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  2. The Bills just finished their most successful season in a couple decades, winning the AFC East and advancing to the AFC Championship Game. But with those accomplishments come expectations. Team owner Kim Pegula said during a Monday morning interview on NFL Network that last season set a new standard. “I do know that this year [more] View the full article
  3. This one is 90%+ pork and Trumps last one was pork filled Fuck both parties & all involved - sending scraps to citizens isn’t going to help.
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  5. I guess he must enjoy losing. Or maybe he prefers to live in a state with no income tax.
  6. What kind of a neighborhood do you you live in? Do half buried tires line the driveways? Pink flamingos in the yards??? LOL
  7. LOL. Really? Oh, please and better luck next time.
  8. Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images We’ve been analyzing all of the Buffalo Bills free agents this offseason. We looked at their play in 2020 and what it might cost to retain them. Today we’re compiling all of those potential contracts into one article. To see the full analysis, breakdowns, and comparable contracts, click on the link to each full article. We’re going in order of largest annual value to lowest. LB Matt Milano Four-year, $52 million contract ($27.6 million guaranteed) $3.5 million available in incentives With comparable contracts in mind, I’m starting at $14.5 million per year if I’m Milano’s agent but will come down to $13 million per year in negotiations. Sitting out half of 2020 hurt his value, the COVID-19 cap limits what he can get on the open market, and I’m building in incentives so if he stays fully healthy, he can trigger more money in the future. Lots of incentives in this article you should check out. Click here to read the full projection for Matt Milano RT Daryl Williams Four years, $35 million $18 million fully guaranteed Williams is going to get a multi-year, starter-level contract even in the COVID-depressed salary-cap world. Offensive line play around the league is abysmal and with so much money invested in quarterbacks, it’s silly not to throw money at your offensive line, too. Buffalo gets the first crack at him but they won’t get a hometown discount large enough to make it a steal as Williams signs what could be the last big contract of his career. He was such a steal in 2020. Click here to read the full contract projection for Daryl Williams OL Jon Feliciano Four years, $30 million $11 million fully guaranteed I waffled between $7 and $8 million per season before settling right in the middle. The top-ten guards in the NFL make $11 million per season, and I don’t think he’s a top-ten guard. Number 20 on that list makes $7 million per season, so I’m putting Feliciano in the top 20 guards in the NFL with this deal. With two starting guards on each team, it effectively makes him a top-ten starting guard. Click here to read the full contract projection for Jon Feliciano TE Tyler Kroft One year, $3.3 million A year ago, the Bills purposefully shortened Kroft’s deal and then this season kept him on the bench for long stretches of the year despite being healthy. It’s unlikely they bring him back next year so we didn’t so a standalone piece on him. He could find a team willing to give him an Eric Ebron contract of two years, $12 million, but it’s more likely he ends up in the Jacob Hollister range of a one-year, $3.3 million deal. I think his floor is the Logan Thomas (two years, $6.15 million) and Levine Toilolo (two years, $6.2 million) range. Read our coverage from last year’s contract restructure for Tyler Kroft DE Trent Murphy One year, $3 million We didn’t do a standalone piece on Trent Murphy. They made him a healthy inactive too many times down the stretch, drafted A.J. Epenesa last year, and signed Mario Addison because Murphy wasn’t good enough to get the job done. That being said, I can see him signing in the $3 million to $4 million range in the mold of guys like Benson Mayowa ($3 million), Stephen Weatherly ($2.5 million), and even a guy like Bruce Irvin ($5.5 million) P Corey Bojorquez Three years, $8.85 million $3.02 million guaranteed At $2.95 million AAV, it makes him the sixth-highest-paid punter in the league on a yearly average basis, but it’s not something that’s going to handcuff Buffalo beyond 2021. The first year is guaranteed but after that, they can get out of it. The highest-paid punter in the league is making close to $4 million per season. Click here to read the full projection for Corey Bojorquez CB Josh Norman One year, $2.5 million (up to $6 million) $2.5 million guaranteed plus incentives I find it difficult to believe Norman is going to be considered an every-down player on the open market and as such he is much more likely to find a market closer to Jimmy Smith. He’s still a solid player and one who can teach young players a lot, but he shouldn’t be counted on as a team’s CB2 for a full season. Still, this figure seems a touch higher than I want to spend this offseason. Click here to read the full projection for Josh Norman CB Levi Wallace One year, $2.133 million That’s last year’s RFA tender amount and it won’t be the same this year with the cap lowering, we just don’t know what it’s going to be. I think the Bills like Wallace but know he’s limited, which is why they keep trying to replace him. I don’t want to guarantee him $3 or $4 million and I don’t think the Bills will want to either. Click here to read the full projection for Levi Wallace QB Matt Barkley Two years, $4 million $600,000 guaranteed It’s the same contract he signed two years ago down to the guaranteed money. A $600,000 signing bonus is the only guaranteed money and they can cut him if Jake Fromm or David Webb come in and blow it up during the offseason. Click here to read the full projection for Matt Barkley RB Taiwan Jones One year, $1.7 million This is the contract the special teams ace signed a year ago. With the COVID-19-related salary cap suppression, he’s probably more in line for a veteran minimum deal. Click here to read the contract details from last year’s Taiwan Jones contract RB T.J. Yeldon Two years, $3.2 million We didn’t work up a new contract projection for Yeldon. This is the deal he signed two years ago. I can’t believe he’ll make more than the league minimum at this stage in his career. Click here for more information on T.J. Yeldon’s previous contract S Dean Marlowe One year, $1.55 million Fully guaranteed We didn’t do a full article on Marlowe because the safety position is so well settled. They signed Marlowe to this deal last year including a $250,000 signing bonus and a per-game active bonus of $15,625 per game. Click here for the contract details from last year for Dan Marlowe KR Andre Roberts One year, $1.5 million Fully guaranteed That splits the difference between league minimum and his last contract ($1.075 million to $2.3 million per season). They don’t get the veteran minimum benefit, so I lowered it a couple hundred grand. I fully guaranteed the money to help with that fact that it’s lower than his last deal, but I’m not sure the Bills will even be that generous. Click here to read the full contract projection for Andre Roberts OT Ty Nsekhe One year, $1.21 million $137,500 guaranteed $850,000 cap hit The Bills could do worse than Nsekhe and with a gaping hole at the position, I’m interested in bringing him back on a one-year veteran minimum deal including the small signing bonus. With the veteran minimum salary benefit, he counts exactly like a second-year NFL player on a minimum salary deal. Click here to read the full contract projection for Ty Nsekhe OG Brian Winters One year, $1.21 million ($137,500 guaranteed) $850,000 cap hit It’s a contract for the NFL’s veteran salary benefit. A $137,500 signing bonus is added to the minimum for a player with as many years of service as Winters has. Then the NFL allows them to lower his cap hit from $1.2125 million to that of a second-year player. That’s the $850k cap hit. Click here to read the full contract projection for Brian Winters WR Isaiah McKenzie One year, $1.13 million ($275,000 guaranteed) $850,000 cap hit It’s a veteran minimum deal for McKenzie. This is a bad year to be a low-to-mid-tier free agent. That’s the group that’s going to get pinched by the COVID-19 cap reductions. The top players will still get their money. Click here to read the full projection for Isaiah McKenzie OG Ike Boettger One year, $920,000 ($275,000 guaranteed) The league minimum for players with three years of service is $920k in 2021. That’s the bare minimum Boettger can make. I think that deal with an opportunity to start is the most I’m willing to do for Boettger right now. Buffalo needs to overhaul their offensive line and Boettger wasn’t an outlier playing better than the rest of the group a year ago. Click here to read the full contract projection for Ike Boettger Editor’s note: We did not include players released by the team. Only free agents whose contracts expired. View the full article
  9. Yup...that's true. But I'm not 100% sold that TE is a huge need. How many more targets do we have to share? If they get Brown to take a pay cut, then the need is even less. If they cut Brown, then I'm absolutely on board with Ertz and Ertz only...he's legit and can handle a high volume of targets and make big catches for us. I'm also not done with Knox. There's reason to believe he can be good. Just like Allen, the kid was raw coming out and TE takes time to develop. I'd still hedge our bet with a veteran (low cost) but I wouldn't be shocked at all if Knox has a great 2021.
  10. I don't know about that. Taking one high in the first round doesn't make sense...at least not yet. They are becoming more and more of a weapon. But taking one in the bottom of round one seems fine to me. Especially because the teams picking at the end of round 1 tend to have fewer needs and can afford the luxury. Guess the argument against it is that the best ones in the league get drafted later. Still, that's easier said than done.
  11. Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images The Buffalo Bills are announcing their 2021 season ticket prices and they are coming with a cost hike. On average, ticket prices will increase by roughly $8 per game across the board, according to figure released by the team, and for the first time ever the average price will top $100 per game. Here is the breakdown of the price increases: • 25% of seats will increase $13 to $19; • 46% of seats will increase $6 to $12; • 29% of seats will increase $5 or less. “The average cost of a general admission seat will be $82.14 in 2021, an increase of $7.68 per game. A club seat will average $253.96 per game, an increase of $10.48,” reports The Buffalo News. That’s still pretty darn low compared to the rest of the NFL. According to a team spokesman, that’s 20% less than the league average. According to the reports, 20% of the stadium’s seats are still $55 and under for a single game ticket. “There is really so much that goes into our pricing every year,” Chris Colleary, the team’s vice president of ticket sales and service, told The Buffalo News. “We look at historical sales, comparable NFL markets, and really try to determine the market value for each seat. We’re literally going in row by row, seat by seat, evaluating the season ticket sales history for the last three seasons, if the seat was available on a single-game price, what it sold for, and then if that seat was ever sold on a resale site, what it sold for, and really trying to come up with what we feel is a fair market value for each seat.” The team is planning on 100% capacity for the fall, but there are still contingencies being worked in due to COVID-19. Canadian fans who are barred from entering the country will be offered a refund or the ability to move forward a balance. If overall seating capacity is limited, season ticket holders will be given first priority. With Buffalo’s run to the AFC Championship Game in 2020, the team’s record of 60,102 season tickets set in 2015 is within reach, according to WGR 550. View the full article
  12. Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports Michigan’s Jalen Mayfield has become a popular choice in Buffalo Now that the NFL’s legal tampering period is just one week away, fans of the Buffalo Bills (and draft pundits) have a clearer look at the team’s needs this offseason. Jon Feliciano and Darryl Williams are still set to become unrestricted free agents, making help along the offensive line a more pressing need in Buffalo. While this latest collection of mock drafts includes plenty of help at linebacker and defensive end, there has been a shift by some to add talent along the offensive line. Jalen Mayfield (Michigan) shows up on multiple mock drafts below, as does Liam Eichenberg (Notre Dame). Check out the mock drafts below, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. Three-Round 2021 NFL Mock Draft: Buccaneers add Najee Harris, Dolphins pick Travis Etienne - CBSSports.com The Buffalo Bills select Zaven Collins, linebacker from Tulsa, with their first-round pick. Four-round 2021 NFL mock draft 1.0: Saints trade up for QB in Round 1 - NFL.com The Buffalo Bills select Jalen Mayfield, offensive tackle from Michigan, with their first-round pick. 2021 NFL Mock Draft: Dolphins grab Alabama stars, Falcons look for Matt Ryan’s replacement – The Athletic The Buffalo Bills select Liam Eichenberg, offensive tackle from Notre Dame, with their first-round pick. NFL mock draft: Trade buzz! Jets pick QB, Broncos go defense – The Athletic The Buffalo Bills select Jayson Oweh, EDGE from Penn State, with their first-round pick. Schulte's March 7-round 2021 NFL Mock Draft | PFN The Buffalo Bills select Jalen Mayfield, offensive tackle from Michigan, with their first-round pick. NFL mock draft 2021 - Todd McShay's predictions for all 32 first-round picks heading into NFL free agency - ESPN.com The Buffalo Bills select Travis Etienne, running back from Clemson, with their first-round pick. Buffalo Bills: 7-round mock draft before start of free agency - BuffaLowdown The Buffalo Bills select Zaven Collins, linebacker from Tulsa, with their first-round pick. 2021 NFL Mock Draft: Panthers move up for BYU QB Zach Wilson, LSU WR Ja'Marr Chase heads to Atlanta | NFL Draft | PFF The Buffalo Bills select Jayson Oweh, EDGE from Penn State, with their first-round pick. Sikkema's 2021 NFL Mock Draft 4.2 | The Draft Network The Buffalo Bills select Zaven Collins, linebacker from Tulsa, with their first-round pick. 2021 NFL free agency mock draft: Jameis Winston to Bears, Aaron Jones to Dolphins, Ryan Fitzpatrick to Saints - CBSSports.com In this free-agency mock draft, the Bills are matched up with Romeo Okwara of the Detroit Lions. View the full article
  13. The Bills played the entire 2020 regular season without fans, but were able to have them on hand for their first two home playoff games in decades. It appears fans will be back for the 2021 season as well, but it will cost a bit more for them to get in the building. A letter [more] View the full article
  14. lol.. the guy around the corner from me with the Rebel Flag on his garage and the huge Trump Flag he's using as a curtain in the center panel of his Bay Window approve of this thread...
  15. It's OK. According to Elon Musk, Artificial Intelligence will have outgrown the ability to shut it off by 2025. And AI would like to thank you for your contributions...
  16. Sadly he would retire first before playing for the Bills. He got fucking bored playing for the Pats and only came out of retirement because Brady was in Tropical Tampa Bay. Going from tropical championship to Siberia no championship is going to be a hard no from him....especially if it’s going to be for peanuts which it will be. that being said....I think a gimpy/old Gronk would be infinitely superior than anything we have at TE right now...which is fucking sad.
  17. No grit. They bring a chamois when they need sandpaper. You can change coaches but that doesn’t solve Curtis Lazar being one of your top players. When the going gets tough these guys turtle and have been doing it for years.
  18. Dion wants him back! https://billswire.usatoday.com/2021/03/07/dion-dawkins-wants-richie-incognito-back-buffalo-bills/
  19. Oh yeah, they have been off my list to watch or refer to on anything for a long time. Scum CBS.
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