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  2. HK, please allow me to educate you.You may not know this but your beloved CNN-MSNBC and your hated FOX are all there for one purpose and one purpose only.They exist to turn the largest profit possible, so their goal is to create a network that is as partisan as possible to attract like minded viewers. CNN-MSNBC viewers like yourself, HATE the President and no matter what he accomplishes they will spin it in a way that denigrates the President. Your mistake I believe is to be manipulated so easily by the ultra-partisan hosts on those networks then your hyped mind races to your PC to unload any new doctrine heard. My advice to you would be to actually do your own research in the future and You'll discover that you have been easily duped on a daily basis.
  3. I totally agree with VWR on this. A mental illness that caught traction, probably by jealous males who were introverted andsexually repressed. Eventually they realize that intentionally becoming the object of their desire - female and unintentionally the object of their shame - being rejected by females created a paradox they become trapped in and can't escape. Then Society comes along and tries to force them into being accepted, which cause even more rejection by people who are disgusted by this whole trend which ends up with one logical outcome - escape! And that's where suicide comes in. It's fucking sad and the idiots who enable this shit need a good beating
  4. That's who your hero takes his advice form, so yeah, crazy is a crazy does
  5. So people who watch CNN and MSNBC are duped but people who watch Fox aren't. Got it......
  6. Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports Pilut returns to the Sabres following the NHL All-Star Break. The Buffalo Sabres announced on Sunday morning that they have recalled defenseman Lawrence Pilut from the Rochester Americans of the American Hockey League. The Sabres have recalled defenseman Lawrence Pilut from the Rochester Americans (AHL). pic.twitter.com/RUXeSbhCeb — Sabres PR (@SabresPR) January 26, 2020 Pilut, 24 years old, re-joins the Buffalo Sabres on his third recall of the season. With the Rochester Americans this season, Pilut has amassed 22 points (six goals, 16 assists) in 30 games. Pilut recorded the game-winning overtime goal in the only game he played while down with the Americans. Lawrence Pilut wins the game in overtime! Amerks snap their 7 game losing streak. pic.twitter.com/MaTDYGeyaN — Let's Go Amerks (@LetsGoAmerks) January 23, 2020 Pilut is likely to return to the lineup for the Buffalo Sabres when they return from their All-Star Break on Tuesday. View the full article
  7. Bingo. For those on the other side of this issue, please try to understand this opposing viewpoint. Or just listen. What if 'transgenderism' is an identity disorder? How would our current 'solution' of spending $100s of thousands of dollars to permanently alter a person and then placing them on lifetime hormone therapy look to future generations?
  8. Believe me if that is a Stud Pass Rusher available in the 1st round, McBeane MAY draft him. Getting to the QB is a critical piece of a successful team. Sure, we could use some more offensive weapons, but after we sign AJ Green in Free Agency maybe WR is not as important as getting more pass rushing force up front. EDGE K'Lavon Chaisson, LSU could be a McBeane pick if he lasts until 22. DL Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina also has pass rushing skills, so he would be a consideration at 22. I am hoping there is a Top Flite OT available at 22, but we will see.
  9. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have a feeling that whomever mentioned "charm" is referring to it, not in the classical sense, but rather more in terms of strips clubs with bottle service and clubs with velvet ropes.
  10. I hope he picks "person of color", if nominated. Since we've already had our "historical" black Prez, who really gives a fuck?
  11. Senior Bowl meetings with a player does not mean a team will draft that specific player. For one thing, after meeting with him, they may no longer be interested in him. 2nd, another team may draft him before you have a shot at him What meetings can tell you is if a team meets with 4 EDGE players at the Senior Bowl, it probably means they are going to try and draft an Edge Player.
  12. It's sickening that Biden and every other member of society that continue to treat this Transgender issue as a choice instead of what it is, an untreated form of mental illness.The suicide rate of Transgenders is currently 33 times higher than the general population.
  13. Today
  14. 1917 was great, I saw it last night. My only criticism is the last 5 minutes could have been better. Great cinematography and music lending to an eerie atmosphere throughout the entire film. I also like how they used mostly little known actors with the few famous ones only having a few minutes on screen.
  15. For the 1000th time, the Bills played an incredibly easy schedule last season and were only able to secure a wildcard berth and lost immediately. Until the Bills play a reasonable schedule and win at least one playoff game, please keep this fan-boy crap off this board.
  16. Ask SJ. He claims the answer is "live and let live" or something like that, but then pushes anti semetic crap.
  17. Damn. You got us. Man you're smart................................LOL
  18. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Let's just get to the acquittal. Tired of the partisan farce.
  19. LOL LOL LOL Do you think the Trump campaign picked Mike Pence for any other reason other than the fact he has evangelical support?
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