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  2. That douche from the video, Kyle Brandt, picked the Ravens to win.
  3. Excellent piece of propaganda Mr. f8titity! Keep them coming!
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  5. I started to but the Forward said you have to change your name to Trump...
  6. I don't care who they hire; I trust this coaching staff. Let's say they hire someone outside of the organization. How many #$%^$# milliseconds after the press conference will Josh Allen blow up the new offensive coordinator's phone with the following: 1) Hi, this is Josh, your new QB. Welcome aboard Let's meet for wings tomorrow. 2) Josh again. I've been looking over the offense at your previous stop - I've highlighted a few of our plays that match yours exactly, I've also diagrammed the differences in terminology. 3) Yes. This is Josh. Could I get your e-mail? I am going to have Jordan Palmer send over my off season itinerary at QB Summit. Please take a look and see if you'd like me to add anything else to my offseason plan. 4) This is your new QB. I'm taking out the entire offense as an in-house celebration for our SB victory next week. Maybe you'd like to meet some of the guys? There's nothing to worry about; there's never been a big-armed QB with this work ethic. Ever.
  7. That changed years ago simply because the NFL didn't want playoff coaches to lose out on potential HC jobs. Maybe I am wrong, but how can Daboll concentrate on his OC duties while interviewing for HC jobs?
  8. I'm not much of a Milano fan. He's too small and bounces off too many ball carriers. He'd be a nice compliment player, but we're counting on him being great every week. He's not.
  9. On Saturday night, the Bills host the Ravens. And Bills quarterback Josh Allen has one word to describe the Baltimore defense. “Disruptive,” Allen recently told Chris Simms. “They’ll bring in five big guys, drop the two guys on the left side, and bring two little guys. And it’s just, they try to trick you, and [more] View the full article
  10. No you’re not. You can’t say that only one side leads to violence. We see that BLM leads to violence, and so does white supremacy. It’s interesting how I can see both side but you can’t.
  11. Federal official walks back allegation rioters intended to 'capture and assassinate' A justice official in charge of the investigation into the Capitol riot said there was no "direct" evidence of that intent. A U.S. Department of Justice official on Friday walked back a federal claim that Capitol rioters "intended capture and assassinate elected officials." Washington's acting U.S. Attorney, Michael Sherwin, said in a telephone briefing, "There is no direct evidence at this point of kill-capture teams and assassination." The statement of alleged violent intent came in a motion filed by federal prosecutors in Arizona seeking to have Jacob Chansley detained pending trial. Chansley, also known as Jake Angeli, was seen wearing horns, a fur headdress and face paint during the riot. The motion, filed in federal court in Phoenix, said Chansley should be detained because he wants to return to Washington for the inauguration. “Strong evidence, including Chansley’s own words and actions at the Capitol, supports that the intent of the Capitol rioters was to capture and assassinate elected officials of the United States government,” the document said. The filing, though, did not specify what statements by Chansley indicate that intent, nor do the actual charges against him make any reference to that intent. Sherwin said the complexity of the Capitol riots cases paired with their geographic expanse, with cases filed in the District of Columbia and others elsewhere, could have contributed to the walked-back description of suspects. "There were appearances in two districts, Texas and Arizona, and at some of those hearings, there were other prosecutors," he said. "That may be a disconnect that may be adding information that's not directly related to what we have." The filing from prosecutors in Arizona also says Chansley left a note on the Senate chamber dais, where Vice President Mike Pence had been presiding over the count of the electoral votes just a short time earlier, warning, "it's only a matter of time, justice is coming." Chansley is charged with interfering with police, interrupting the proceedings, entering the Capitol without authority, disorderly conduct, and entering restricted areas. He was ordered to be detained pending trial. The charging document describes Chansley as an unemployed persistent drug user with mental problems. “Chansley has spoken openly about his belief that he is an alien, a higher being, and he is here on Earth to ascent to another reality,” the document says. It quotes him saying in a YouTube video as saying, “I am able to perceive multiple different frequencies of light beyond my five senses and it allows me to see into these other higher dimensions.” Chansley was among the people whose images became the public faces of the riot. Donning a fur hat with horns and American-flag inspired face paint, Angeli stormed the Capitol bare-chested and gloated in the aftermath. "The fact that we had a bunch of our traitors in office hunker down, put on their gas masks and retreat into their underground bunker, I consider that a win," Chansley, 33, said last week. Chansley is a QAnon-supporting YouTuber who also was among the pro-Trump protesters who gathered outside the Maricopa County Elections Department in Phoenix on Nov. 5, claiming that the election was stolen. Sherwin said Friday that prosecutors have 175 opened criminal investigations stemming from the Capitol riot, including violence on the grounds. Sherwin said that number would likely grow past 300 by the end of the day. Ninety-eight criminal cases have been opened so far, mostly federal felonies, he said, adding, "We're trying to focus on the violent offenders." The FBI said it is getting an extraordinary amount of information about people involved in the riot. More than 140,000 photos and videos have been sent in the past week. People are also sending tips about their own friends and family members. And some of those who are arrested or who turn themselves in are also providing information that is leading to other arrests. A top priority of the investigation is determining whether the rioters were organized with a command-and-control structure. Sherwin said it could take “weeks if not months” to answer that question.
  12. Called this a long time ago. Why would he go anywhere else...Perfect fit for both sides. Their QB has a lot of similar traits as Allen
  13. Well? is it just going to sit on your coffee table or are you going to read it?
  14. There’s plenty to unpack on the latest episode of Billieve! The second-seeded Buffalo Bills (14-3) welcome the fifth-seeded Baltimore Ravens (12-5) to Bills Stadium for a primetime AFC Divisional round contest at 8:15 p.m. Saturday night. This playoff matchup pits two of the hottest teams in the NFL, and on the latest episode of the Billieve Podcast, hosts John Boccacino and Jamie D’Amico have everything you need to know as the Bills look to advance to the AFC Championship game for the first time since the 1993 season. Among the topics covered on the podcast: How the Bills can lean on last year’s game plan to slow down dynamic Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. Why Buffalo’s front four needs to maintain their gap integrity and not over-pursue Jackson. How the Ravens present a unique challenge with their multi-faceted rushing attack. Why Buffalo needs to get pressure on Jackson and make him uncomfortable. Can Josh Allen continue to have success against the Ravens, who are sure to bring plenty of pressure and blitzes? Why Allen and the aerial attack should have the edge against the Ravens secondary, and why Bills fans should expect to see huge days from Stefon Diggs, Cole Beasley and Dawson Knox. With Zack Moss out for the year, the pressure is on Devin Singletary and T.J. Yeldon to carry the load out of the backfield. Expect the Bills to employ quick-strike passes to their backs to take advantage of the Ravens’ linebackers. What role the weather could play in the game. Score predictions from Boccacino and D’Amico. Check out the latest Billieve Podcast for our thoughts on the Divisional game vs. the Ravens, then join the conversation by leaving your thoughts and score predictions in the comments section below. Subscribe to the Buffalo Rumblings podcast channel featuring Billieve, Blitzed Bills, Buffalo Rumblings Q&A, Breaking Buffalo Rumblings, Code of Conduct with J. Spence, The Bruce Exclusive, The Buff Hub, Jamie D. and Big Newt, The Mafia Mavens, and Circling the Wagons: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play | Spotify | Podbean | iHeartRadio | TuneIn | Megaphone Ask Alexa or Google Home to play the Buffalo Rumblings podcast! Editor’s note: If you’re viewing this article on Apple News, the embedded audio will be removed. Click through to the site in your browser or listen on iTunes. View the full article
  15. Mark Ingram‘s time with the Ravens is, as a practical matter, over. Yes, he’s still on the team. Yes, he’d possibly play again this year if a rash of injuries forced him into the lineup. But if there was any doubt about his future, there should be none now. Adam Schefter of ESPN.com reports that [more] View the full article
  16. That’s your argument? You are saying it could become violent, so censor it before it can? Wtf? You are a living breathing liberal yes man. I’ve never seen anything like it
  17. Um...because you open the gates to white pride, then comes in the white supremacists.
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