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    He is not a likable guy.
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    No shit, 50 years ago these people would be in state run mental facilities. These people are not stable Oregon Governor Kate Brown recently dropped all reading, writing and math proficiency standards for high school graduation, because she claimed it was unfair to “people of color” for them to have to pass tests in order to graduate {Go Deep}. Expecting black, brown and latino students to comprehend math and write in coherent sentences is racist – or so goes the policy. Governor Brown also mandated that masks continue be worn indoors and outside regardless of vaccine status (link). Historically, there has been a solid argument that leftism is a mental disorder; at least the vast majority of those who espouse leftist worldviews do -indeed- appear to have some cognitive impairment the vast majority of non-leftist people do not relate to. Slowly, as the years have progressed, it is now entirely possible to look at a person and predict their political persuasion. This is Oregon Governor Kate Brown today: This is not normal. You cannot convince me these are stable minded people. A person of reasonable mental disposition, particularly a person in a position of significant leadership, does not engage in behavior like this. This is what weird people do. I feel it is important to let people know where CTH stands on this type of behavior; I’m not sure why, but it must be said. This is not normal… at all.
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    Share your 2021 harvest pics. I took this Buck the second day with my 35 remington. I cast and load my own ammo.
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    I don't think there's much you can do from a personnel standpoint. There's nobody worth looking at in FA'cy. The Bills could try activating Brieda or calling up Antonio Williams. A Moth/Brieda or a Moth/Williams combo might get you a couple more yards. Hell, throw Brieda/Williams in there. Change things up completely. Putting more emphasis on the running game could help. You can't really get a rhythm if you only get eight carries a game.
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    It really says a lot about a person that would knowingly put others at risk. He openly mocked Biden for wearing a mask after he tested positive. He most likely exposed a Gold Star family, his family, members of the media and his own staff.
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    Awesome, coming from the guy who sucks on Biden's old wrinkled nutsack while crying about the bad, bad Orange Man as Rome burns in the background.
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    You spent 4 years thinking Hillary was the President and it was rigged. How many times did we have to read that the orange man was an agent of the Russian. Come on man...What's changed your tune jack. Could it be your blind love for your push-up champion President.
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    Is the season over? I think each game is not a cake walk anymore. We are definitely going to lose to the Saints and Bucs. And I'm not sure if Bills can even beat the bottom feeder teams at this point.
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    A huge part of the problem has been no emotion. Playing with emotion, effort, urgency W/O significant change to play calling would do the trick. punch them in the fucking mouth.
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    Bills are losing this game. Beginning of the end although that started vs Tenn
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    you could feel the whole stadium shake with each footfall
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    On Monday night. FUCK 50 mph gusts? Are you kidding? Well I guess the Bills offense is FUCKED.
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    That sounds terrible. At least you'll have the Sabres to fall back on.
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    That's why I call it a sham. Science as we know it has been thrown out the window and anyone who is qualified to speak up about it gets cancelled. I can't believe people are still out to lunch with this shit.
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    @Philly'sFinest So where exactly did I say "I have credible evidence"? You know, they make screen readers and speech to text for people with special needs. You may find this technology very helpful in overcoming your disabilities.
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    You are dismissed... ‘The vaccines do work:’ Trump says he’s proud of the coronavirus vaccines but rejects any mandates “The vaccines do work,” he said on the “John Fredericks Show,” a conservative talk radio program. “And they are effective. So here’s my thing: I think I saved millions and millions of lives around the world. We would have had another Spanish flu.” “And now countries are using our vaccines, and it’s tremendous,” Trump added. “It’s tremendously successful.” Trump Encourages His Supporters To Get COVID-19 Vaccine, Within Limits of 'Freedoms' "I would recommend it, and I would recommend it to a lot of people that don't want to get it. And a lot of those people voted for me, frankly. But, you know, again, we have our freedoms and we have to live by that, and I agree with that also," Trump said during an interview with Fox News on Tuesday. "But it's a great vaccine, it's a safe vaccine, and it's something that works." Alabama crowd boos when Trump encourages Covid vaccines Donald Trump was booed by crowds in Alabama at his “Save America” rally when he recommended they get vaccinated against Covid. The former president told his supporters: “I believe totally in your freedoms, I do, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. But I recommend take the vaccines.” His suggestion was met with boos, as can be heard in a video shared by Vox journalist Aaron Rupar on Twitter. Mr Trump still insisted that vaccines are “good” and encouraged them to get the jab. “You’ve got your freedoms,” he said. “But I happened to take the vaccine.”
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    Who gives a flying fuck about what Matt Cassel has to say?
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    It's the same reason why unrestricted welfare is a bad idea. Traditional true charity is met with gratitude since the donors were under no obligation to provide such. Forced thievery on the citizens, such as huge social programs, is met with scorn and increasing demands from the recipients since they have no incentive to earn on their own and feel entitled to an equivalent lifestyle to the people who are being stolen from. If we were in Yellowstone Park you may simply translate my post as: "Don't feed the bears."
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    No excuses. Bills better beat the living shit out of the Pats. Time to send them back to the depths of mediocrity from which they never should've come out of.
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    I know what it is, and Trump isn’t and we were never on the verge of becoming fascist country. Religion and government in America has always been intertwined it’s in our POA and our Motto. Lol
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    Wow. A call out thread.... HipKat Derangement Syndrome
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    They glorify welfare recipients and demonize successful hard working people.
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    I am confident that our best team would beat their best team, 9 times out of 10. Whether our best team bothers to show up to the game is an entirely different question. We play them twice in December and that will likely decide the division.
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    eat shit loser, you were wrong, plain and simple. like your tedious posts. you subscribe to the politics of ball licking. it suits you.
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    They put themselves in an “ANYONE BUT TRUMP” mindset, so it really doesn’t matter to them what happens. Trumps out. That’s all that matters…..sad. im too lazy to look, but people here have actually made that exact statement, it’s not like it’s my opinion.
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    Is because of these two worthless clowns. Bobby 'Bonehead' Johnson and Kelly 'The Whale' Skipper. How come the media do not criticize these two bozos for not getting the job done? They should be fired if the o-line and running game continues to be utter dog shit.
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    Yeah sure bud, you guys were in the minority and even if you weren't you all now bear responsibility for this shit show that has happened in under a year.
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    Neither did I. A bunch of fat asses frolicking on federal property is the worst crime. EVER!!! Horned helmet guy requested organic food whilst in prison. Not An antifa plant at all!!
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    I know but the fact that the Dumbocrats put Reagan ahead of Biden just really drives home the point of how bad Biden sucks.
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    Yup!! It’s my favorite when an atheist throws the Bible verses at you in an argument. They almost always use it in the wrong context. All those years of acid and bong hits and living on the celestial plane lol. Wait that’s SJ
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    Mac Jones can twist it any way he wants. Burrow is better right now.
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    Jesse Lee Peterson is the man. By the way, where's @HipKat to tell us that it was all true and we just needed to look really hard at the Mueller Brief? LOL
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    Yeah he gets out of that low gear quick. Its especially evident in those plays where he had to change direction. Dinglebary & Moth get mobbed when they try that.
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    BuT oUr DefEnSe hElD tHem t00000 jUsT 9 PoInTs!
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    Thats not really the world. That's like 4 people.
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    It is insane that Bruce Smith had 200 sacks in his career, and had 13 seasons with DOUBLE digit sacks.
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