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  2. RAVE DUBIN? that fucking clown is dumber than you. and thats saying something.
  3. Nope. God hates the Bills. He came to me and said so himself.
  4. LoL SJ would be a guard in the 4th Reich. He has his own thoughts on the J.Q., he just wont openly say it. But anyway, you can just admit you dont know what your talking about. Or, that you support fascism. it wont change my mind at all. I'll still think your an idiot.
  5. Do you think the Bills have a shot at winning the super bowl before I go into the ovens?
  6. SJ just called. He wants his paranoid insanity back.
  7. LOL incrementally moving towards fascism is just fine. So i accurately describe to you that we are heading towards the fascistic take over that we saw in pre WWII Germany, and its fine. You'll be the one waiting in the line for the gas chamber saying "at least we are walking and not running into the gas chamber" Or you'll be one of the guards, because obviously you dont give a shit about democracy, the constitution, or any of that mumbo jumbo. its about owning the libz! Well, killing the libz at that point.
  8. Those fires are just a hoax. I haven’t seen any. I went to the woods in my backyard. No fires. Fires are a hoax.
  9. 17 to 20 miles away is not that bad.. but it was scary and could have changed. The first Tuesday or Wednesday the sky and air was black as night as early as like 4 pm. Just sitting,waiting.. hoping level 2 didn't become level 3 to leave the house. Now deer keep showing up in back yard and Hawks in the trees. At least 3 deer so far and a hawk use to be a rare treat in the sky. Now we hear their shrieking often
  10. Ok, incrementally, I get it. We are incrementally inching towards fascism. Cool story bro. 🙄 well, if trump wins, I’ll keep an eye on it. Or you can. You seem to have a better eye for these things.
  11. Well said. You should get the gold star for the day.
  12. Coaches are ALWAYS at the team facilities, even during the bye. Still, advantage Bills. But I am not worried about that game yet. Just beat the Raiders is all I am worried about right now.
  13. lol just because we dont go from 0-90 fascism in a year doesn't mean america won go 0 to 10, 10 to 20, 20 to 30, then 30 to 50 and then boom 50 to 90 over the course of a decade.
  14. You sound stupid as all hell with these comments. The people voted a black president not once, but twice...and the man did a terrible job including promoting division and chaos/rioting. There are successful black people and people of all color throughout this country, just like there are poor and racist people of all colors(much less)...it's really that simple. Blacks have had the same rights as everyone for decades now. What truly ails the black community now is the drug dealers and gangs within these communities that have led to violence, lack of education, and a culture taught to them that whites and police are against them when the overwhelming population sees them as simply another person, an American. If blacks would see themselves and others the same way and realize we all want the same thing in this country, we would all win. Idiots like yourself are the problem. You embarrass the majority of Americans that know what I'm saying is the truth.
  15. Are you blind to the parallels? Yes. That is the path we are heading down. The next step is when the republicans try to invalidate the election. book it. I guarantee that there is no scenario in which any of the trumpanzees here will concede that a Joe Biden victory could be fair. Trump could lose by 10 million votes, 1 vote, or any number in between, and they will cry foul. There will be a huge uptick in right wing violence. And I mean very bad. book it. LIke history has taught us, republicans will play dirty, and the democrats will bend the knee. If trump wins, (which he certainly can with the amount of interference he as allowed to happen with mail in ballots and voter suppression) the democrats will gladly sit back and watch as trump further degrades democracy. Right wing extremism will continue, and they will be met with more antifa. book it. Trump will continue to push back at on freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, etc. All fascists do this. I mean, what exactly would it take to convince you that right wing extremism is on the rise in this country, and that we have an openly fascistic president? The rise of left wing extremism over the last 12 years is due to 8 years of rising right wing extremism under Obama. The right wing extremists lost their collective hive mind because they had a black president. Follow this up with 4 years of ramped up right wing extremism under trump and this is what happens. The minute fascists stop parading in the streets in an attempt to show force and intimidation, so too does the left wing violence. I'm honestly dumbfounded that I have to explain things like this.
  16. We are no where near the president making the military swear a loyalty oath. As you like to mention, many top military men openly speak out against him. In any event, either this dolt is out next month, or in 4 years. But as long as there is still a checks and balances system (wounded by partisanship as it might be), the republic will survive.
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  18. Yup. America was so much better when you could be openly bigoted in the 1950s.
  19. So, you’re saying America 2020 is the same as 1938 Germany. Is that what you’re saying? I know you won’t give a yes or no, most likely deflect with another question.
  20. Reminds of the Patriots game where one of the crooked ref said, "just give it to them".
  21. It’s not really about Trump. Trump is just a political tool, used to express deep rooted hatred for the left. Ain’t that right?
  22. Used it in 2016 along with the taxes and it failed. This is how lazy and predictable the Democratic party has become. They still think they can pull it off...maybe with the help of mail in ballots?
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