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  2. Interesting to think about the path not taken. I know there is plenty of Cam Newton hatred on here, but I'm curious how the Bills would have done had he come. ByLOUIE DIBIASE APRIL 09, 2020 - 3:55 AM Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane touched on the future of his former quarterback during his time with the Carolina Panthers in Cam Newton on Tuesday, saying it isn't likely Newton could end up in Buffalo like many other former Panthers have. The organization is committed to building around Josh Allen and don't appear to be open-minded about his starting position being available at all. There was a time, however, nine years ago when Newton almost became the face of the Bills for, what could have been, a very different looking decade for Buffalo. Back in 2010, before the days of a competent regime running the franchise, the Bills were 10 years into their playoff drought, and had found themselves at the bottom of the league at the halfway point of the season with an 0-8 record. Chan Gailey was in his first year as head coach, rolling through the abysmal quarterback carousel of Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick. There was, however, a light at the end of the tunnel. The 2011 quarterback class in the NFL Draft looked like it would have multiple "generational" talents in Stanford's Andrew Luck and Newton, who was playing at Auburn. The Bills were in prime position to land at least one of those talents. But having the supposed choice wasn't guaranteed. Carolina was right there in the hunt for the first overall pick. The Panthers were 1-7 after eight weeks and then their season tail spun even more with a seven-game losing streak ensuing. While the Panthers continued to get blown out week-after-week, Buffalo suddenly found themselves on a bit of a hot streak. From Weeks 10-15, the Bills won four of six games. Even with two straight losses to close out the season, they played themselves out of the first overall pick with a .500 second half of the season. To make things worse, around the time of the Bills' winning ways, Luck decided he would not declare for the 2011 NFL Draft, returning to Stanford for his red-shirt junior season. This left just Newton as a top prospect. After completing his historic season at Auburn, which saw him winning the Heisman Trophy and the BCS National Championship, it made the decision pretty easy for Carolina a few months later. They moved on from their second round rookie quarterback Jimmy Clausen without blinking an eye. The Bills fell to the third overall pick and had to settle for defensive tackle Marcell Dareus. One has to wonder how different things could have been if the Bills... embraced the tank (if you will). Take away two of those meaningless wins and Buffalo would have overtaken the Panthers for first overall with a stronger strength of schedule. Newton almost certainly would have been playing in blue and red after that. Multiple reports suggested former general manager Buddy Nix and Gailey had legitimate interest in Newton. The organization's late owner Ralph Wilson spoke about his desire to upgrade the quarterback position for months before the draft. Considering Newton's success in Carolina with little around him on offense, it is fair to say the Bills' level of success from 2011 to 2020 would have been very different. The Panthers didn't surround him with legitimate weapons until his final few seasons. He won the league MVP honor after taking a 2015 offense featuring Ted Ginn Jr., Corey "Philly" Brown, and a very seasoned Jerrico Cotchery at wide receiver all the way to a 15-1 record and a Super Bowl appearance. Give him an organization that could surround him with players like Stevie Johnson, LeSean McCoy, Sammy Watkins, and Robert Woods? It would have worked. The fit of Newton and Gailey's spread offense actually could have been a really good fit too. With the possibility of a lot of winning coming down the road, who knows how long that regime could have lasted thanks to their new star signal caller. Who knows if Beane and McDermott ever get hired, and who knows if they even consider taking another quarterback like Allen. As Beane said, Newton's days as a starter shouldn't be over. In 2018 when he was last healthy, the Auburn product was having his most efficient season as a passer, leading the Panthers to a 6-2 record. The injuries he suffered were serious, but this is a player who is just 30-years-old and didn't miss games for the first eight years of his career. The veteran deserves a chance to lead an offense again. Maybe it will be Gailey's in Miami, but the days of Newton possibly being the face of the Bills is likely over. https://wgr550.radio.com/articles/opinion/newton-wont-join-the-bills-but-nearly-did-in-2011
  3. The title sounds like an insult that might have been one of daryls', lol. There's more of them in the article, which alone make it more entertaining than the majority I've read. :) This might be hard for some fans to pick which villain they hate worse(and I doubt there are too many like me who made peace with both), but I thought I might get some likes from the author's choice of the title, due to the GMDW hatred history here.... and maybe even some from folks happy to see Karlos trying to get his life sraightened out...and getting hungry again, no pun intended. Interesting to read why he shunned the XFL. Stay hungry. Karlos. By 3Down Staff - April 9, 2020 Share Current Toronto Argonauts running back Karlos Williams feels some type of way about former Buffalo Bills general manager Doug Whaley. “Doug Whaley can eat a d***. Doug Whaley can die in a hole and drink bleach. I’m dead serious. The reason I didn’t play in the XFL is because Doug Whaley’s name was on it. I’m dead serious,” Williams told The Athletic’s Matthew Fairburn. “I feel like I’m one of the best running backs in the game right now and I haven’t touched a ball in I don’t know how many years. I see other guys get shots in the NFL and I feel like they can’t compete with me. If I was in that locker room, there wouldn’t be a competition. I would be the starting back. That’s the way I feel.” Williams was originally drafted by Whaley and the Bills in the fifth round, 155th overall of the 2015 NFL Draft. The six-foot-one, 225-pound tailback rushed 93 times for 517 yards (5.6 yards per attempt) and seven touchdowns, while adding two more scores through the air in 11 games that year. “You know what’s funny? When I was in Buffalo, I knew something was wrong when they drafted Jonathan Williams. I knew something was up,” Williams said. “Y’all had alternative plans. Y’all bring Reggie Bush to camp and allowed him to practice? Reggie Bush went negative rushing yards for the season. And y’all release me?” The Davenport, Florida native tied an NFL record during that same season recording a touchdown in six consecutive games to start his career. Williams then spent portions of 2016 and 2017 with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He faced discipline for three separate substance abuse suspensions in the NFL for marijuana use, one for four games, another for 10 and the last was an entire year. But fortunately for Williams, weed is legal in Canada. “People poke the bear. And now the bear is awoke. And now the bear is hungry. All the people that bad-mouthed me, all the people that talked bad about me and my family and my wife and my kids, whatever they said, you poked the bear and now the bear woke up,” Williams said. “I’m out of hibernation. I’m going to go to Canada and I’m going to tear it up. They have no idea what’s in store for them. I’ve been missing football for so long and I haven’t had the chance to go dominate. That’s exactly what I’m going to go do.” The former Florida State University Seminole spent four years (2011-2014) on campus. As a freshman and sophomore he played safety, making 39 tackles and one interception in 25 games. After making the transition to running back one game into his junior season, Williams rushed for 1,419 yards and 22 touchdowns over 26 games during his final two years at FSU. Williams helped the ‘Noles win the BCS National Championship in 2014. Every opportunity Williams has had he’s produced. The next one will come in double blue when the coronavirus pandemic ends and the CFL can play games. https://3downnation.com/2020/04/09/toronto-argos-rb-karlos-williams-tells-former-buffalo-bills-gm-doug-whaley-to-die-in-a-hole/
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  5. Alright! Top ten is nice....a feel good article where I might finally be able to get some likes for my effort? lol However....they actually may end up coming mostly from the more analytically-minded among us, as you read and get to the bad and see this poll is a 2-edged sword. Nick Wojton 11 hours ago Good news and bad news from Sports Illustrated. In their latest power rankings released this week, SI pegged the Bills as their No. 10 team in the NFL: The bad news comes in at nine. SI placed the Patriots there, stating they’re “not ready to send the Patriots plunging just yet.” Fair, but the writing seems to be on the wall that the Pats are finally going to take a step back. At least currently. Without Tom Brady, the Patriots only have Jarrett Stidham as their quarterback. Now, if the Patriots signed a Cam Newton or traded up for a top prospect? This could make more sense. But as things sit now, not so much. Having said that, the Jets and Dolphins are much further away at 24 and 26, respectively, in terms of the rest of the AFC East. Leading the way in the power rankings for SI is the Chiefs. The defending champs are followed by the Ravens and Saints. https://billswire.usatoday.com/2020/04/09/buffalo-bills-top-10-sports-illustrated-rankings/
  6. Looks like this latest mock is more on target with our "red flag" thread discussion, than other recent ones with WRs and RBs being selected. I don't recall, was IOL a lot less common than lately in the mocks for a good while? Nick Wojton 6 hours ago The Bills don’t have many, if any, holes in their roster heading into the 2020 NFL Draft. That gives Buffalo general manager Brandon Beane a luxury. Beane and the Bills can take the best player on their draft board when their first selection at No. 54 overall in the second round rolls around. Pro Football Focus‘ latest three-round mock draft reflects just that. While offensive line isn’t a big need at all for the Bills, LSU’s Damien Lewis is the pick for Buffalo first: Lewis is a realistic pick for the Bills, seeing as they reportedly had a pre-draft meeting with him. Draft analysts see a better run blocker in the 6-foot-2, 327-pound prospect than pass blocker, but in a situation with the Bills, he could be given time to develop that craft. Buffalo is returning their entire starting offensive line next season, so Lewis would be an option for the future. While perhaps a potential long-term option, there is some positive praise for Lewis’s outlook. NFL.com’s Lance Zierlein predicts that Lewis “should outperform his draft slotting.” 79 people are talking about this In the third round, the Bills also take another position that isn’t an immediate need in cornerback. Mississippi State’s Cameron Dantzler is the pick: While the Bills did add Norman and EJ Gaines this offseason, those two have some health and consistency concerns. In addition, if the Bills don’t view Wallace as their long-term answer, Dantzler could be that guy across from Tre’Davious White for years to come. At 6-foot-2, Dantzler has the athleticism and length to match up with NFL receivers. He recorded 40 tackles and two interceptions last season. See Steel Legends's other Tweets https://billswire.usatoday.com/2020/04/09/pro-football-focus-buffalo-bills-damien-lewis-cameron-dantzler-2020-nfl-draft/2/
  7. Some may not have liked Ryan Talbot's choice of the title here, but I really did. ....and WOW on this being an issue of discussion! Before reading the article I had flashbacks to the ingrates trolling him about Mahomes. Updated 9:35 AM; Today 8:24 AM By Ryan Talbot | rtalbot@nyup.com Jalen Ramsey hosted various defensive backs in an Instagram Live video on Wednesday night. One defensive back included in the video was Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White. Of course, you wouldn’t have known that based on the NFL’s graphic promoting the event. That, of course, is where the conversation begin on Wednesday night between Ramsey and White. Ramsey and White bantered back and forth about the Bills cornerback not being put on the graphic. White said Ramsey played a role in that decision while Ramsey told him the NFL put it together. White didn’t hold back his feelings on the league at that point. “NFL ... They don’t respect me, man,” White said. “They don’t respect me. It’s cool.” Ramsey turned White’s statement into a talking point about the NFL not giving him the recognition he deserves because of where he plays. It was a topic that Ramsey had discussed earlier in the Instagram Live video with former Bills cornerback Stephon Gilmore. “Me and (Stephon) Gilmore was just talking about that,” Ramsey said. “You might got to get out of … you might have to leave Buffalo. The traction. The media. Y’all fans, go crazy. Y’all got one of the best fan bases.” White didn’t take the bait on the topic of leaving Buffalo, but did correct Ramsey. White told Ramsey, "We got the best fan base.” Ramsey acknowledged White’s point and went on to compliment the Bills roster stating that Buffalo has a “good squad.” “We added weapons, secretly,” White told Ramsey. “Y’all know what I mean? We just gonna let y’all have the glamor. We just go to work in Buffalo. We just go to to work, bro. That’s all we do.” “That’s all y’all can do, Tre,” Ramsey said while taking a shot at playing in Buffalo. White acknowledged that Buffalo took some getting used to, but added that he now enjoys it. He went on to acknowledge the Bills Mafia again stating that the fans are good people who treat him well. “Literally, I go from work back home," White said. “You gotta wake up an hour early to get to work on time. I got snow to shovel out of the way, you know what I mean? It’s cool though. I enjoy it. It’s a process. It was something I had to get used to. Bro, I ain’t gonna lie … But it’s cool, bro. You play for good people up there and they treat you good, man.” In terms of marketing, White may never be a media darling in Buffalo. That being said, his play has certainly been recognized by the league and the media as evidenced by his All-Pro and Pro Bowl nods in 2019. https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2020/04/jalen-ramsey-suggests-tredavious-white-needs-to-leave-bills-what-white-said-about-bills-mafia.html
  8. Good recommendation. Sometimes a cold brew can be used as motivation. :) That reminds me, Ive seen the "reaction" things mentioned in the technical thread, maybe adding or subtracting some.... I wouldn't mind one with a beer....like you're buying the poster a beer for their good work, positive 1 point...like the(apparently not?) gay rainbow . (and maybe the title belt officially added, lol)
  9. Wow....it's amazing to see this in the establishment media!! But will it be enough to get anyone to wake up? As Ive been hinting at awhile, this reminds me of of the HIV/AIDS thing in a number of ways, and there is much we can learn from what wernt wrong in that narrative. The question on the tweet is "Why is MN inflating the numbers", which you seem to get when you mentioned hospital worker thread: The bigger the problem, THE MORE MONEY from the budget, vaccines, etc......not to mention more ability of the government to grow in power, and reason to steal ours.
  10. (man, after writing this it seems super silly....and I almost feel like erasing it, but do want to make sure my name is cleared of these false charges, so this can be over....and hopefully not be started yet again....i'd rather put the energy into studying other things, maybe like CV) I admitted replying to you the day of your rampage .... I said, "I am only replying to the posts you make TO/ABOUT ME".....which YOU kept doing, dozens of(and then used your "see, you're replying" to things I already told you I was, which makes it seem that you were heavily impaired and couldn't understand simple reason). That came a couple of days after truly trolling me from early in the day shortly after you logged on, where you DID start replying to dozens of my posts, and making insults about TRIVIAL matters in short and quick volume replies..... before finishing the day making multiple illegal threats involving darknet contract crimes.. (also the same week you and JC started a thread about me with my name in the title, and a negative spin campaign) I did not "troll" you on the day you were in the substance-induced paranoid rant(just tell me, was it oxycodone from the doctor? Weed generally doesn't make people so angry, though the paranoid part makes sense) claiming I was replying to all of your messages, nor any days before or after for quite some time, if ever. Whereas I just pointed out YOU DID days earlier, in addition to having a very long history of doing so on here. Now your claim at one point included Bowman also replying to all your posts(minus a few), which is the one thing it was actually correct about, lol, but as Ive pointed out you dont seem to care about. I think Meathead already told you that I am not stalking you, and told you and your partner to stop doing so to me. I'm starting to wonder if you might truly believe what you're saying, and not even realize you are lying, as well as "screaming out in pain as you kick me". It might be more comical to me now(was not at the time though), if you're actually serious about this and nor purposefully being deceptive. But I'd imagine people might eventually get annoyed at you making these claims and me defending myself against them, after theyve been long disproven. Heck, I even said some decent things about you tonight for posting the Johnny's Got His Gun Thread(and explained the thread title), which led to someone finally replying to it shortly afterward. I'm not some evil guy like try to paint me as, but sometimes a cornered(accused) animal will lash out. Maybe some day we can have a burger or something. Wait, you're not a vegan are you?
  11. That's fine. We can agree I don't meet your standard of intelligence, and you dont meet Bill Clinton's for honesty, and call this over.
  12. I'm not familiar with that, i dont follow the MSM really.... But the numbers(if one watches the whole thing), are supposed to nail home a point that despite this being the CV epicenter of it in the world: the people are outdoors for photo ops despite being "ovverrun" by those numbers, ZERO social distancing, some without masks, contaminated clothes out in the public, mingling with reporters....again no social distancing, and then seeming cluess about death when asked, and/or sudden strange reactions when they realize they shouldnt be laughing so heartily..... -and again, so much laughter and a spirit of joy, high fives, selfies, when dealing with so much sickness and death. Am I the only one on this entire thing that found that odd?
  13. Bill O'Brien is a good example of how too much centralized power can go wrong, something our founding fathers understood. Hey, the guy possibly found his way into civics curriculum, as an example of what not to be like.
  14. I ran out of masks, so, necessity is the mother of invention! Amirite?
  15. I vauguely recall the part with Jesus playing cards...rather artistic.....and yes, a very disturbing movie. I mentioned it in the other thread to hopefully get someone else to start discussion so I wouldn't have to. :) But yeah, Metallica's One video(one of my all time favorite songs...the hair whipping in the video was cool too lol) is what got me to watch the movie years ago. One might note the allegory in "One" when the kid asks his Dad what democracy is and see the answer being aimed at Jesus, which the movie might have shed some light on if I recall correctly. Anyhow, like I mentioned in the other thread I wanted to give you a head nod for this, and am glad Bowman(of all people) finally got me to say something. If TWD wants a quick IMDB summary, etc: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0067277/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0
  16. I think it was Foutes who said he “runs like a deranged rhino”, he had hands too. I had great hopes for him, too bad he wasted it all.
  17. what cave have you guys been hiding and masturbating in for the last decade? RUNNING BACK IS NOT A PREMIER POSITION IN THE NFL ANYMORE you dont spend high picks on rbs anymore. the earliest you take an rb is the third, and even thats usually too early look at the teams that spend a high pick on a rb. what happens to them? they suck after a few years. why? bc you wasted getting a player at an important position by taking a RB early further, even if that RB does super well, youre still in big trouble. first, you gotta trade them, cut them, or pay them too much to keep them bc someone will be dumb enough to give them big bucks despite the fact that THE BEST RBS IN THE LEAGUE DO NOT WIN SUPERBOWLS. hell, they usually dont even make the playoffs. its been many years now since an individual rushing leader even made the playoffs so no, beanie will not be considering taking a rb in R2 or R3 this year. theyve already made their investment in a good rb, now they will use their picks for more difficult to fill positions and wear the fk out of singletary until his rookie contract is up. he will do the smart thing and wait until the later rounds, or perhaps just pick up a veteran to compete with yeldon to backup the budding star they already have in mr. ankle breaker then they will do the whole thing over again bc rb is the easiest position to excel as a rookie and you can save that money for more difficult to fill positions i would lean toward taking an OT or CB since those two spots need another good body to compete
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