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  2. I'm actually more upset at the inaccuracy of the throw than him "missing" Knox. Watch the whole play, not just the stills Lit posts. When Knox comes open Allen is not looking there. But once he does he throws a bad ball that Knox has to stop and wait for which ends up giving the defender enough time to make a play. If the throw is accurate and towards the sideline Knox makes the catch (I guess, you know, drops) and the defender has no shot at it. And please stop with the Barkley should start nonsense. Dude was unemployed before we called him up. I like him, he's good to have around. But he's not the answer. We ride or die with Allen for better or worse. If he balls then awesome and if he sucks then the sooner OBD finds out and decides to pull the plug the better.
  3. You can't do that whole they beat the Eagles who beat us thing. I just saw a meme doing those flips and it ends up with Miami beating the Jets who in turn beat the Cowboys and so on all the way up to the Pats so then Miami is the best !!! We beat the Titans who just beat the Chiefs too. It just doesn't work that way. Like I said. I expect us to lose that game. But I don't think its a done deal. Only NE and Bmore are IMO.
  4. Jungle I am starting to think you are McDermott's burner account...we can't keep defending Allen it shouldn't have come down to two field goals if he just makes the damn throws.
  5. You can complain about both. For sure Allen left points all over the field. That still doesn't excuse the 13 carries Daboll called on a day we faced a shitty run defense.
  6. I dont. Really. I watch every single second of every Bucs game. And I can tell you about those stats. They have a lunatic defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, who blitzes more than Rex Ryan. Ridiculous all out blitzes and he leaves the Bucs corners in single coverage all game long. Hargraves was by far the Bucs best cover guy, but like the rest of them on that team, they are being asked to do an impossible job. He has good ball skills and quickness. He is a gambler and a very good tackler. He's a bit of a jerk, which is why he got released, but we are in no position to be picky. He is a major upgrade on Wallace. I dont care was some random analytic stat machine says.
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  8. That information is not correct. There was no deadline of September 30. He’s actually using that Kate from something completely different. Even so, because there is no specified date and the crane ask for that money over the summer, he admittedly withheld payment until they would conduct his investigation House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita Lowey added a provision to a House stopgap spending bill to ensure the 2019 Ukraine funds would remain available after the Sept. 30 end of the fiscal year. The White House informed lawmakers Sept. 11 that it was releasing the money.
  9. Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images With one more game being added to the “not great on offense” side of the ledger, let’s check in on one of the easier targets for fingerpointing If there’s one thing football fans love, it’s finger pointing after a loss. And where better to point a finger than the starting quarterback? Let’s cut to the chase, we have lots of GIFs and a special “treat” for any gluttons for punishment at the end of this one. Let’s rip apart Josh Allen’s performance against the Cleveland Browns. Play 1 On the first play on offense the Buffalo Bills go for the kill. I’m completely on board with that decision. A few trends that appeared throughout the day started right from the get go. The Browns had good success with pressuring Allen, plays often appeared designed to have relatively few reads to beat the pressure, and Allen was often closer than the broadcast angle made it look. Speaking candidly, well...writing candidly, I think this is an overthrow even without the pass interference. The receiver is held up, though, and who knows if a couple extra steps and dive might have made this an even bigger gain. Another theme here is that a single play could have put Allen over 300 yards like so many of us would like to see at least once. Play 2 Fans who felt that a few plays were “too cute” for the Bills’ own good have a good argument. To be fair to Allen, the play he selected was there to be had and of the options it’s arguably even the best one. A bad throw causes an incompletion, though. With two receivers past the sticks it’s a shame (in hindsight) that Allen only quickly swept to his right then locked into the sideline play. Again, I have a hard time feeling it was a bad decision because the play was there. Ultimately the point of this GIF is to demonstrate a common All-22 occurrence. All too frequently you can find a BETTER play in hindsight, and it becomes tempting to think of the actual play as a bad one. This was a good play sunk due to execution. Play 3 Like above, if Allen had been looking right instead of left there’s a play to be had. Also like above, the path taken wasn’t a bad choice. Brown isn’t wide open but he has a shot. To me it seems he starts tracking a little early and mistimes his jump. Had he kept going full speed and timed his jump a little better we’re celebrating this one. Don’t get me wrong about the finger pointing. Allen isn’t blameless, it’s just not a terrible ball or terrible decision. Play 4 Allen had a few too many plays where I didn’t love his response to pressure and here’s a great example of one. On first down that large chunk to Cole Beasley is right in front of his face and would cleanly negate the pressure. Instead he dances around, the play is disrupted and it’s a bad throw. It was credited to Beasley but could have been to Knox. Either way, as the GIF notes, it was off target. On a side note, I know I defend Patrick DiMarco and Lee Smith more than probably anyone and this game only made me dig my heels in harder. There were several plays for each where they were not only wide open but arguably the best play available. On this play, right as Allen starts to get into trouble, Smith is at the sideline for an easy pitch-and-catch for about seven yards. It’s cut off in this angle, but he reacts quickly and moves upfield in case he needs to block. Play 5 To beat the pressure the Bills did appear to rely on predetermined plays a number of times. This one is evident as Allen stares down the receiver immediately. It’s another one where going frame-by-frame allows me to show you how easy it is to nitpick. In reality this is an excellent play. It’s a crisp play that’s possible thanks to Allen’s velocity. It’s a good throw, made with good timing, following a good decision. Play 6 Quick pressure completely disrupted several potentially game-changing plays. Allen is hit while he “throws” and he’s lucky his hand was moving forward to register this as an incompletion. There’s maaaaaybe a play to be made at the sideline before the pressure hits, but the route gives me some doubts this was a realistic option. If Allen steps up or has just a little more time the worst case is a chunk play to Devin Singletary on first down. Based on Allen’s eyes, he’s either looking there or for Tyler Kroft. A gentle lob is a touchdown. To rub salt in the wounds, the GIF also shows how easy a touchdown to Brown would have been as well. This was followed by a play where the receiving options weren’t able to break free as cleanly and a great defensive play broke up a pass to McKenzie. That was followed by a designed roll to the right, which took every play off the table EXCEPT for McKenzie who was covered well. Allen still managed to put a near-perfect pass to the back corner of the end zone considering the circumstances. With the play breaking down, McKenzie’s improvisation didn’t sync up well and it fell incomplete. Then Stephen Hauschka missed a field goal. Play 7 Another near miss. For what it’s worth, it’s my opinion that Allen took the absolute best option available and delivered a catchable ball. Andre Roberts dives when he should have just ran through the route. It impacts how he tries to catch the ball and it bounces off his chest. Play 8 Sometimes a tiny thing can sink you. Allen again doesn’t handle the pressure well and tries to roll out with his tight end rather than softly lob the ball ahead of him. Cole Beasley is also a viable option. Play 9 If there was one thing that caught me completely by surprise it was how close Allen was on deep balls. The only one that was egregiously bad was overthrowing a double-covered Beasley. You’d have a very difficult time convincing me this isn’t completely on McKenzie. Two body position cues associated with deceleration are evident from the available angles. Allen’s ball lands just ahead of McKenzie perfectly in line with where his route was taking him. Summary Overall, I liked Josh Allen’s game better than I thought I would. There were a few bad passes, but no “WTF” passes. There were a few bad decisions. A few panic moments under pressure. Collectively, though, Allen made good decisions and attempted the best play available. Offsetting the miscues were several “wow” throws, including a few that are only possible with a little extra heat. I was also pleasantly surprised to see how narrow the margins were on those deep balls. Now for that treat I promised. If you don’t mind misspellings, errors, and idiosyncratic shorthand I’ve attached my notes on Allen for this game below. If they don’t cover every pass it’s very close. Notes - Allen vs. Browns.pdf View the full article
  10. First of all, you’re nothing but a fucking troll who’s been here for two weeks and every single post you’ve been attacking me so you have no credibility, suck my fat white dick. As a matter of fact, since you’re so infatuated with me, I’ll be glad to send you a picture so you got something to fucking toss off to every night @SackMan518 look, you’re reading articles online. I’m talking to the actual farmers every single day. I can only go by what they’re telling me.
  11. Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports Buffalo’s offensive rookies go underutilized against the Browns The Buffalo Bills lost 16-19 to the Cleveland Browns in a game that saw a severe lack of offensive prowess from Buffalo. While Stephan Hauschka missed two field goals, it didn’t help that Brian Daboll and the offensive coaches made some baffling coaching and lineup decisions, including limiting rookie Devin Singletary’s touches, despite having limited success on the ground. More about how each rookie performed against Cleveland below. DT Ed Oliver Oliver continues to see his snaps reduced in the hopes that doing so will improve the team’s debilitating run defense. As such, the rookie didn’t accumulate any actual stats, although he did his job more often than not. As the team still hasn’t solved the run defense problems, it’ll be interesting to see if Oliver’s snaps change moving forward. OT Cody Ford The rookie continued to share starting snaps with Ty Nsekhe after being out with an injury against Washington. Ford’s day was mostly positive overall, thanks to being given extra blocking support if and when Myles Garrett lined up in his vicinity. He also had some signature down blocks on the defensive tackle that aided some short Devin Singletary runs. The only blemish really was during the third quarter, after the rookie lost ground to Chad Thomas and gave up a sack of Allen. RB Devin Singletary With only eight rushing attempts for 42 yards (5.3 yards per carry) fans were justifiably dismayed at the rookie’s usage on the field. The plan seemed to be to utilize Singletary in the short passing game, challenging Cleveland’s linebackers and safeties to tackle him one-on-one. They seemed to be up for that challenge, as the running back was targeted seven times in the passing game, but none went for more than seven yards. TE Dawson Knox Knox had a productive day with four catches for 55 yards, but his day could have been even better had he come down with a long back-shoulder catch in the first quarter. The rookie tight end continues to struggle with drops. Another missed opportunity came late in the game, during the team’s second touchdown drive. Knox ran a fantastic route, with defenders getting tangled up, and found himself wide open in the end-zone. Had Allen thrown with better anticipation and more force, Knox would have been celebrating a touchdown. LB Vosean Joseph The former fifth-round linebacker remains on injured reserve following shoulder surgery. S Jaquan Johnson Johnson was active in Cleveland, but only for his role on special teams. TE Tommy Sweeney With the return of Tyler Kroft, Sweeney was again a healthy scratch this week against the Browns. DE Darryl Johnson Last week’s reduction of Johnson’s snaps to the single digits became a trend Sunday against Cleveland. It seems the coaches are intent in not exposing Johnson’s lack of ability to hold the edge in the run game. Johnson remains one of the team’s mainstays on special teams coverage. View the full article
  12. Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images Fans of the Bills are understandably frustrated with the team’s offense The Buffalo Bills are nine games into the 2019 season, but plenty of questions still remain around the team’s lack of production on offense. There are plenty of factors that contribute to the team’s issues, and many are discussed as part of today’s links. Howard Picks the Bills: Week 11 | WGR 550 SportsRadio “The picks this week take quite the swing after Buffalo's 19-16 loss to the Browns” Bills seem to ignore obvious by ignoring ground game – The Buffalo News "Run the football. This is no longer a suggestion from Buffalo Bills fans desperate for even the tiniest sliver of hope for an offense that makes scoring seem like climbing Mount Everest. This is a plea." (Subscription required.) Bills film room: The Browns beat Josh Allen with their pressure schemes and provided a blueprint – The Athletic The Browns blitzed Josh Allen on 41 percent of his dropbacks, using a variety of bluffs and edge pressures to get him off his game. (Subscription required.) For Bills to make playoff run, offense must start pulling its weight - Buffalo Bills- ESPN With Josh Allen struggling to complete deep throws and the offense sputtering, the Bills are in danger of squandering their promising 6-2 start. Bills and Patriots Week 16 game finally gets date/time as part of NFL triple-header - newyorkupstate.com The Bills fell to the Patriots 16-10 in their first match-up this season. Bills All-22 Review: Josh Allen’s regression holds back Bills, and is it time for a change at defensive end? – The Athletic Old habits return for Allen, and it might be time to consider decreasing Trent Murphy's snaps. (Subscription required.) Buffalo Bills ‘will be lucky to finish with a winning record’ (Week 11 power rankings) - newyorkupstate.com The Bills moved to 6-3 following a 19-16 loss to the Browns. Featured on Buffalo Rumblings Circling the Wagons: Buffalo Bills fall short to Cleveland Browns, 19-16 - Buffalo Rumblings Let’s recap this game and find out who’s to blame. Buffalo Bills game at New England Patriots flexed to Saturday afternoon - Buffalo Rumblings The game will be the middle of three nationally televised games. Opinion: This loss hurts so much because the Bills are “in between” - Buffalo Rumblings What doubts you had are only reinforced. Buffalo Bills stuck in the middle of Week 11 power rankings - Buffalo Rumblings The Bills can’t gain traction in a big loss to Cleveland. View the full article
  13. Photo by Bill Wippert/NHLI via Getty Images Sabres return from Sweden in midst of slump The Buffalo Sabres are back from Sweden, and it’s time to get back to the business of the NHL regular season. After picking up two losses to the Tampa Bay Lightning in the past few days, the Sabres will return to action on Thursday. Before we get there, here’s a few things we can take away from their recent trip: 1. They’re (still) having offensive troubles. Sam Reinhart knows how to score goals. Jack Eichel is pretty good at hockey. So is Jeff Skinner. But overall, the Sabres are still having trouble finding depth scoring. In order for the team to succeed, you need more players stepping up offensively - particularly among the forwards. Victor Olofsson scored in Saturday’s loss, but aside from that, it’s been far too long since any of the other forwards on the team have scored. (The last was Vladimir Sobotka, back on October 24.) Not great. 2. Special teams could use some polishing up. The Sabres allowed one power-play goal in Friday’s loss to the Lightning, and failed to capitalize on two advantages of their own. Things were even worse on Saturday, as Buffalo gave up two power-play goals to Pat Maroon and Victor Hedman. They again failed to capitalize on either of their own advantages. Head coach Ralph Krueger was quick to point out that both the power play and penalty killing units let the team down this weekend. Overall, the Sabres still have the fifth-best power play in the league (25.0%), but their penalty killing has dropped significantly. - now at 77.1%, 24th overall in the league. (For comparison’s sake, San Jose’s penalty kill is running at 91.2%, while Pittsburgh has the best penalty kill in the Eastern Conference, at 87.5%). 3. It turns out Victor Oloffson can score at even-strength! Finally, Olofsson scored at 5-on-5. We all knew it was coming eventually, but it’s no doubt refreshing for fans, media and the player himself to see it come to fruition. And what a move it was, too Okay yea Sabres lost and Bills lost, but what about this pass from Jack to set up Olofsson who powers through Victor Hedman to score. In slo motion. So. Yea. pic.twitter.com/VaNUeriwAc — Luke (@haag_luke) November 11, 2019 4. Mid-season international trips are a bit strange. While it’s undoubtedly a cool experience for the team to travel like this, and for fans overseas to be able to experience NHL hockey in person, it’s hard to ignore that doing an international trip like this, in the middle of the season, is a bit strange. The Sabres had a week between games, some lengthy flights, a significant time zone change, then a pair of games that started less than 24 hours apart... before more lengthy flights, time zone changes back to Eastern time, and now, a few days to recuperate before getting back to game action. 5. Whether we like it or not, the Sabres are in a slump. The two games in Sweden showcased a slumping Sabres team that is just having trouble stringing anything together right now. Buffalo is now on a five-game losing streak, 1-5-1 in their last six games and 9-6-2 overall. How they come back from this Europe trip, and how they show up on Thursday against the Hurricanes, will set the pace for the next few weeks of hockey - and these are big weeks ahead. After dropping two to a division rival (Tampa), six of their ten remaining games in the month of November are also against divisional opponents. These are crucial points that can make the difference when April comes around. View the full article
  14. Its not going to happen, but yes it should. I have lost interest, the team sucks and Stevie Wonder can see it. Only the "who woud we hire" crowd wants to argue it, as if its an impossible task to improve upon this mess. I know what Beane did was out of desperation for a QB, but his picks have pretty much sucked sooooo he should be on the block too.
  15. Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images The early season trade rumors continue for the Sabres and the rest of the NHL Sabres Pierre LeBrun confirmed the trade rumors of the Buffalo Sabres interest in acquiring a forward sooner rather than later on TSN’s Insider Trading. INSIDER TRADING: #TSNHockey Insiders discuss... Coach Gretzky at Spengler Cup? #NHL players eligible for #WorldJuniors Frustration for struggling Stars Leafs’ goalie situation Oilers/Puljujarvi Sabres seeking Top 9 forward WATCH : https://t.co/aymsAzmj1j pic.twitter.com/MshkH46TMY — TSN Hockey (@TSNHockey) November 12, 2019 NHL The Los Angeles Kings have reportedly informed Ilya Kovalchuk that they’ll no longer dress him in their lineup. [The Fourth Period] Mitch Marner will be out for the Toronto Maple Leafs with a high-ankle sprain. [TSN] View the full article
  16. This going to get boiled down so even the magats can understand: presidential power used for personal gain.
  17. The guys on WGR were just talking about this topic.....both said even if the Bills lose every game and go 6-10...they are safe. They did not give their reasons. Are you fucking kidding? That is a choke job of epic proportions. They rolled out with the team they wanted. They didn’t do fucking shit at the trade deadline. They had PLENTY of chances to improve the offense. And didn’t. This is the defense they want. Most normal sports franchises would can their asses. Fuck that noise that they’re safe.
  18. republicans are going to go down that biden rabbit hole and find nothing. they'll still try to make something out of it, but it will appear pathetic compared to the testimony of many more officials that confirm the quid pro quo keep pushing the biden line. youre gonna reel it in and find your bait gone
  19. I hear ya. Oh I’m gonna watch. If Bills win cool...if they lose...it will like watching a train wreck. And who doesn’t want to watch a good train wreck?
  20. you may want to rethink your sanity so the election interference you staunchly claimed was a hoax now suddenly is real because it suits your purpose to put the blame on the ukraine for listening to a bribe from trump to try to dig dirt up on a political rival over the span of the last few months, nothing but empty nutjob conspiracies have emerged about the bidens, yet this is of such importance that we are going to allow the president to trade military aid for them trying to manufacture dirt on the bidens thats crazy thinking, man
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