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  2. Trump is by no means a good public speaker. And that SHOULD be obvious to anyone. How much can be attributable to a physiological or mental defect is debatable. But you’d have to admit there’s something not quite right about Biden, wouldn’t ya? The guy has a terrible time in front of the microphone.
  3. I invented the article, 'the' being most prevalent. Before my invention, people were walking around saying: 'Did you read book'? 'How was play yesterday'? We had 'Kinks, 'Doors', 'Eagles' - Henley and Frey never understood the advantage of using my article. I believe Felder was down with it, but it cost him his job.
  4. I have posted multiple examples of the symptoms President Brain Worms displays every single day. Jethro does nothing of the sort. That's the difference.
  5. Wide ranging interview with Chargers team Hall of Famer Gill Byrd, including a lot of Buffalo talk: Interview: http://moranalytics.com/tbp-233-gill-byrd-former-nfl-star/
  6. I do wear a mask but that is not how I identify myself. Nor do I wish to get a medal for it. Free beer? Maybe. The mask does make my morning a little more hectic; one more thing to accessorize. Does the black cloth mask go with my tie? The blue surgical masks are quite striking with scrubs on, but they just don't work with a sport coat. Regardless of color. This decision delays my ability to engage my great mind to work issues by a few seconds. That means losses of billions to the US economy and our global interdependent trade partners.
  7. holy cow. you covered like ten things in here. and i realize most people like brevity, but you one-lined some pretty complicated stuff i have to admit, i didnt understand the point you were making several times. other times i did how about you take these one at a time and address them with a little more detail for clarity? this is an important topic, we dont want any misunderstandings i like your last line. if we are going to kneel for police brutality thats fine, we should keep an eye on that. thats not what kaep was doing. he was following the BLM script and using it as a one-way weapon, without taking into any consideration the contribution blacks make to their own deaths, by each other and at the hands of cops whom black career criminals dream of killing
  8. Blacks are 13% of the population. These days you'd think it was more like 45%.
  9. it sure will be nice when we get to the day a noose is just a noose. that will mean we are over this one-way criticism, one-way accusations, and jumping to conclusionsions i also think its ridiculous when the media puts a noose found near a black persons stuff on page 1. what exactly is the sole motivation for some asshole putting a noose there? to get attention, of course. what are we doing when we put that noose on page 1, other than generating clicks, of course? we are giving the asshole attention ignore the fucking nooses. dont say a word about them i do think they should not be part of any professional sport. as innocent as that noose, and the others, may (or may not) be, its still a symbol we dont need in todays insanely racially charged times. what i saw in the pics was a full blown noose. theres no good reason why the standard as nascar cant be no nooses displayed. again, the goal should be that one day nooses dont phase any of us. but right now its simply a move to avoid giving provocateurs an excuse - and stopping our broken media from exploiting it
  10. This race baiting is toxic for 95% of all black people. It is only natural, that those being accused of everything in the book to retreat and “take care of themselves.” Examples: Will hiring this person be more trouble than it’s worth? Think Colin K. My kid didn’t get into that school, but a kid with much lower grades was accepted when somebody asks you for anything these days, do you ever look at them and think is he one of those guys burning cars and throwing rocks at the police? NFL teams better be careful throwing around 400 million contracts. If cracker decides to stay home, they are F ked. I predict NHL will gain ground on some of the other sports. Foreign players in NHL are far less likely to play his game. Lastly, some of these athletes actually think the are Martin Luther King. They are actually clowns.
  11. Today
  12. its no wonder bad BLM wants to dissolve the nuclear family dont get married - get free money have some kids - get more free money and a place to live lots more whites abusing the system, but as a pcent of population this kind of manipulation of the system is much higher in blackness. THATS what they are trying to arrange to make the standard if you gave whites the opportunity to not work and collect checks they would do the exact same thing. and they do, in far greater numbers than blacks. the difference is it has become culturally acceptable if not encouraged to take the "white mans money". there isnt enough leadership, black father leadership, in these ghettos to install a self-respect from working culture that is large enough to overtake the violent assholes whose job it is to rob and hurt people i know for a fact theres lots of good blacks that dont support gangstahood. but they are so used to just supporting whatever blacks say is the standard that they dont have the internal fortitude to stand against it themselves. thats why we need prominent blacks to rise up and tell the truth, to get the others to follow. we will build momentum until the bullshit of the popular black belief system that blacks are automatic victims and whites are automatic oppressors gets flipped upside down and the blame put where it should be: on individual and groups of blacks that refuse to take responsibility for their own community social standards tons of good blacks out there, but a combination of fear and brainwashing has way too many standing on the sidelines doing nothing but marching to BLM's drum
  13. Hey where's the twit? Still an unbeliever asshole? My wife is STILL dealing with daily fevers. Like I said, you're seeing more and more proof of the long haul effects this virus puts you through. So be a dick like I know you're going to and keep fighting the good fight... https://www.foxnews.com/media/new-jersey-woman-coronavirus-100-days-covid-terror?fbclid=IwAR3T8xNCrtSVjhTWkhQ34yBt9cTEgrPzP6ybKJ8FeAOWgxS-U_PoGL30pTw
  14. I am not a knot expert. However, I would guess that a noose has some other application other than hanging a person. If the above is true, who Is the noose police and is having a noose a reason for legal action? If I buy a house and somebody finds a noose In the basement, does it mean anything? Some people see race in everything they do. That is their problem. I have never seen a KKK member in person. I have never seen a Nazi in person. I have never seen a cross burning in somebody’s front yard. If Bubba wants to talk about love, assuming he is not Jessie S 2.0: i am sorry that I jumped to a conclusion. It was not fair to assume and accuse my white counterparts of a racist crime. I may need therapy for seeing every white person as a racist.
  15. When I was young, I only felt like I had the “nuclear option”. I didn’t know anything about a “fuck anything with a hole option”. good thing too.
  16. Dr. Frawk, why do you disagree with Dr. Bowflexbody’s diagnosis? You claim your diagnosis of strump as accurate. Do you not think Dr. Bowflexbody is as qualified as you are to make an opinion?
  17. You can hate Trump or anyone else as much as you want. However, you should NEVER be able to get away with blaming all of your failures on the boogie man. It is getting beyond wacky these days.
  18. did you notice that Marcellus Wiley said that specifically is addressed in the BLM website and that they want to reject the nuclear family? so these insane people want the norm to be black men fucking anything with a hole, whatever children happen happen, with no fatherly figure in the home and no plan on how to pay for them BLM is an extremist and intellectually preposterous fringe organization that has the country by the throat right now. acquiesce at your own peril, your mayorships
  19. you obviously didnt read what I wrote and want to make some lame ass save 100 lives at the price of 1000 lives point.
  20. i dont see why. it definitely was a noose. if it was tied in 2002 it would still be a noose. there shouldnt be nooses in professional sports because they do represent something very offensive and a very sinful, dark time in our history. he may have not known there were several and thought somebody did it for him. but as i recall, he responded by saying he was not going to let it affect him and he was going to keep on smiling. perfect answer. removes all the power if it was a hate action, which apparently it wasnt, but he might not have been able to know that at the time. still, perfect response hes also saying the right things now. this can only be fixed by "love", which in this case, means to have the purity of mind that makes you immune to the hate of others mentally (they could still mob you and beat you to shit, though). i think hes doing a pretty good job articulating a positive, productive message. he needs to speak out against BLM to complete his responsible leadership
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