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  2. Keep mocking Sidney Powell and her lawsuit, clowns! Let's see what these voting machines will tell us when they are checked out
  3. And Motor fumbles after what was potentially the game ending 4th down stop...LOL
  4. That's alot of people that think loser Dems cheated. 30% of your own party pretty much says everything, doesn't it?
  5. Bills were up 24-6........here we go lol they’re blowing it...as predicted.
  6. The quality of posts on this side is normally lacking, but since Hips return...it's completely gone to shit. He's doing what he's entitled to under our constitution. It's been done numerous times before, and with how he's been treated with the fake Russia hoax and impeachment that wasted years and millions of dollars, nobody should bitch about making sure the process was fair. The circumstances were shady as fuck at best since they stopped counting and made up a pipe burst story in GA, and then having huge vote dumps in the wee hours of the morning to catch Biden up. Anyone crying about what's going on now is doing so because they know they cheated and are desperate to get away with it and wish to push it through or hope the other side caves to the pressure and junk articles like this one. Keep dreaming because this only ends when the election is proven fair (impossible), when we prove they cheated and Biden is disqualified, or when all legal options are exhuasted.
  7. The Bills have only 132 yards, but they have put 17 points on the scoreboard. Buffalo leads 17-6 at halftime. Josh Allen has a 2-yard touchdown pass to Dawson Knox, and Cole Beasley threw a 20-yard touchdown pass to Gabriel Davis on a trick play. The Bills have gotten help with 77 yards on three [more] View the full article
  8. So far....this looks like the offense that went up against the Titans, Chiefs, Pats, and Jets. The one that Smoke either didn’t play or barely played.
  9. Yup Nothing to see in Michigan, either. Real Americans will keep on fighting to ensure our election process is fair and free while losers like Hip will ignore and pretend it doesn't exist. Enemy of the people
  10. Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports The Bills have a good lead through two quarters. Through two quarters against the Los Angeles Chargers, the Buffalo Bills have put together a 17-6 lead. The Bills defense is doing a great job of shutting down rookie sensation Justin Herbert, aided by some fortunate dropped passes. Meanwhile, the Bills offense has delivered enough points for comfort, and the special teams is in cruise control. They’re set up well to close out a win in the second half. The Bills have attacked the Chargers with a steady dosage of designed runs, screens, and draws - a tactical shift from their other games this season. It’s helping to stave off some of the pressure from the talented Chargers defensive line - Josh Allen’s been sacked once today - but the Bills offense has been less explosive than usual, as a result. On Buffalo’s opening drive, they scored a touchdown with only nine rushing yards and seven passing yards. That’s because Stefon Diggs drew a 47 yard pass interference penalty and set up a goalline series. Allen finished the drive with a touchdown pass to Dawson Knox in the back of the end zone. The Chargers responded with a methodical 13 play, 79 yard drive. Keenan Allen found juuuust enough room near Tremaine Edmunds for a catch at the goalline, but the Chargers missed their extra point kick, leaving Buffalo with a 7-6 lead. Buffalo’s second touchdown came on a trick play. The Bills set it up with two screen passes earlier on the drive. Allen tossed the ball backward to Cole Beasley, who wound up and lofted a pass to Gabriel Davis. The rookie, who had pretended to block, released upfield into the end zone for a wide-open touchdown. The Bills had another promising drive cut short after Allen twisted his ankle on an aborted running play. Matt Barkley came in for one snap, but was sacked instantly when Brian Winters and Daryl Williams forgot about blocking Joey Bosa. Allen came back in on the next play, but the Bills went nowhere on third down. Tyler Bass nailed the 45 yard field goal to put the Bills up 17-6. Meanwhile, the Chargers have punted four consecutive times after their touchdown drive. Herbert is only 15 for 27 passing, with a few of his passes a little bit off target. The difference has been those dropped, missed passes. The Bills are set to receive the opening kickoff of the second half. If they can avoid another third quarter collapse and maintain their lead, this team will be 8-3 for the second year in a row. Here’s your open thread for the rest of the game. Go Bills! View the full article
  11. Today
  12. Well, ok then. I think you underestimate the extreme hate built up against trump. A lot of it trump did to himself, the rest drummed up by the media (not always fair). He was extremely disliked by many people.
  13. I think that's against the spread, still hard to think the Bills won't win by at least 6 though
  14. Cole Beasley was 0-for-2 in his career as a passer. He now is 1-for-3 with a touchdown. The Bills receiver caught a pass behind the line of scrimmage from Josh Allen. He had a wide-open Gabriel Davis waiting in the end zone, and the 20-yard pass was perfect. Beasley’s touchdown pass has given the Bills [more] View the full article
  15. I love how the right circle jerks each other about leftist cancel culture, and then they go out and try to cancel anyone who doesn't bow to trump or believe the lies.
  16. What are these fools going to say if the Biden administration seriously fucks with their wallets? I hope it doesn't happen, but if it does, will they defend Biden to no end?
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