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  2. I’m assuming you are talking to me maybe? Because you suck at quoting who you are referring to. 😂 if it is me, I was referring to BCCP blindsiding Hip with the unsubstantiated slander, which of course, was just not right. if you dislike someone THAT much, do it in a pm and make your plans. I’m assuming everyone here has too much testosterone, and has to go to the mat to settle their squabbles.
  3. KC did what KC does...score points. Everyone and their brother knew if you want to beat them you had to outscore them. All our weapons were broken...except Diggs. I blame the offense for the loss. You thought, that out of the blue, our D, or anyone’s D, was going to stop them? 😂
  4. And we haven't even begun to scratch the surface on the lies that need to be exposed. These sheep have a long, hard road ahead of them
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  6. We expect an apology soon HipTurd... oh and Meathead may as well join in along with the other merry band of leftists. Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick died of natural causes, medical examiner rules The death of a Capitol Police officer shortly after the Jan. 6 Capitol riots was a natural death resulting from two strokes, according to medical officials. Officer Brian D. Sicknick suffered the strokes after the day’s violence had ended and there is no evidence of injuries related to them, the District of Columbia medical examiner said in a statement. The autopsy found no evidence that Sicknick suffered an allergic reaction to chemical irritants and the death would not have been ruled “natural” had any riot-related injuries even contributed to the strokes. “Natural — Used when a disease alone causes death. If death is hastened by an injury, the manner of death is not considered natural,” the chief medical examiner’s statement explains. Such a reaction would be key in some of the cases filed against the Capitol rioters in Sicknick’s death — two men have been accused of spraying a chemical irritant at him during the siege, but whether that constitutes homicide or assault depends on medical evidence. At about 10 p.m., after the riot had ended, Sicknick returned to his office, where he collapsed. He died the next day. Sicknick’s cause of death, and its relationship to the riots, has been a bone of contention for months. Some early media reports said he had had his skull crushed by a fire extinguisher or other missile hurled by the rioters. Acting U.S. attorney general Jeffrey A. Rosen said in a Jan. 8 statement that Sicknick died of “the injuries he suffered defending the U.S. Capitol” and the Capitol Police had also said that Sicknick “was injured while physically engaging with protesters.”
  7. I think BDS is a real thing unfortunately it encompasses the whole political spectrum and is called Biden Disappointment Syndrome.
  8. Only a retard like HipTurd believes those poll numbers and that Biden somehow got the most votes in history hiding in his basement after picking a darker shade of Hillary Clinton as his veep who had the lowest support numbers of all of the candidates. One of the polls cited by NBC is by Quinnipiac, which shows 48% of respondents approving of the president’s job performance while 42% disapprove. But a deeper dive shows only 34% of the sample "strongly approve" of Biden while 36% "strongly disapprove." Among all-important Independents, 27% approve "strongly" while 38% disapprove "strongly." Yup, those numbers seem more down to Earth.
  9. Yes... Bill Maher is a degenerate jackass and I don't care what he thinks even if he's correct in THIS instance.
  10. Buffalo Bills remain Chiefs’ biggest threat in AFC, says NFL Insider Every team’s goal is to win the Super Bowl, but getting to the big game comes with its challenges. In the AFC, no bigger challenge exists than the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have appeared in the AFC Championship the past three seasons and have represented the conference in the Super Bowl in the last two years. Heading into the 2021 season, Kansas City remains the favorite to represent the AFC in Super Bowl LVI. Of course, it won’t be a cakewalk for the Chiefs in 2021. The Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts are just a few teams that have made additions in an attempt to close the gap between themselves and Kansas City. Buffalo was able to retain their three key free agents (Matt Milano, Daryl Williams, Jon Feliciano) while also adding veteran Emmanuel Sanders, a playmaker at wide receiver. The team has made multiple depth signings along their offensive line, added speed to the running back room in Matt Breida and added tight end Jacob Hollister, one of Allen’s favorite targets at Wyoming. The Ravens struck out on several wide receivers, but eventually landed Sammy Watkins. Baltimore also upgraded their offensive line by signing Kevin Zeitler. No team in the AFC--minus the Chiefs--has a higher projected win total than Baltimore (11 games). Cleveland recently made a big splash signing Jadeveon Clowney. Clowney has not had much success in terms of sacking the quarterback in the past two years and the signing led to Cleveland releasing Sheldon Richardson, but the pass-rusher could thrive with opposing defenses having to give most of their attention upfront to Myles Garrett. The Browns pushed the Chiefs to the brink in the AFC Divisional Round last year and could knock them off if their pass-rush comes to fruition. The Colts’ odds will rest on the arm of Carson Wentz. The quarterback has had his struggles as of late, but Frank Reich had a big role in Wentz’s success in Philadelphia. A discussion could certainly be made for any of the teams above, but one NFL insider says Buffalo is still the Chiefs’ biggest threat. On a recent episode of ESPN’s Get Up!, Field Yates explained said he believed in Buffalo due to their core roster staying intact and Josh Allen still having room to grow. “I’m going to go with the Buffalo Bills,” said Yates. “I’m not trying to be boring here, Greeny. Obviously they pushed Kansas City—at least briefly—in the AFC Championship game last year until the Chiefs took off in the second half. Buffalo retained nearly all of its core pieces this offseason and I know that Josh Allen made this quantum leap that’s going to be difficult to replicate, but he still has room to grow. He’s only going to enter his fourth season in the NFL. Josh Allen’s confidence is sky-high. This Bills culture is excellent and isn’t going nowhere anytime soon.”
  11. The irony of you calling her a racist and a black pig in the same sentence is astounding
  12. https://www.foxnews.com/media/mask-shaming-beach-photo-liberals-bill-maher-criticism Plenty of room under the mask hating tent. Thoughts?
  13. what chu talking about, willis? bfloccp abused the range. he got punished for doing something i hate. now i gotta keep my fingers crossed Lit has really transformed himself into someone who knows intrinsically why messing with other peoples shit it super uncool. then ccp neg spammed hip. thats abusing the board, being a dick. the sock account will take a rest until he acts in a way that one of us feels like letting him back in for. too bad his only choice is to stay away or behave with his board function use and yeah, i AM encouraging members to snitch on each other. the rules are few and clearly defined, at least to regulars. say anything you want as long as you engage in extended dialog on the subject in the forum(s). if you see a member abusing another, snitch your mother fucking ass off. this aint prison, negros
  14. Felicano and Mitch Morse are essentially on one year deals. Cody Ford is still an unknown. If the Bills trade back from pick 30, and draft Quinn Meinerz (aka the Gut) in the middle of the 2nd round he could step in at LG as a rookie (I assume he would bet out Cody). Then in 2022 he could move to center. In the meantime, with a better run blocking scheme this year, more designed for Zack Moss' skill set, the running game will be improved. At least in my fantasy world, that is how I see it.
  15. Well, she HAS raised the quality of living for her constituents, that much is a fact. And living RIGHT. IN. THE. COMMUNITY. SHE. “SERVES”? What a breathe of fresh air!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! J/K, the ONLY one that has done well since she’s been in office is herself.
  16. All the black folks on this site are apparently staying in the closet. Why? 1. the range is all white. 2. most people play their cards close to the vest with personal info, realizing how easy it is to have that info used against you. (See Buffalo CCP) 3. ?
  17. Well that's what will almost certainly happen, this is just pretend, more or less
  18. you can get clues but theres no way to tell. he must have a better procedure than just hand over the gun. how about get out of the truck and let me retrieve the rifle. it was in plain view, i think. so he could seize it temporarily. he was too trusting and look what happened doesnt matter that its an outlier. the price is so steep that the officer should have had more command presence, including his hand on his pistol, if not pulled, to control the situation safely but no. police cant profile a minority. they could profile a white guy, but minorities, no way. i say they SHOULD profile the highest crime committers. at the same time, they should spread their suspicion around, make sure theyre not biased, really work at it, make it real legit i bet they could learn to treat the ssuspect with respect, yet handle difficult situations with authority. if a cop approaches you, follow their commands unless youve done notherg wrong, then scream about your 1st ammendment rights and sovereign citizen crap and be off to jail
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