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  2. in terms of classic bills moments, they dont get much more classic than this the bills appear hobbled just before game when a serious of status changes shifted the earth under this games feet. the predator and the white guy lb both came out and played, each making potentially game changing contributions just josh allen leads them back. a series of little executions, and there they were: a few yards from first and goal. lets execute when there, and they often did at the end, there just one for the memory banks. and hope of frequent rewatchings
  3. Which is interesting since we don't have the classic red zone target. Our wr's should specialize in the open field.
  4. Sean complaining about the ... wait for it ... DEfense... good times ... :-D
  5. Pure fantasy. It's almost always the dems who cheat. The old end justifies the means. Fuck dems.
  6. TERRIBLE source. Terrible. Fucking New York Times. Give me a fucking break. End of story.
  7. no. that wasnt what my comment was on i was trying to find all the witnesses to cancel culture bullshit
  8. The refs knew they blew that call, which is why they paid us back with the PI call on the Rams in our last drive.
  9. Allen scares the shit out of me between the 40s. That’s when shots are taken. That’s when crazy ass sacks happen. but...Allen in the red zone? No worries. I’m relaxed and completely confident we’re scoring a TD when Allen gets them into the red zone. It’s weird. He’s automatic. but getting there is a different story.
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  11. I certainly didn't see an interception from the camera views we got. The only explanation i could imagine is if there is a camera which showed Kroft losing possession as he was falling to the turf and the Rams db grabbing it as he hit the ground. I'm looking forward to an explanation.
  12. Sure go ahead. Betcha these WHITE kids without shoes were good at monopoly too.
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