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    No Bills player has ever given me palpitations like Allen has. He is so close to becoming elite. Just want him to cut out the boneheaded throws into double coverage. Im sure @CBennett will conveniently ignore this positive Allen post though.
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    I gotta give you credit. You didn’t go conservative. You went bombs away when you usually would try to run out the clock. Im proud of you McD!!!!!
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    Titans scare the shit out of me if we can't stop the run. That's all they do.
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    On the drive where Bass missed the short field goal You'll have to be more specific
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    Just a reminder that the man pictured below is now on Tampa Bay's practice squad.
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    I could watch this on repeat ALL day. Looks like the perfect girl for HipKat!
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    I thought the same thing. The Bills have been dicked over by way worse calls than that (the Rams defender did wrap him up past five yards), and they would never get as much as a mention in passing. Christ, that entire game up to that point was called heavily in the Rams favor. The ridiculous INT call that started the comeback, Allen getting an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for nothing that gave LA the ball at our 35, the facemask call on the fucking QB during our last drive. C'mon.
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    yup, big market loses have to make excuses What's funny is a lot of people on TV today disagreeing with pass interference think it still was defensive holding/illegal contact. It basically would have been the same outcome from the penalty yardage. So dumb
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    When I saw that San Diego was going to punt in overtime, I just had to shake my head. Why in gods name would you give the ball back to the Super Bowl champions when all they have to do is kick a field goal? Just stupid coaching
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    Why do they always go all in on these loser criminals who deserve what they get? Its Mike brown all over again. Literally just robbed a store but they rioted cause he "was a good boy". Meanwhile cops actually DO kill innocents everyday and no one cares. They need to pick their battles better.
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    That's a huge crowd by Joe30330 standards.
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    They're definitely recruiting from the bottom of the genetic pool which makes sense because once their usefulness is over so are they and no one will miss them.
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    Karma's a bitch. They were gifted a trip to the Super Bowl with that bogus non PI call vs. the Saints. Those fucking refs.
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    Exactly. The evidence or "game tape" showed an immensely talented player but very raw and flawed. I thought he had the highest potential of all the QBs in that draft class. But I also thought he had far and away the lowest floor. I thought he was too much of a project and would probably never reach that high ceiling. I wanted Rosen because I thought he would be ready right away (although a lower cieling) and we could be a contender faster with a solid defense and running game.
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    One of those games where you want to say “I was at that game!”... But no one will be able to say that, outside of reporters and personnel anyway. Really hope we’re able to have some fans for the TNF Chiefs meetup.
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    The refs knew they blew that call, which is why they paid us back with the PI call on the Rams in our last drive.
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    Here I thought it was going to be a LiterateStylish posting. Nice article anyway.
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    Exactly. Funny how they don’t get brutalized constantly every day. Just black people. IDK, cops are weird, huh?
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    I agree with two separate forums. People that wanted to come here to talk about Ginsburg would have known where to find the thread
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    id like to be the first to despise having to congratulate President Criminal Enterprise Shit Pile on his reelection liberalism has lost its fucking mind BLM. LeBron James. our perpetually lying click based "journalism". Antifa. Marianne Williamson. Berkeley. NAACP. Virtue signalling addicted white enablers. The Democratic party. YOU PEOPLE did this. not russia, this time. not a hubris entitlement drunk bitch of a former secretary of state making a string of stupid ass mistakes. it was YOU PEOPLE you are driving the majority of people to vote for this flaming asshole criminal AGAIN simply because you keep lying your ass off about cops and black people in four years you will look back at the smouldering ruins of whats left of our country and realize your mistake. you are too far gone to see it now. so congratulations you mother fucking piece of vile evil sewer sludge
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    Kamala - Biden 2020 debates and Democrat primary tours. That has to be anything more humiliating. Oh, I'm sorry. Am I deflecting again?
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    Victor7 had to go to the emergency room because his erection lasted way longer than 4 hours.
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    He's all over the field doing everything. It affects some kinds of accuracy. Hell remember those misses and play it differently next time. It's gonna take allen to beat these upcoming good teams. Where would you rather be...
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    For sure - it’s frustrating to watch someone with so much potential not fulfill it. JA has big time potential - I’m confident he will raise a Lombardi trophy for the Bills.
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    It’s not even funny anymore. You guys are going to push this poor guy, who’s clearly not well, into the Presidency? It’s sad
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    Problem is that Allen DOES N0T shy away from contact and when you aren't a natural RB, you are going to fumble. Allen needs to watch Russell Wilson when it comes to running as a QB. Plus, the Bills need to stop these called QB sweeps in the field of play. They should only call these types of plays near the goal line.
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    The more breakdowns I see, the more I realize that the Jets beat themselves as much (or more) than we beat them. Watch this... Crowder had his guy beat by 6 yards.
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    Put your broad brush back in the bucket, Hip. Not everyone is Bowman and America was rife with assholes long before Trump got here. The only difference is nowadays people see politics as some kind of sports rivalry where they have to rub shit in each others faces because they think their team is better than the other. Trumpsters see the left/#NeverTrumpers/etc in a similar light. Trumpsters view those folks as wimpy, whiney adult babies who have autistic outbursts when someone or something deviates from their ideals. You'll realize they're not any better than Trumpsters if you take a step back and pay attention to how they behave. Neither side is innocent of wrong doing. If everyone would go back to thinking for themselves and stop fighting over a government that doesn't give a crap about them I think we'd get to a better place. We ought to be helping each other out instead of sitting back and letting the government take care of things that we can do ourselves.
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    Man, you go out of your way to put a negative slant on things. Because, trump. Gotta start somewhere. Work on other nations, getting them on board, until the Palestinians come to the table. Instead of getting Palestinians on board first. Which, of course, hasn’t worked for umpteen years.
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    Just saying - Patrick Mahomes needs to get better quick.
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    So we are bashing a rookie who has not played a snap in the NFL yet? Perhaps it could be as simple as the Bills have one of the best Defensive Lines in the NFL, and quite a bit of depth. Bills pretty much have a D line 1 and D line 2 where there is almost no drop off in play with the rotational guys. Also Star is out as well. Perhaps the Bills drafted Epenesa because he was a very good DE/DT guy but plan on using him to replace a guy like Murphy next year. Draft is taking the best player available unless you have a big pressing need. I think the Bills scored a 1st round talent with Gabriel Davis in the 4th....so there is that. I think if this years WR class was not so star studded, Davis could of been picked in the first round. Perfectly fine with sitting rookies till they are ready....and having a tremendous amount of depth is always a good thing. Just like picking Fromm when we didn't exactly need a QB...but depth is always nice to have.
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    This take is so shocking coming from you... 🙄😒
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    I care, but we're talking about the Bills here. They will have moments of brilliance and moments when they can't get out of their own way. Not much we can do.
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    I hope I’m wrong but I could see Diggs being the decoy this game and Brown/Beasley feasting.
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    I don't think she has much of a case. The cum stains were tested and were determined to be too deteriorated to trace back to an individual.
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    From what I've read about why Miami released him, the word is he cannot react to the defense fast enough, similar to when EJ Manuel was scouted as having "slow eyes". If this is true, he'll never make it because he doesn't have the instincts to play QB at the speed of the game in the NFL. All the other stuff about his personality is nonsense. The reason he's only on a practice squad and headed towards the end of his career is strictly based on the fact that like many other college QBs, he is unable to handle the speed at the NFL level. It doesn't take very long for NFL coaches & GMs to figure that out about a QB. That's why 2 teams & every other team in the league don't think he's worth a spot on an active roster.
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    theres more good black folks in the hood than bad so this possibility isnt that surprising its just that the bad ones are REAALLY bad and it only takes one to make life miserable for like 20-50 of the good ones. and when the bad ones group up into gangs now youre really torturing those communities but things might not be like they seem. we dont know the affiliations of these guys. they cant be that good if they are repeatedly street stomping a guy already being held down. this could have been rival gangs doling out the punishment just because the opportunity was there. i certainly hope it was in support of the cop, but consider me dubious
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    Hipkat you need to condemn Dame Bigot Harris first. Then we may listen to you. Educate yourself. I long for a contrarian learned mind.
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    A lot of people wanted Rosen over Allen, myself included. Beane clearly got it right, they fell in love with Allen’s potential and personality/willingness to put in the work...whereas Rosen came in acting like a finished product...now he’s just finished lol youre lying to yourself if you think Rosen got a fair shot his first 2 years in the league though, if the same situation was done to a black QB first round pick, everybody would be screaming racism
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    There is not one politician in D.C. that cares about or understands the American Worker. All they know is how to squeeze us for as much as they can get.
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    ok lets get hyped ... https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2020/9/2/21418718/watch-kyle-brandt-of-gmfb-wants-to-know-if-the-bills-are-a-juggernaut
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    I think NFL players will be wearing names of “victims” on their helmets. Will the NFL allow players to wear the names of killed cops on their helmets? If not, ............
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    Exactly!! this has perplexed me for years there are PLENTY of examples of police brutality and incompetence ending up in a good black man being dead. good men of ANY race end up dead the same ways how about the black guy christmas shopping through walmart, carrying a pellet gun and talking on the phone. cops get a call that a man is walking thru the store with a gun. cops arent even on the scene two minutes and they open fire killing this man. he was a law abiding family man. sorry, no link, but shouldnt be hard to find now THAT is the kind of guy you build a protest movement around. but is that the guy that creates outrage? hell the fuck no. it SHOULD be. but for some reason they pick the losers to take a stand on treyvon martin - junior gangster thug in training. went to buy ingredients to make purple drank, getting expelled from school for fighting when he wasnt skipping, caught with a big ass screwdriver used to jimmy windows open and a bag a jewelry he was "holding for a friend" (lol), thought a white guy was following, absolutely hated white people, so he turned around and walked AWAY from his fathers home that he could see and get to safely, instead choosing to head in the opposite direction so he could viciously attack the hispanic he thought was white and bash his head on the concrete michael brown - you all know that story, too. another angry gangster just looking for a fight and dreams about killing a cop (thats gotta be your dream if youre willing to reach into a cops own car to steal his gun) we could go on and on, name after name after name of violent criminals that are used as shining examples of pillars of the community that cops hunt for sport in cold blood /s WHY DO THEY PICK THESE LOSERS when we have plenty of examples from within all races if we want to go after police brutality, which we should?!? i dont get it
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    Bills football in only 2 weeks from today!!!! I’m excited!!!! THIS. IS. THE. YEAR!
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