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  2. As the NFL moves closer to the playoffs, Carolina moves on from Joe Brady and the Raiders maybe shouldn't have moved on from Jack Del Rio. View the full article
  3. Jones and Allen have both become polarizing players as people have tried to explain away their success. View the full article
  4. Again, if the Bills lose…they ain’t winning in Tampa and sure as fuck won’t win in New England. They’ll beat Jets, Panthers, and Falcons though. So that’s 3-3 the rest of the way. Is 10-8 good enough to make the playoffs? Probably not. If the Bills win and go 4-2 rest of the way they’ll clinch the division and are in the playoffs no problems. This reminds me of the hype surrounding the Chief game earlier this season and the Bills came through. God willing they execute with the same efficiency they did in KC tonight. Season on the line tonight….and so much more.
  5. We blitz we die. Jones will find the open check down everytime and if you watched them playing the Titans last week these short check downs would go 10, 20, 30 yards and in one case a 50 yard TD.
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  7. The Sabres are getting to know just how special Power is, on and off the ice, as he produces a big season for the Wolverines. View the full article
  8. Wed better blitz a lot to stymie the chance that we can do nothing.
  9. Monday night's Patriots-Bills game could provide a major shakeup to the crowded AFC standings, while the NFC has a clear top tier. View the full article
  10. What school of thought is this? Did you graduate high school?
  11. No idea about when they retract the roof. But you’re right. What’s the point? I think Atlanta and Dallas have them so they cool down the stadium since it can be hot as FUCK down there August thru Nov. No point of having one in Buffalo.
  12. Makes sense. The elements alone should not determine games. Makes for shit football. If there ends up being a roof it will be a fixed one I imagine. How often are all these retractable roofs actually open? Has Dallas ever opened theirs? Atlanta? Just curious.
  13. They knew what they were doing when they stole the election. They also knew that they control the powers that could expose it, and they have no plans on relinquishing power ever again. There will never be a fair process that will allow Republicans to take back power...unless it's to RINO'S that will basically do the same thing as Dems. They went all in the last time, and from this point forward...what they do or how they are seen means little to nothing.
  14. Updated numbers should be available tomorrow, everybody.
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  16. I'm starting to lose faith that he is our future. I think we should be looking at Levi as the guy to start molding into our future starter but it doesn't matter who plays in goal anyway, because the defense is terrible. They can't clear pucks away from the net. They struggle trying to clear the zone altogether
  17. As Sam Reinhart emerges as a go-to player for the first-place Florida Panthers, the prospect the Buffalo Sabres acquired in the July trade has established himself as one of the top goaltenders in the NCAA. Devon Levi, a 19-year-old who became a Canadian hero with his record-setting performance at the IIHF World Junior Championship last January, reached another milestone over the weekend as a sophomore at Northeastern University. Levi recorded a school-record sixth shutout of the season Friday night against Providence College and finished the back-to-back series with 71 saves on 72 shots. He’s 5-0-1 over his last six starts and, among goalies with at least 16 games played, sits atop the NCAA in two prominent statistics: goals-against average (1.32) and save percentage (.953). Levi has a 13-4-1 record for a Northeastern team that took over first place in the Hockey East ahead of a one-month break. His shutout streak of 121:25 to start his college career is also a program record. https://buffalonews.com/sports/sabres/sabres-prospect-devon-levis-hot-streak-continues-with-record-setting-weekend/article_044441c2-5589-11ec-b909-33582c78fe81.html
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