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  2. All right there delevan kumbaya camp fot you, and if your difficult no smores!
  3. I guess there's a new rule now where a defender can hold the ball that the receiver caught and get rewarded for an Interception .
  4. Oliver has been a disappointment. He isn’t bad, but we seriously used a TOP 10 pick on a guy that plays like 30-40% of the defensive snaps because we rotate?
  5. True. I really thought he was going to make a bigger jump this year.
  6. Watch that play again and focus on the O-line. Game is literally on the line and Dawkins let’s someone blow right past him and so does Winters.
  7. Just goes to show you how screwed up people are about politics. I never talk politics with anyone. I bet you if everyone here got together and never talked politics and didnt know each others political leanings we'd all be best of friends bonded by the Bills. Even Frawk and bowman and hip and sack. Throw politics into it and everything goes to shit.
  8. in terms of classic bills moments, they dont get much more classic than this the bills appear hobbled just before game when a serious of status changes shifted the earth under this games feet. the predator and the white guy lb both came out and played, each making potentially game changing contributions just josh allen leads them back. a series of little executions, and there they were: a few yards from first and goal. lets execute when there, and they often did at the end, there just one for the memory banks. and hope of frequent rewatchings
  9. Which is interesting since we don't have the classic red zone target. Our wr's should specialize in the open field.
  10. Sean complaining about the ... wait for it ... DEfense... good times ... :-D
  11. Today
  12. Pure fantasy. It's almost always the dems who cheat. The old end justifies the means. Fuck dems.
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