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  2. Anybody wanna bet Trump wins by even more now ?? Wait until people get their year end statements from their retirement accounts, they’ll silently make sure to keep this going no matter what.
  3. I listened to his first album many, many times.. after about 4 bill Cosby albums as a kid. I forgot this particular bit from his later stuff. I live pretty close to the gas station they filmed the Jerk at Pasadena /hastings Ranch, California
  4. We just got Flipper. Next three are Trigger, Roy Rogers and the Casks of Amontillado. 10-3 iis already here. It's just a matter of time passing.
  5. Throwing only streaks puts added pressure on his long ball. It has to be perfect. I'd put in post patterns that allow for a receiver to adjust. I'd also have him warm up with Beasley. Lots of touch short balls.
  6. Our bull-schiff-o-meter is off the charts! Shifty-Schiff pushed the FAKE Russian collusion story for three years and now he’s on to another sham. Don’t let Adam Schiff get away with the bull-Schiff Ukrainian investigation. Get'em at the Trump Shop
  7. I'd guess less than when Obama was in office. And that's what I mean too, detention centers are brought to light in Trump's term but were there under Obama. Shit going on with Trump all seem to be in the open, as to where others were doing shit and keeping it hidden. Neither is right. It's a bit like a used car salesman, Trump will tell how great the car is, even though you see the check engine light on, Democrats will tell you how great the car is and there's no check engine light, 5 miles after leaving the lot the check engine light comes on.
  8. The thing with trump is, I think he believes the shit coming out of his cake hole. If he really believes it, it’s the truth in his mind. He has to be pathological to believe some of the nonsense that he says. Doesn’t he?
  9. www.realclearpolitics.com It has a good mix from multiple outlets.
  10. I never said others weren’t. But Trump is pathological and yes, people of died. How many people died in his border detention centers?
  11. When he lies people tend to know it and I don't see anyone dead because of it. When others lie they're smiling at your face pretending they're doing you good when really they're stabbing you in the back and using you. I literally saw a candidate promise $1000 to every household, now most people would know that he's full of shit and using people for votes. However, I personally know people that hear that and because he said that they said they'd vote for him, mostly lazy people that don't think for themselves. That's the type of people Democrats target, can't say I'm blame them, those people are naive to actually think someone is capable of doing that. This wasn't about Trump with me anyway, this more of people believing that Trump is full of shit but others aren't, every politician is using people.
  12. I know you'll be sporting one as well. Going to be hard to keep those babies in stock in 2020! Popular demand is going to be insane. 😊
  13. I'll hang them in hard to reach places to use for practice shooting. Should help improve my aim and accuracy
  14. No, it was a bullshit tax program that cut away all my itemized deductions and didn't net any more in my paycheck.
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