crystal was made in Slovenia. Moreover, undocumented immigrants have worked on the construction of properties bearing (and blaring) Trump’s name. You didn’t hear any of that at the convention on Wednesday night, when the theme was in fact “Make America First Again,” a nod to Trump’s call for trade agreements with better terms for America and a foreign policy more narrowly tailored to American interests. That call has been central to his political success, as the conservative columnist Peggy Noonan observed in a column last spring. She noted that Trump’s proclamations “radiate the idea that he’s not at all interested in ideology, only in making America great again.” “He’s saying he’s on America’s side, period,” Noonan wrote, adding that neither Obama nor George W. Bush communicated that message as persuasively. Her column had the headline: “Simple Patriotism Trumps Ideology.” But there’s nothing simple about a patriotism that allows someone to brag, as Trump has done, about paying as little in taxes as he can possibly get away with, and that permits him to flout an important political tradition of candidates’ releasing their tax returns. There’s nothing simple about a patriotism that advocates torture, as Trump has also done, when our conduct in waging war is ideally what sets us apart from less principled countries and earns us the respect of the world. And there’s nothing simple about a patriotism that’s really an amalgam of nativism, racism, isolationism and xenophobia and that denies this country’s distinction as a land of fresh starts, its arms open to a diverse world. Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigrants wasn’t patriotic, nor was the Star of David in that offensive tweet. “Patriotism,” the 18th-century writer Samuel Johnson once said, “is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” It’s also a convenient cloak for a narcissist. Trump wears it shamelessly, but not so well that you can’t see through it. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/24/opinion/sunday/donald-trumps-sham-patriotism.html
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    I would agree with you in the first 4 or 5 games. KC defense was below average. However, the D for the chiefs really came on. KC has a good Defense and perhaps the best Offense in the league. SF has a top 5 defense and a good Offense. Game was pretty much balanced....couple of plays made the difference. All in all you need both to win the superbowl!
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    I don’t know where do you trump lovers come up with this fantasy that these are not impeachable offenses. That is a bunch of bullshit. It’s just another talking point that you fucking idiots use to try to keep your fantasy world viable. That’s the biggest problem with you trump lovers. You can fix things out of nowhere and then try to pass it off as being real when it’s not. It’s not the truth and your entire existence for the last three years has been trying to pretend that the truth isn’t the truth and things that are lies are the truth. It’s fucking twisted. All of your needs serious fucking mental help. Really, you’re all a bunch are sociopaths.
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    I think he is just anti social/awkward. I dont think it would be any better if he put himself out there. IMO
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    One of the problems that your side has, is this infatuation with the whistle blower and how it all went down. It doesn’t matter. The bottom line is what was revealed. Not how it was revealed. it’s like this ridiculous comment you guys keep making about how the aid eventually was sent. And I use the robbing a bank symbolism. If you hand a bank teller a note that says you’re robbing the bank but then you take the note back and you end up not robbing the bank, you’ve still committed a crime. It’s just another example of how Trump supporters avoid the bottom line
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    one more reference to an ill person in a mocking manner will get you a months time-out you cant get much more dickish than that. i can take it but im not allowing that kind of gross insensitivity toward other posters on this board go ahead. do it
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    How many hours do they let you have computer privileges at the asylum?
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    Remember when Hillary and the DNC claimed their servers were hacked by the Russians? The FBI came in and said, "Hi Hillary, can we investigate those servers?" "NO!" Hilary and the DNC basically told the FBI to go stick it, they had their own company to investigate their "Russian hacked servers." James Comey, then head of the FBI said okay. No prob. Fine with him like a nice pussy cat. Meow. INSTEAD of letting the FBI investigate the democrats alleged "Russian hacked servers," Hillary and the DNC hired CrowdStrike to do the job. CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity tech company created by a guy from... Ukraine. Ukraine is a Soviet satellite state. Hillary and the DNC paid $12 million for the Steele Dossier as admitted by even the New York Times and Washington Post. Christopher Steele is the MI-6 British agent that created a bogus "dossier" that nobody with a sane brain believed. The Steele Dossier (about women peeing on a bed) was used as the PRIMARY source of "evidence" to get a warrant to spy on Carter Page and candidate Trump. President Trump specifically mentioned CrowdStrike in his phone call. As President Trump says, read the transcript.
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    "We must impeach Trump because he won in 2016, to protect our corrupt buddies no longer in office, and he's undoing our Globalist agenda!" - Every Democrat Hack in Front of a Microphone
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    this thread needs some vagineck, stat
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    Apparently, Donald also seems to be under the impression that whoever invented the wheel needs protecting as well. Whoever he was died even longer ago than Edison, as in maybe tens of thousands of years ago during the time of the caveman. (This of course includes Raquel Welch, the Flintstones, etc.) That's just a hell of an intellect that Donald possesses. I think I've been completely wrong about him all this time and now believe he should be appointed dictator for life.
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    it looks blindingly obvious if what this guy did is ok then wheres the fucking line? whats not ok? i though shooting someone in times square was a metaphor we're already way over the line as it is if we care about being a conscious society. hes a feeding leach of a person as he keeps his country destroying agenda up. but i guess thats a different debate. this is just part of his being a jerk who should not be followed of course we have enough evidence and testimony. way more than enough. but hes got the most powerful chair in the room and hes going to wring every exploit he can out of it. the gop will pull whatever strings they conjured and pull off the win truth: war is going to become the easiest option for him to buy the election. hes already demonstrated his concern for lives is when its convenient to him. its one of the things i hate so much about him. its such a douche way to act at life. serious consequences to your kharma, i would hope the logic of conviction is easy. the laws exists and he clearly violated them. unfortunately, i expect the political maneuvering to give it to don, the worst possible result more violation of the country. i would just give up on people ever listening for a while. you hope something changes in the future to get people to rise up against him. he leaves a highly destructive path in his wake gotta admit. it sucks. and it definitely hurts you. as a citizen. you choose it, you deserve it. i guess
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    Good! I’ve met my goal. Now let’s see how many people I can run off from here. And what was I just saying about Trump lovers being assholes? Keep reading my stuff. Maybe one day it’ll fucking sink in
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    Heck yeah Josh Allen does....but doesn't someone already have him? Jungle maybe? I'm trying to remember if people were allowed to keep their AAB more than a season originally or if they had to keep re-drafting...I think the latter. But eventually people who remembered the tradition which was no longer formally held kept their AAB as long as they wanted, being it was no longer an official event, and just picked whenever they wanted as long as the player was not already taken. I think enough old time members, as long as more recent fans who like the idea, might be in support if we start doing it again. I had a campaign to make the Range again, and it can be done without spending any money. With the aid of Meathead(our version of Yoda), an updated TOS will be released as well, to keep things more orderly, and to make things more constructive. But AAB draft(as well as a pick 'em league, though NFL.com got rid of theirs last season) are some of the things I intend to get brought back. I did deliver on getting that headbanging emoji that Daryl loves back with help from Woody, and would like to bring back the no cost improvements that could Make the Range Great Again!
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    I meant the voters on the fence. I think I might have worded that wrong
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    I can't believe snl is still trolling the airwaves. Should have been canceled years ago.
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    That's why I like Matt Breida in free agency. Breida is 5'11" and 195 lbs and has 4.38 40 speed, so he can take it to the house on any touch. Breida is a restricted free agent but I doubt San Francisco will designate him with a 1st round or 2nd round tender because it increases the money they have to pay him, even though they get back a 1st round or 2nd round draft pick as compensation. I wouldn't mind drafting a big physical RB in the mid to late rounds as well to compete with TJ Yeldon and Christian Wade.
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    It could be argued that it means nothing, but both Kansas City (LT Eric Fisher) and San Francisco (LT Joe Staley) have 1st round draft picks at Left tackle. In addition, San Fran has Mike McGlinchey at their RT spot. Who also was a 1st round pick (9th overall). KC has Mitchell Schwartz at RT, who was a 2nd round pick. Both teams have a lot of good players, as well as Top Tier Quarterbacks. But is it a coincidence they have 1st round draft picks at their Tackle spots? . Build the OLine.
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    Dawkins actually, by many film analyzers, had a very very solid year at LT. He definitely sticks there. Are we willing to let Spain walk to just slide Ford to LG/RG (and move Feliciano to LG) and hope it all works out? We'd be then having to draft another rookie RT to split time with Nsekhe again. I bet we give the Ford/Nsekhe split at RT another year. Hopefully Ford improves and proves he can be serviceable at RT.
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